Additional education of children in 2019-2020

It has long been proven that standard knowledge is not enough for the development of a full-fledged personality. Therefore, a program of additional education 2019-2020 (second stage) was developed, designed to provide students with personal growth. But, like any system, it is not without shortcomings and features that require refinement. And the need to upgrade this program is not ripe yesterday. The Government of the Russian Federation, puzzled by this problem, has developed a whole innovative concept, fixed at the state level.

Continuing Education Program

To understand the essence of further education (hereinafter referred to as DO), it is necessary to understand the key concepts. So, those programs that are not included in the list of mandatory at the federal level are called optional. The DO sector has many problems associated with the lack of effective monitoring. It is impossible to fully assess the quality of knowledge received by students, to draw a conclusion about the literacy process. The training base itself is very outdated, not updated since the last century. Neither teachers nor students have sufficient motivation. It is possible to list the shortcomings for a long time, but the concept under consideration until 2020 is designed to eliminate most of them. It is planned to update additional. education, enhance its competitive qualities.

Main goals

The existing educational system must survive a dramatic shift in emphasis. The main goal of further education is that compulsory education becomes widespread, and secondary and higher education become as accessible as possible. With the change in social needs, the direction of the concept also changes regularly. First of all, children are given opportunities to express their inner potential, to develop personal indicators. The younger generation is systematically motivated by work, sports, science and creativity.

According to the idea of ​​teachers, personalization, variability is being introduced into training. The degree of attractiveness of DO is increasing, because it is focused on people. Training programs can be chosen, guided by personal preferences, everything is open, the level of motivation is extremely high.

Tasks and landmarks

The education system that currently exists in Russia is becoming a “social elevator” for students. At school, children receive a minimum base, in the amount that is necessary for classical development. The right of students to the compulsory program is prescribed by law. All children, regardless of family status, health and other indicators, can get basic knowledge. The vector is the study of the subjects necessary for a good result, and not at all a personal approach. When implementing the DO program, it is possible to solve fundamental problems.

A favorable environment will appear for the implementation and creation of teenage initiatives, conditions for youthful creativity will be provided. All students, until 2020, will receive unlimited access to international knowledge, super modern technology. The investment attractiveness of infrastructure will increase, the state will be more willing to invest in support of creative projects. Families will have more reasons to be involved in continuing education programs. The system of assessing the knowledge of students will become more rational. School plans will undergo modernization, will become more interesting for children, and will meet social requirements.

Program Stages

It is planned to implement the new concept in two stages:

  • The first has already passed between 2014 and 2017, and then specific measures were developed. The relevant departments have established what measures are necessary for modernization, awareness, management and financing. Based on the development, a plan for further implementation was approved.
  • The second stage is included in the framework of 2019-2020. And now the planned activities must be translated into reality. All pilot projects and their results are under the highest control.

Development of children's education until 2020

The DO strategy is ready to cover a very wide range of issues in order to increase the credibility and status of add. education. The basis is laid on competitive advantages over other forms of training, personal growth. It is customary to distinguish each child as a separate person from the total number of geniuses.

New approach

Only comprehensive measures can lead to the planned results. Students choose a curriculum voluntarily, without coercion, regulate the intensity of classes, and can choose a mentor themselves. The guys are experimenting with the substantive part of the BS, suggest ways of presenting the material, evaluate the final achievements. The process is complemented by social interaction, more practice is becoming. So that the theory is not divorced from real life, it is brought closer to the realities of modern reality. Different ages of students are not a limitation for inclusion in one group. Communication between different children improves, they gain the right to personal experience.

Important benefits

Comparing conceptual education with formal approaches, its advantage becomes obvious. The main plus is complete freedom of choice, individuality, everyone can get access to information. The child studies the selected industry in depth. All changes dictated by time are introduced promptly. Learning becomes personal.

Modern youth is open to new knowledge, ready to perceive huge volumes of information. Basic education for the full-fledged upbringing of intellectual cadres is clearly not enough, therefore, systems of additional education are everywhere introduced.

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