Rules and procedure for admission to universities in 2019-2020

Today, entering the Institute or the University has become very problematic, as the conditions for applicants are becoming tougher every day. The Russian government regularly reduces budget places, depriving children of the opportunity to study for free. And periodic changes in the rules for admission greatly scare guys and girls. Graduates and their parents seek to learn about all the intricacies of entering a university in 2019-2020, as well as related to such an important issue as higher education.

Major changes in admission to universities

The Minister of Education somehow admitted the possibility to prohibit applicants from submitting documents to five educational institutions at once. But the matter didn’t go beyond hints, and the guys retained this right. So how many admissions offices can I apply in 2020? So, five universities and 3 specialties - as a result of 15 options. Moreover, the forms of training can be very different, from full-time to part-time.

As for the olympiadniki, they can send their documents to only 1 university, and only once use the right of preferential enrollment. 4 institutions left in the reserve, the entrant can "take by storm" on a common basis. The need to indicate the priority specialty remained unchanged. In addition, universities have the right to establish a minimum limit on points for the exam. So, if a student scored less than the stated mark on a subject subject, his documents will not pass. Even excellent students will have to prove their grades by taking additional tests. If the exam is not passed on "excellent", the certificate will not gain a "distinction", and even a medal will not give an excellent student.

Those who enter on a targeted basis in 2019-2020 will now conclude a tripartite agreement. The parties will be the university, the applicant and the employer. The changes also affected the preferential list, as it expanded to include orphans, disabled people and children whose parents died while serving the Motherland.

Documents required for admission

What the changes in enrollment did not affect is the list of documents required to apply. You can clarify the list on the official website of any university, there is also the opportunity to download forms of forms.

The documentary package includes:

• Passport or other identification document;
• Application for admission to the university;
• A statement confirming consent to paid tuition is better to insure in advance;
• Certificate - the original, if a specific university is selected, and copies - if this institution is one of five;
• A set of photos in size 3x4;
• Help from the clinic in the form 086 y;
• Military ID or other documents from the military enlistment office;
• A certificate giving the right to enrollment according to a quota;
• Originals of letters and other award sheets.

Admission rules for the 2019-2020 academic year

In any educational institution, there are rules for admission to the number of students. In particular, universities reserve the right to conduct entrance examinations or to accept applicants without exams. In any case, you need to know the rules by which enrollment occurs.

For universities without internal tests

Russian educational institutions that do not require potential students to undergo additional tests and exams are ready to open their doors to everyone. To receive admission to such a university, you must: pass the exam, cope with the final exams, pick up the education certificate, and form a complete package of certificates and papers.

Next, you need to determine which institution will become a priority, and submit all the originals there. When the transfer of beneficiaries takes place, registration of the first wave will begin. Those who did not have time with the first stream, are waiting for the second wave.

They accept documents quickly enough, so you need to be in time from June 20 to June 26, 2020. Exact dates are indicated on the institution’s website. The reception procedure is the long process, the longest. Until the relevant order is posted, it is impossible to find out the exact list of admission.

For universities with competitive selections

The most popular and prestigious institutions establish additional tests, since their "special status" does not allow everyone to be accepted in a row. The selection of future students takes place in fierce competition, and the number of applicants for one place can reach several tens of people.

Special universities include: Higher School of Economics, Moscow Linguistic University, Nizhny Novgorod Dobrolyubov State University and others.

Stages and terms of enrollment

The first wave of approval of enrollment lists begins on July 27, and the order is posted after August 1. The second wave starts on August 6, for those who have submitted the original certificate after the deadline. The process of completing training places is completed when quotas and vacancies are 100% used.

Benefits for admission to the university for the 2019-2020 academic year

As before, budget places are available for students, the so-called quotas for which the state allocates. Even Moscow universities necessarily leave 10% for beneficiaries, but strict selection conditions are set for them. Be sure to leave quotas for those institutions where additional tests are not provided.

Winners and prize-winners of the All-Russian Olympiads and contests can count on free training. Also, athletes with state medals and prizes entering faculties according to their profile go through the queue. Passing the exam is also optional, however, while the applicant must cope with internal exams. Persons with disabilities and orphans, foreign nationals, conscripts and contract soldiers, target students and some other students can rely on quotas. Children from poor families, or having parents with disabilities.

To enter a Higher educational institution in Russia and to finish it safely is a dream of many young people, and even adults, who have not previously received a University diploma. However, to be among the lucky ones, you must know the rules for submitting documents, their exact list and other subtleties.

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