Updated LADA Largus 2020 model year

The first pilots of the new - second - generation megapopular Largus in our country have already left the assembly line, which already gives us every reason to gossip unjustifiably about how this compact station wagon or van will all the same - depending on version?

Recall that he once came to the domestic market as a converted Dacia Logan MCV of another spill in 2006 (that was his first generation), immediately rising to the new, at that time, platform rails from Renault-Nissan B0, and occupying an empty niche not only in offers AvtoVAZ, but also any other Russian automaker.

Years passed, and the car "Russified" so much that it acquired domestic engines. That's just the second generation, until recently, it has not received, despite the fact that the Logan "brother" has been flaunting its next generation for more than six years.

According to functionaries from Togliatti, Largus, and in the form that is, is very, very good at odds. Therefore, they are going to squeeze the maximum out of it, and postpone restyling costs as far as possible. This is not surprising, because the company is now operating in the most severe savings mode.

However, until 2026, the plans still update absolutely all of its lineup, and it is obvious that this will affect the hit station wagon in the first place.

Exterior and construction

Externally, Largus will be exactly the lucky one, who, among other "state employees", was promised a facelift to the new corporate style of X-Face. Obviously, there is no talk of a new platform, but the body form factor does not exclude that it can undergo significant changes.

Recall that at the moment they are selling commercial two-seater vans and five- or seven-seater five-door station wagons with front-engine layout, but it is not a fact that the cargo option will remain in the proposals in the future. After all, the sister MCV many years ago in its second generation became an ordinary five-seater station wagon with a hinged trunk lid.

Independent experts believe that the front of the Largus will completely copy the currently updated Vesta, but the back and sides of the case will probably get rid of the characteristic X-shaped stampings - after all, this is a budget model.

Interior and equipment

It is possible that at the same time as the facelift, the model will receive high-quality interior processing. The truth about what is planned in his regard is still unknown.

Well, we will wait for the official salon debut of the prototype or the manufacturer's releases to find out more details.


As for the motor line, it is unlikely that we will see any serious changes in the second generation of this station wagon - most likely, we will talk about the same eight-valve VAZ-11189 gasoline engines with 1.6 liters and 87 hp, as well as about them more "charged" versions at 106 hp and 1.6 liters, with twice the number of valves. Otherwise, you should expect the following from the car:

  • front-wheel drive;
  • mechanical five-speed gearbox;
  • lengths of 4.47 m, widths of 1.75 m, heights of 1.67 m, and a wheelbase of 2.905 m;
  • clearance of 18 cm;
  • tank capacity of 50 liters.

They promise that they will continue to produce a gas modification of the model, as well as its Cross-version. True, whether the changes will affect the latter - relatively fresh - is unknown. Given that we are not talking about changing the platform and some other significant changes.

Recall that Togliatti residents have been thinking about updating Largus for a long time: for the first time, information that this is already included in the plans slipped back in August 2015. Then an optimistic forecast was made that this significant event will take place no later than the end of 2016. Then the date was postponed, assuring us that they were actively working on the prototype, and as of the end of the summer of 2018, they preferred to concentrate on the new Granta, Vesta and XRay Cross.

However, at the beginning of 2019, the first test samples left AvtoVAZ workshops, and the company officially announced that the launch of a series of models declared as 2020 products will take place in the third quarter of 2019.

LADA Largus 2020: photos

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