Country Amnesty Law 2020

Historically, it happened in our country that many people have garden plots, summer cottages and houses, outbuildings that, under the new legislation, need to be fully completed, but initially they were not transferred into ownership. All this needs to be somehow shook up and brought into legal form, but, in fact, there have been so many such assets that for several years now our authorities have pushed back and put off for us the deadlines for submitting documents so that the maximum number of Russian citizens can do this.

The people dubbed this epic "summer amnesty", and, of course, thank you very much to the State Duma and the Government for not putting too much pressure on summer residents and rural residents, since very many of these categories of the population, firstly, do not have sufficient opportunities for timely information about the changes that took place in the country, and secondly, from a legal point of view, they are also not always savvy to do everything correctly and with maximum benefit for themselves. Especially, considering that these are mainly pensioners, or their heirs, who got the property in such an unformed form.

Extension of land amnesty until 2020

Until March 1, 2020, the simplified procedure for registering ownership of building objects was extended by the adoption of 36-FZ of 02.28.2018, which changed 191-FZ of December 29, 2004 in part 4 of article 8 and 21-FZ of 07/13/2015 including 7 art. 70. For the first time, "summer residence amnesty" was announced by Federal Law No. 93 of June 30, 2006, it began to operate in September of that year, and since then it has been prolonged and prolonged all over again. At the beginning, the beginning of 2010 was called the deadline. Then - March 2015. Then they allowed another three years not to turn gray, collecting all the necessary pieces of paper to legitimize what he already built or bought on his own money. And now, now they gave us two more years.

Will this date be final? Time will tell. But the upper echelons are set up on the patient expectation that the vast majority of owners of such property should not be placed in an uncomfortable position through no fault of their own.

What does the law mean? Expert Explanation

Why did we need such a long delay, and what is so terrible that the new ZK told us that such a powerful butch rose?

So, a close acquaintance with the amnesty is perhaps worth starting with the fact that the newcomer ZK of the 2001 edition told us. Recall, he began to operate in October of that year. According to it, the ownership of the house cannot be registered if the local authorities did not give permission to put it into operation. If someone has come across summer cottage construction recently, they understand WHAT this means. For all the rest, we explain that we are talking about providing project documentation, a conclusion on compliance with technical standards, a site plan, a communication scheme, etc.

If all this did not exist from the beginning (and for houses built before 2001, no one would have imagined such a thing), the authorities could demolish the building through a court as illegal. Well, and, of course, you can’t give such a cottage, you will not bequeath it and you will not sell it now under any circumstances. In addition, fines for unauthorized construction are fined, and even if a house that is officially registered according to the above scheme does not appear within ten years within a normal site, the land fee for the owner will double. Indeed, absolutely everything that is built in the Russian Federation, regardless of age and specificity, which is in the personal use of citizens, must be taken into account, described and taxed.

Amnesty, meanwhile, allows you to apply to local authorities with the goal of registering with the cadastral register and obtaining rights to the house, having only a document of ownership of land and a technical plan of the building. Registration for technical accounting will be done automatically and timed to coincide with everything else.

In fact, this is a legal way of legalizing a house that does not even correspond to its current standards, and no one will ask the owner for non-compliance with building rules and the like. From this side everything is very beneficial for the owner, especially since we have already told how much this unties the hands in the end. The state needed this large-scale action, since it is impossible to strip off the corresponding tax from unregistered property.

What is necessary for the registration of the property?

Through the MFC, on the official website in electronic form or by mail to the Rosreestr, it is necessary to submit an application and a number of documents by March 1, 2020. Including:

  • everything that is capable of confirming the actual rights to the plot (inheritance document, purchase agreement, decision by local authorities on the allocation of land, up to shabby pieces of paper from a village council of a century ago);
  • the technical plan of the residential building (compiled by the cadastral engineer - for this you must contact the BTI or an intermediary company that has the right to provide such services);
  • confirmation of payment of state duty;
  • building permit.

It is highly recommended that if there are still baths, sheds and other outbuildings on the territory of the site, they should also be officially registered as property. And at the same time, unlike a residential building, they do not even need a building permit. By the way, in this case, the deadlines for simplified filing are not relevant - the amnesty here is unlimited.

At the end of 2015, according to Rosstat, more than 10 million Russians used the simplified registration scheme for ownership of suburban real estate. However, about the same number of our fellow citizens at that time had not yet managed to do this. Until 2018, almost 2 million more people applied for the right granted by the “summer cottage amnesty”. The deputies estimated that more than a million still did not have time to take this opportunity, and gave them a chance to change their minds before the beginning of spring 2020. Since after all unformed objects will be subject to all sanctions during the inspection. Well, or renewed again. We’ll wait and see.

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