Social scholarship for students in 2019-2020

It is easy to guess which question is the most painful for all students of colleges and universities: what kind of material payments does the state guarantee in the 2019-2020 academic year? The notorious scholarship, no matter how small it is, beckons and excites.

About student scholarships

All rules and regulations regarding student allowances are spelled out in detail in a government order dated 2007. The first thing to do is figure out which categories all material payments are divided into. So, scholarships are: academic, social, presidential and others. A separate consideration deserved a social scholarship, recognized as incredibly widespread. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is intended for students undergoing studies in 2019-2020 on a budgetary basis.

An important point: the quality of student studies does not matter, even poor performance will not affect the size of payments.

Student years are a wonderful time that can be remembered for hard exams, pleasant parties and scholarships. To wait for her, the guys count the days. But money is flying away very quickly, especially since the amount of cash support is not so big.

Who is eligible for social benefits?

Social benefits are not assigned to all students without exception, but to certain categories. Their list is quite extensive, but has features. All categories of recipients are spelled out in an official government decree. The largest group of recipients is children, either full orphans or living without parental care. Also, this scholarship is granted to persons with disabilities belonging to groups 1 and 2, or students whose disability has turned out in the course of hostilities. Children who lost their health as a result of radiation exposure, for example, after the Chernobyl accident, are on social security.

The administration of any school has the authority to expand this list by listing students from low-income households. To apply for a scholarship in 2019-2020, children whose families earn less than the subsistence minimum, or average profit margins, can apply. If the young man lives in the family where the breadwinner died.

Disabled persons of the third group are entitled to the benefit, regardless of reaching adulthood. If the parents of students, both or one, are limited in disability of the first two groups, the child can receive a "social program". Children living with only one parent, a recognized single parent, also receive payments. If students are in a marriage relationship, the state is also ready to support them.

How to apply and receive a scholarship

To apply for social benefits in 2019-2020, you do not need something supernatural, it is important to carefully collect all the documents, and adhere to a simple algorithm:

1. Contact the social service whose bodies are secured by official registration to find out exactly what papers will need to be collected:

  • A document proving the identity of the applicant;
  • Extract from the home book, where the full family is indicated. Issue it authorized by the housing authority;
  • A certificate confirming the fact of student training at the budget department;
  • Certificate of family income for the last three months. It is made out in bookkeeping at work, in the employment center and pension fund.

2. It is necessary to in advance learn from civil servants about what the size of a living wage should be.

When a student receives a package of documents, all the information received is entered into a special register. Then, the social workers carefully calculate the income in the applicant’s family, and then a statement is filled out, which confirms the possibility of applying for state aid. After the statement is ready, the applicant can pick it up and take it to the dean of his faculty. At a college or university, a statement is written in the name of the director or dean. Its form is approved by law. Further, to complete the scholarship process for the 2019-2020 academic year, you must wait until the commission meeting is held. Members of the team of experts consider each declared case, and already on the basis of a collective meeting make a final decision.

What is the size of the social scholarship

What could be nicer than finding out the size of the allowance?

Well, students from colleges and other secondary specialized institutions in 2019-2020 will receive 890 rubles a month. Their associates from universities, graduate and doctoral programs - 2452 rubles.

For categories of students who need benefits, but are not established by the state, directors and deans can appoint scholarships. It is unacceptable to pay more than 15,000 rubles to one student per month.

The duration of the assigned scholarship is one academic year, it is issued to the student personally in hand. If the income of the applicant’s family rises and he goes beyond the declared minimum, the student is obliged to report all changes in a timely manner. The administration of the institution should be notified, and do not hide information about income.

Find out from the video how to get students in 2019-2020, the state social scholarship (GSS), what documents are needed for this:

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