How to relax in 2020 in Russia

Weekends and holidays in 2020 give everyone the opportunity to relax, go on a short trip, do personal business. Holidays coinciding with Saturday and Sunday bring special joy. Then, in accordance with the production calendar, the majority of those working on a five-day schedule can devote three or sometimes more days to themselves and their loved ones. Information about such an opportunity, available in advance, allows you to plan your vacation, spend it more efficiently.

Official weekends and holidays

The calendar of official red dates in Russia has not changed for several years. There will be eight such events throughout 2020. Starting on New Year's Day on January 1, the holidays smoothly transition into Christmas on January 7th. In February, Russia is waiting for Defender of the Fatherland Day, and after 2 weeks - International Women's Day. There are no all-Russian celebrations in April, but at the beginning of May there are two whole red dates: the Spring and Labor Day, as well as the Victory Day celebration. In June, they celebrate Russia Day. The next red date is a celebration in honor of national unity. Celebrate it in November.

An annually repeating holiday calendar does not mean that each year the weekend is structured identically. The time for rest depends on whether the red dates fall on Saturday or Sunday. If this happens, the number of days off increases due to transfers.

How will we relax in 2020

According to the preliminary production calendar, Russians are waiting for 118 days of rest.

True, this can only be said for people working on the basis of a five-day week. Below is a preliminary weekend calendar in Russia for 2020.

The exact structure of the production schedule will be known only in the third quarter of 2019, when the government will agree and sign the relevant resolution, after which we will already know exactly how much and how much we should rest.

In January

One of the coldest months of the year for Russians is traditionally rich in weekends. January begins with many days of winter vacations. There are two versions regarding their duration:

  • 8 days. In this case, work must begin on Wednesday, January 9;
  • 12 days. Russians will begin to study and work only on January 13th, after almost a two-week vacation.

The difference and uncertainty is associated with the expectation of an agreed production calendar for 2020, with all official weekends and holidays.

In February

In the second month of the year there is only one official holiday - the defenders of the Fatherland. It coincides with Sunday, and therefore the Russians will be able to rest for three days - from 22 to 24. However, many will also be disappointed - the last working days will not be reduced by an hour. On Friday, February 21st, you will have to work the usual 8 hours.

However, the three February days off of 2020 may turn into two if a decision is made to make the transfer not to the 24th, but to May or even June.

In March

A similar picture will be in March. The only holiday of this month, International Women's Day, will fall on Sunday, and therefore there is a chance that students and workers will rest, also on March 9 - on Monday. Friday, March 6th, will not be shortened. This, however, does not hurt to congratulate girls and women, give them a sea of ​​tulips, mimosa twigs, decorate offices, organize tea parties. As in February, the third day of rest can be carried over to other months.

In May

In April, Russia does not mark a single red date, but the last April working day is reduced by an hour, and May more than pays for this month of gray everyday life. May Day in 2020 is celebrated on Friday, May 1, and therefore the rest can be planned for 3 days in a row. If the government decides to postpone one of the January weekends to this month, then the rest will last on the 4th. During this time, you can do all the work in the country, see new places, visit relatives, enjoy the warmth and blossoming greens.

The week following May Day will thus be short. But it also has one more pleasant moment - the working hours before the Victory Day, on Friday, will be reduced by one hour. The celebration in honor of the Great Victory will be celebrated in Russia for the jubilee 75th time, coincides with Saturday, and therefore, according to tradition, Monday will also be a weekend. But on Tuesday, the 12th day, Russians may rest from work if one of the days of the New Year's weekend is postponed to this date. If this happens, you will need to work only from May 13 to 15.

In June

Just a month after the celebration of the anniversary of the victory over fascist Germany, Russians will celebrate yet another holiday, important for national identity, - Russia Day. Celebrate it on June 12. In 2020, it will be Friday, so on Thursday you need to work one hour less, and then rest will last three days. For long journeys, this period is not enough. But if someone has such a goal, it is better to combine a weekend with a vacation.

In November

There are no red dates either in the summer or in the first two months of autumn. And only on November 4 in Russia will celebrate the relatively young Day of National Unity. It will fall on Wednesday, and therefore there is no question of any long weekend. However, many will be pleased to know that on November 3, working time will be reduced by an hour. The November holiday is the last in the Russian calendar. There will be no more red dates by the end of the year. Only on December 31st employees of most enterprises will be able to work not 8, but 7 hours.

In the Russian production calendar - 8 holidays. In 2020, their location forms a three- or four-day weekend in February, March, May and June. In January, working citizens will rest for 8 or 12 days. The exact schedule will be known at the end of 2019.

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