2020 Wedding Trends

A wedding is an important event in the life of any person, and you should prepare for it in advance, very carefully. Otherwise, the celebration will not be as beautiful as lovers want. Starting from the choice of the date of marriage, ending with accessories, the perpetrators of a fun event should be imaginative. It is necessary to provide for any little things, if you wish, you can turn to a wedding consultant for help. In this article, we will talk about wedding trends and fashion trends in 2020, we hope that this information will be useful to you!

Decoration of the wedding hall in 2020

The key trend in eye-catching design in 2020 is the color of menthol. Since the year is led by the White Metal Rat, the base palette is built on simple shades, fresh and invigorating.

In the menthol range, you can design not only the hall itself, but also think out the outfits for guests. The combination of menthol and white colors will achieve solemnity, elegant rigor.

It is important that all the decorative elements of the wedding interior are combined. Of particular popularity are floral arrangements, all kinds of bouquets of fresh flowers, garlands and even whole floral arches. Great participants in the design will be field plants, tea roses and lavender. Ecological style will dominate, even in wedding accessories.

Table setting

Table preparation trends come down to a complete harmony between serving and basic design. The main decoration on the table in 2020 should be flowers that can accurately, without intrusion, emphasize the elegant tone of the wedding.

Let the designer be inspired by the classic tales of Snow White and Cinderella. Service and cutlery is better to choose plain, without unnecessary ornaments and patterns. Simplicity - wedding chic.

Planning a wedding is troublesome, but pleasant, there are no trifles. Everything is important to consider in advance: the color of the interior, table setting, outfit, jewelry and even flowers for the bouquet. Well, if there is an opportunity to take the help of a professional. But it’s not at all difficult to design a ceremony on your own!

Wedding dresses 2020: what will be in fashion

As for festive dresses for brides, here designers follow the trends of layering, undulation. The skirt should have the maximum number of layers, be fluffy and airy. Like sea foam, a dress should create a backdrop for its mistress. It will seem to guests that the bride is like an unearthly beauty from sea foam. The grid reminiscent of the ideas of Eli Saab, a designer from Lebanon, will become very relevant.

Wedding dresses will be fitted, and embroidery and crystals are used as decor. Lace, thin and airy, is another trend of the upcoming Rat of 2020. Simple options in a minimalist style will suit practical beauties. The fashion trend is to complement dresses with lace capes, that is, original wraps.

It is possible to replace the classic dress with an innovative jumpsuit. Ideally complement it with the longest cape possible. The groom should choose an outfit for a wedding of a simple cut, demonstrating the merits of the figure.

Fashionable wedding hairstyles and makeup

Among trends in the field of makeup and hairdressing, simplicity also leads. Elegant and feminine, romantic images will turn out if you collect your hair in a high or low bun, tie a beautiful tail.

Topical in 2020 will be high hairstyles, large curls, elegant shells, complemented by tiaras.

The color of shadows and lipstick should be close to natural. It is better to avoid overly bright shades, preferring light and romantic shades. Pearlescent lip gloss, silver or white shades - the perfect base. It is enough to focus on long eyelashes, and the image will come out unique. It is better to refuse flat feline arrows and catchy "vampire" shadows.

About wedding bouquets: main trends

An ideal option for a competent selection of a wedding bouquet is to turn to a professional florist for help. A specialist will be able to develop a floral composition in detail, pick plants by color and size. Knowing the features of the bride’s outfit, the master will develop a harmonious packaging, or offer to do without it at all.

However, you can make a beautiful bouquet yourself, without resorting to outside consultation. The key parameters for the formation of a bouquet in 2020 are the bride’s hair color and complexion. Graceful and fair-haired young ladies should hold in their hands miniature compositions of delicate shades. If a lady has rounded shapes, her image does not need to be made heavy. Let it be magnificent, but graceful. Tall girls - long bouquets of elongated shape. Owners of dark hair should look at bright roses, or other catchy colors. Blondes are better off choosing a cross between brightness and pastel colors. It is important to come up with an accent so that the bouquet does not merge with the general image.

From the video, find out how easy it is to make a wedding bouquet with your own hands:

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