Predictions for 2020 for Ukraine

The current situation in Ukraine is still of interest to many. Everyone discusses it: politicians, experts, astrologers, psychics, ordinary citizens. Everyone wants to know how the further situation will develop in Ukraine, because it is precisely because of the events taking place there that relations between countries are heating up in the world. Ordinary citizens want to know what awaits them, because in recent years they have experienced a lot. Perhaps with the advent of the new president there will be a change in a positive direction. Predictions for 2020 for Ukraine from psychics and experts will help to lift the veil of future events.

Predictions of psychics - what to expect Ukraine in 2020

All over the world, the most powerful psychics make their predictions about upcoming events for many countries. They did not bypass the sides and Ukraine. This country is now a topic of discussion. The recent elections of the new head of Ukraine, ongoing conflicts in the east of the country, low salaries and pensions of the population, high prices for products and services of housing and communal services - all this throws ordinary Ukrainians into fear and gloom. They are tired of living in constant conflict and war within the country.

Psychics and mediums give different predictions of the future of Ukraine.

Wanga Predictions

By 2020, Vanga had a special thrill, she was sure that it was in this year that a person would come to earth who could change the situation around the world. The Bulgarian seer saw that in the east of the country there will be military conflicts, because of which many people will die, difficult times will come, there will be hunger and constant poverty. This conflict may affect neighboring countries. And so it happened, after internal military conflicts in the Donbass, many innocent people were killed, many were left without housing and livelihoods. All this situation is reflected in our country, which borders on Ukraine.

She also said that in 2020, the conflict will end and peace will come. A truce between Russia and Ukraine will come when a woman becomes president of Russia.

But the follower of the Vangelia Kaede Uber is sure that in 2020 the conflict will not end, but rather. Another Maidan awaits the country again, not so big, but there will be many victims, a lot of blood will be shed. DNI and LC will not be returned to the country, but will remain independent.

The American predictor is sure that in 2020 Ukraine will expect favorable events, there will be a big harvest and the situation in the country will cease to be so tense.

What other predictions do psychics give:

  • Stabilization of the situation in the Donbass by 2020. The authorities will understand that only by peaceful means will they be able to establish a dialogue with the East of the country. If the authorities go this way, then the country can hope for a way out of the economic crisis;
  • Default of the national currency. If the new president can cope with the situation in the country and fulfill his election promises, Ukraine will be able to avoid the economic crisis;
  • An increase in taxes, a decrease in the salaries of ordinary citizens.

Predictions of astrologers about the future of Ukraine

Astrologers are also confident that 2020 will be a good year for Ukraine. They talk about improving relations with other countries, including Russia. Inside the country, conflicts and contradictions will decline. Astrological experts are sure that the old political system will finally collapse and will be replaced by a new one, which will allow you to adjust the order. Apparently, this is due to a change in power in the country.

But not everything will be so positive. There will be few changes in the economic sphere, many years must pass before the economic situation in the country improves. This forecast is disappointing, but true. The country has a very large public debt, which cannot be paid off in the coming year.

Pavel Globa - the change of president will affect the country well.

In 2014, Pavel already made predictions about Ukraine, which came true. He said that the country would fall into three parts. Subsequently, this happened. Crimea separated from Ukraine, which became part of Russia. Then they decided to secede and become independent LPR and DPR.

By 2020, he predicts the devaluation of the hryvnia, a mortgage crisis, the economy will fall.

The new leader will be able to improve the situation in the country, but only if he starts a dialogue with citizens. The conflict in the East of Ukraine can be settled if the new leader succeeds in establishing a peaceful dialogue there. Only in this case, the war will end and the conflict will decline.

Ukraine will not regain Crimea, it will remain part of Russia. The LPR and the DPR will remain independent, possibly will become part of Russia, after which the conflict will be settled.

But the ex-wife and famous astrologer, Tamara Globa, believes that the new president Zelensky will not be able to cope with the situation in the country. And in addition to the territories that separated, Crimea and Donbass, Ukraine will split into two more parts. A targeted course to the West will not give the country anything good. Because the new president continues to conduct politics in the same vein as Poroshenko.

The astrologer is sure that the country’s division does not happen and the situation inside the country stabilizes, Ukraine needs to start setting up a dialogue with Russia and resume commodity relations.

Will the war in the East continue and when will the situation in the country stabilize? Expert Opinions

Ukraine’s economy will be in a fever for a very long time, almost all economic experts are sure of this. Just because the country does not get out of debt and crisis. The socio-economic situation causes panic among ordinary citizens who are on the verge, and most are below the poverty line. 70% of the population is poor. Unlike psychics and astrologers, economic experts from various fields give not very optimistic forecasts about the future of Ukraine.

Morgan Stanley Western Bank analysts are confident that Ukrainians should not hope for an improvement. They are sure that at the beginning of 2020 the hryvnia exchange rate will increase to 32 for 1 dollar. The discount rate of the National Bank of Ukraine will fall, from 18% to 14%. No financial outlook is expected. The risk of inflation will be great, so no big investments from other countries can be expected.

The gas conflict with Russia may worsen the situation in Ukraine. Due to ongoing conflicts between the countries, Russia has significantly reduced gas supplies through Ukraine. As a result, Naftogaz filed a lawsuit in the Stockholm court and demanded compensation in the amount of 4.63 billion dollars. The court granted this claim.

Many economic experts are sure that Ukraine does not need a gas conflict in any way and this can have a very bad effect on it. Already, Russia is looking for a way out of this situation in order to establish gas supplies not through Ukraine, but in other ways. One such path is the Turkish Stream. By the end of 2019, it should be completed. And the second path is “Nord Stream-2”. It is not known exactly when it will work, but even if Europe somehow prevents it, Russia will have something to answer. And as soon as one first, and then the second way starts working, Ukraine will remain out of work, which will lead to an economic collapse.

But the war in the Donbass by 2020 should end, experts are sure. If the new president fails to resolve the situation in the East, then NATO will intervene. They assure that this will happen without military intervention, but exclusively in a peaceful manner. And this will be served by new sanctions against Russia by the United States, which will greatly harm the Russian Federation. This is entirely possible, because the election of a new president in the United States is expected in 2020, and the current leader, Donald Trump, will want to leave a trail in the end, thereby issuing new sanctions.

Vladimir Putin is trying not to comment heavily on information about Ukraine. He is neutral towards the new president of Ukraine and expects him to take the first step in resolving the conflict. Here is what, literally, our president, on a straight line, said about Vladimir Zelensky: “What can I say? He is a talented person. I remember his performances at KVN in Moscow. All this was talented and funny. But what we see now is not funny. This is not a comedy - this is a tragedy. And if he was already in the place where he is, he became the head of state, then these problems must be solved. Moreover, he promised this during his election campaign. ”

The new president of Ukraine was elected not so long ago and it is difficult to form a view of the future situation of the country, but now it can be concluded that he does not seek to end the conflict with Russia and stabilize the situation in the east of the country. Where it leads? It’s not difficult to guess about it, Petro Poroshenko followed the same path, and the whole world sees how slowly but surely Ukraine is falling into the abyss of economic, political crisis and default.

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