Horoscope by Pavel Globa for 2020

Among modern people, it is unlikely that there will be those who are not interested in the events of the future. Many are specifically looking for detailed horoscopes compiled by experienced astrologers. With their help, you can very easily and simply look into the coming days, draw up a rough plan of action. Today, Pavel Globa is considered the most famous and true predictor. His predictions come true always, and have incredible accuracy. In this article, we will find out what the horoscope for 2020 from Paul Globa will be and what awaits all the signs of the zodiac!

What will be 2020 according to Pavel Globa

The legendary astrologer notes how difficult the situation in the world is now. Unpredictable cataclysms regularly occur in politics and nature. Globa sees the reason for these incredible unrest in the change of cosmic eras, not just millennia. The era of Aquarius is approaching, which entails cardinal climatic shifts, various natural disasters, and instability. The nature of the events is growing, with each passing day they will gain more and more speed.

Attention! The material in this article was compiled and interpreted on the basis of various sources on the Internet, and at the same time, is not a direct statement of Pavel Globa.

With regard to relations with the West, Globa also has a clear position. He is confident that world trends are destined to change dramatically after the year of Rat 2020. This is due to the merger of Saturn and Jupiter, which took place earlier in 2000. And at that moment, world politics took an updated course towards relations with Russia. A similar situation was observed in 1981, and even earlier in 1961. At that time, the race between Soviet and American space superiority started. A similar scenario is repeated approximately every two decades, and a repeat will follow again by 2020. The reelection of the current US leader, Donald Trump, will change a lot.

In Russian politics, according to Globa, an absolute regime change is not necessary. At least in the coming years, Vladimir Putin will certainly remain president. Russia will experience an unprecedented rise in almost all areas, and all this, thanks to Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation Aquarius. So, in fact, the horoscope from Globa is rather optimistic.


Representatives of this sign can rely solely on their own capabilities, strengths and aspirations. The horoscope for 2020, warns that it is not worth waiting for help from Mars, and support will not follow. Hence the feeling of complete helplessness, hopelessness of what is happening. Globa calls to attack the problems, and not to run away from difficulties, but to defeat them. For the future, such a fighting mood will have a favorable effect and lay the foundation for new achievements. For several months in a row it will not be possible to overcome tensions in the sphere of work and business. The most difficult period will be from the first month of the year to April. Aries will be able to realize their career opportunities, observing the principles of prudence, including the brain and actively moving forward. Summer is a season for balancing personal life and business.


In general, the horoscope for Taurus for the whole year of the Rat seems favorable, although the occurrence of troubles is not excluded. Globa advises to avoid the manifestation of excessive self-confidence in order to avoid problems. Otherwise, the road to the cherished goal will be cluttered with a huge number of obstacles. Care must be taken not to get involved in adventures. High risks of crisis will arise in the summer. Easy money will not appear, and only full return to the work process will help to achieve tangible results.


You should prepare for peace and silence, which means that there will be a lot of time for personal interests and development. The horoscope predicts the moderation in work, and it is not recommended to rush the situation. Globa calls to smooth out sharp corners when communicating in a team, to avoid scandals. The help of colleagues will still come in handy. Some problems will arise in family life, but for free people a new relationship is not expected. It is necessary to carefully understand all the desires, clean up your personal life.


Internal strength and potential will be needed already from the first January days, endurance is very useful. Horoscope predicts the need for utmost concentration, to pull yourself together is a key task. Globa predicts that in difficult periods you should take the help of relatives, they are ready to provide assistance. The year is ideal for going to the registry office, planning offspring and creating a family. Little time will be left for work, career and business. The past years have borne fruit, you can enjoy the efforts made.

A lion

Globa is sure that the kings of the horoscope will never be bored, and it will turn out to realize very ambitious projects. These ideas and plans will benefit financial well-being. But it’s better not to tell anyone about your dreams and endeavors, otherwise the mass of envious people will break plans. Concentration on a career will prevent you from surrendering completely to your family, finding time for loved ones is a problem. Health complications are likely, you need to relax more often. Let things wait until Leo goes to the launch.


You will want to diversify your gray days with adventures, and 2020 is ready to bring a maximum of interesting events. A fascinating hobby will appear, studies at master classes will begin. Pavel Globa calls not to refuse training courses. Despite the availability of financial costs, life will be able to take higher positions. Personal life will follow a peaceful course, family people will feel peace and harmony. For free Virgins, stormy novels are foreseen. May is the most dangerous in itself, and you should refuse from expensive acquisitions.


This sign of the horoscope is waiting for very significant changes, especially in August days. But first there will be a desire not to leave the house at all, not to see anyone. Globa sees in such a closed behavior a consequence of annoying problems, excessive fatigue. It is important not to focus on this, it is worth waiting for bright and joyful moments. If dangerous situations arise, natural intuition should be called to the rescue. It is possible to receive pleasant gifts. Family ties will be at risk.


All Scorpions should tune in to good luck and positive, because Pavel Globa promises a platform for the realization of creative potential, and in all areas. Career will go uphill in 2020, creativity will skyrocket, love will bloom in scarlet. Relatives will need help. In the summer days, it is dangerous for Scorpions to gamble, the risk of major losses is great.


New affairs are inextricable with the events of last year. Paying maximum time to career achievements, it is possible to get tangible results. However, laziness will bring only empty expectations, it will not give wealth and success. Starting to work in the spring, the sign will secure an improvement in its financial situation. Work can and should alternate with a good rest. Globa foresees the emergence of new friends, and even - an influential patron. Spring will bring family quarrels, many contradictions.


Horoscope of Paul Globa for 2020, calls on Capricorn to cast aside doubts, start his own business. Financial investments will turn out to be full success, and the stars will assist in all matters. Romantic relationships will develop very successfully. Refusal of pettiness, awareness of a sense of responsibility will help grow in the eyes of others. No need to borrow money, it’s better to work harder.


Ambitions and aspirations are necessarily realized, a year will bring luck in the profession. Both men and women will achieve unprecedented heights. However, ladies will be forced to make time for work and family, to combine these areas. Harmony between the worlds will appear if you make an effort. Stagnation is possible until spring, and then pleasant changes will appear.


Career - a field of successful activity, a transition to another position, or even a change of company, is likely. For the most active Pisces, departure abroad is expected, after which a difficult life period will begin. Astrological forecast 2020 is sure that the efforts made will bring benefits, and the result will be excellent. If you do not engage in a career, it is worth channeling the released energy into romance.

The location of stars in the sky has long been the subject of study by astrologers, and brings amazing results. As for 2020, it is expected to be favorable, and all forecasts are quite optimistic.

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