Holidays in the 2019-2020 school year with schoolchildren

Studying and holidays are important processes necessary for absolutely all people from an early age. Without training, it is impossible to become a full member of society, to benefit the state. But the process of obtaining knowledge takes a lot of energy, mental and physical, so the school year has periods of rest. All over the world these "respite" are called vacations, and the guys are looking forward to them. Children's memories will not be complete without free time to relax from school. Vacations give parents the opportunity to enjoy a family vacation, stay longer with their child.

School holidays 2019-2020: rules and regulations

Despite the general provisions on vacation, enshrined in law, each educational institution has the right to the last word. Vacation issues are always resolved with the participation of the school administration, but based on a decree of the Ministry of Education. In order to correctly distribute the periods of work and rest for students, it is necessary to be guided by key norms.

It is not permissible for the total amount of time spent on vacation to be less than 30 calendar days. At the same time, the size of summer holidays is not taken into account. The average vacation period should not be lower than 7 days. As for summer holidays, then its period should be at least 2 months, not less. Any vacation at school in the 2019-2020 academic year is required to start on Monday. Carrying a vacation longer than 2 weeks is strictly prohibited.

Quarterly vacation schedule

The modern educational system has two forms: semester and trimester. The first option is a classic, and involves dividing the year into four quarters. Most schools, gymnasiums and lyceums adhere to the semester system, and holidays are determined by it. For convenience, all circles and sections also suspend their activities depending on the rest in quarters. Art and music schools also work according to the traditional schedule, familiar from time immemorial. This makes the learning process convenient, parents do not feel any discomfort, it is convenient for teachers and students.

School breakApproximate datesNumber of days
Autumn28.10 - 3(5).117
Winter26.12 - 8(10).0114
Extra for Grade 124.02 - 1.037
Spring23.03 - 29.037
Summer25.05 - 31.0899

Note that the 2019-2020 academic year is divided into six months, that is, into two semesters. And each half-year is divided into two quarters, the fourth smallest. Between the quarters there are vacation periods, different depending on the time of year.


With the beginning of the training cycle on September 1, the guys return for their desks, and enter the first quarter. It is the autumn holidays that the children are waiting with special impatience, because it is difficult for them to switch from summer entertainment to the educational process. The memory stores pictures of the hot summer, and I do not want to sit over textbooks at all.

An important national holiday - National Unity Day - falls just on vacation, November 4. Due to this, the total duration of rest is shifted, because the holiday falls on the day off.

The approximate interval of the autumn holidays 2019-2020 is determined between October 29 and November 3-5.


After a short rest, the guys return to school, and with the approach of the New Year holidays, they begin to wait for the winter holidays. The indicative date for this vacation is December 26th, but may change annually. Now a project has been introduced to start the holidays on December 24, from Monday. As for the elementary grades, they have every chance to go on vacation that day. It is not known whether high school students will be part of the vacationers. They will probably have to wait until 26. Since the New Year and Christmas are held during the winter holidays of the 2019-2020 school year, students will be allowed to rest for a long time. January 1 and 2 are enshrined in law as public holidays, but January 7 and 8 may fall on Saturday or Sunday. In principle, recent years have approved the end of the winter holidays on January 10, but transfers are possible.

The beginning of the winter holidays in the 2019-2020 academic year, tentatively scheduled for December 26, the end - January 8 (10).

Extra for Grade 1

The most vulnerable for the school process are the kids who just went to first grade. It’s more difficult for them to get used to the schedule, and even in the winter cold getting to school is dangerous. So that the children could more comfortably integrate into the process, and did not catch a cold, additional winter holidays are provided for them. This period falls, usually in February, with the advent of the most severe frosts.

Rest lasts about a week, but can be increased if the frost does not subside. Reduce children's stress, conduct better adaptation and help the baby - the task of this period. In addition, it is in February that the risk of exacerbation of SARS and influenza increases. Yes, and first graders are better perseverance, if they get a short break. For most first graders, the second winter “vacation" falls at the end of winter.

Approximate terms of additional vacations for the 1st class 2019-2020: February 24 - March 1.


Winter gives way to spring; the longest and most tense quarter ends. But the schoolchildren have even more work ahead, because on the nose final exams, summing up the results of the year. By tradition, girls and boys are given rest in late March, or the very beginning of April. Rest lasts a week, but this is enough to gain strength for a decisive breakthrough. And there are already treasured summer holidays, three months of bliss.

Thus, the spring break is likely to be next from March 23 to March 29.

Trimester vacation schedule

The trimester system of education can be considered quite young, since it was recently introduced. However, teachers and researchers note that it is more effective and rational. The peculiarity of trimesters is considered to be frequent rest periods with shortened training cycles. Assessment is carried out not in half a year, but three times a year. Based on the three grades, the overall one-year mark is set, which makes it possible to better assess the student. Those educational institutions that work according to the trimester method will rest according to their own scheme:

School breakEstimated DatesNumber of days
First autumn7.10 - 13.107
Second autumn18.11 - 24.117
Winter26.12 - 8.0114
Second winter for first graders24.02 - 1.037
First spring16.03 - 22.037
Second spring20.04 - 26.047
Summer25.05 - 31.0899

Thus, the new system of trimesters allows you to immediately select 6 vacation segments. The beginning of the autumn holiday was marked on October 7th.

School time would be boring if it weren’t for the holidays! It is at this time that you can get enough sleep, watch TV longer, spend evenings with friends, and not with textbooks. Changes in the education system have affected the division of the 2019-2020 academic year into semesters or trimesters. The first option provides for a classic vacation, and the second provides additional opportunities for relaxation.

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