Clinical examination in 2020

Health is an important factor affecting people's performance. With this in mind, the state is trying to monitor the well-being of citizens, and conduct preventive examinations throughout the country. After all, it is known that the disease is better to prevent than to treat later. In order to identify possible diseases in the population, a medical examination was introduced. Simply put, a comprehensive physical examination. The event was launched in 2013, and has been held annually since then.

Routine medical examination in 2020

Medical studies have shown: certain age limits have features to exacerbate various diseases. All kinds of health disorders and deviations in the body's work occur in people of a certain age. To anticipate these negative consequences, people are encouraged to undergo a routine examination at a "critical" age.

Timely diagnosis allows you to identify causes for concern, in time to carry out a set of therapeutic measures. Passing profile doctors is recommended every three years. The entire examination will take several days, but the result will not allow you to worry about potential risks. With a competent approach, in the initial stage, brain disorders, oncology, problems with the heart and blood vessels are recorded.

What year of birth fall

If all patients rush to a medical examination in 2020, then medical institutions simply cannot cope with such an influx. In order to line up the Russians in a kind of queue, the doctors decided to distribute the human flow as evenly as possible. Persons under the age of 18 undergo examinations according to one schedule. And all over 18 are invited to be examined in increments of 3 years.


Among adults, the lower age limit is set at 18, while the upper limit does not exist. Persons of the pension category also continue to appear in hospitals every three years.

To calculate the year in which you need to go to the medical examination, the formula is used: the total age is divided by 3, and if the division passed without a remainder, then in 2020 it is necessary to be examined (see table below).

For some groups of the population, medical examination is provided for each year. Citizens registered for chronic diseases are included in this category. Patients with diabetes mellitus, as well as with acute cardiovascular disorders, persons with a preferential category undergo a comprehensive examination annually.

Year of birthAgeYear of birthAge


With its own features, medical examination in children takes place. Until the age of one year, all babies are given examinations once a month. Children are examined by a pediatrician, as well as specialized specialists. After a year and up to three years, children undergo medical examinations every three months. Expanded examinations are carried out in years recognized as peak for some diseases.

So, children at 1 and 3 years old, 6.7 and 10 years old, additionally from 14 to 17 years old must undergo medical examination.

The district physician who supervises the child assigned to the site at the place of residence is authorized to recommend the examination.

Where to get tested?

To be examined, it is enough to come to the clinic assigned to the citizen at the place of registration or actual residence. That is, to the one for which the person is assigned, and where a medical card is instituted on him. Students are assigned to the clinic at the place of study, and working Russians receive a referral from the head. The medical examination is fixed in the law, so the employee has the right to undergo examinations during working hours. The boss has no right to interfere with this event. For more information, just call the clinic, or contact the registry. To get directions you need to have a passport, a compulsory medical insurance policy and SNILS.

Clinical examination stages

Immediately, we note that in 2020 the medical examination will be carried out in two stages. At the first, the patient undergoes an initial examination, a questionnaire is filled with his data. The questionnaire includes questions about bad habits, the number of children, overweight and others. General studies are being conducted to identify chronic and non-infectious diseases. Age and gender are key parameters for the appointment of certain procedures. At the second stage, a person undergoes narrow specialists, additional examinations. And as a result of the medical examination, the therapist determines the health group, makes recommendations, writes a medical report.

Types of Surveys

Among the procedures and studies prescribed by the doctor, general and additional are distinguished. Mandatory include a complete blood count, blood biochemistry, analysis of urine and ultrasound of organs located in the abdominal cavity. After weighing and measuring growth, blood pressure is measured. Next, the level of cholesterol in the blood, and glucose is determined. At the request of the therapist, an ECG, CTG, fluorography of the lungs, oncoscreening, stool analysis for occult blood, fundus examination, mammography and other procedures are performed. Their complete list is determined by the therapist. Women of all ages must undergo a gynecologist.

Health passport, conclusion

Having received the results of tests and examinations, the doctor fills out a medical report. This form is handed over to the patient and contains information about the health group. The first includes people who are completely healthy, without signs of disease and risk. The second group includes people with possible risks and the likelihood of getting sick. The third group includes patients with accurately identified diseases. If any deviations are detected, the citizen is recommended to undergo a course of treatment. Clinical examination, as well as medical recommendations, are voluntary. No one can force a citizen to be treated, but you should not neglect your health.

Russians have the opportunity to undergo key examinations in medical institutions for free, as part of the compulsory medical insurance policy. To prevent diseases and reduce mortality, the authorities established a medical examination. Once every three years, or every year, certain categories of citizens can go to the clinic and find out everything about their own health. Data is compiled into a state database.

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