Skating rink in Gorky park 2019-2020

When it opens, why the skating rink in Gorky Park 2019-2020 will please its guests and what new things will await them in the new season - this and other information can be found in our holiday guide to New Year's Moscow.

One of the best ice rinks on the map of Moscow: why is it worth visiting the ice in Gorky Park in the new season?

What attracts visitors to the ice arena in Gorky Park? First of all, with high-quality infrastructure, scale and premium service. With an area of ​​18,000 m², the ice rink on Krymsky Val can simultaneously accommodate up to 5,000 people on its territory, allowing them to enjoy ice skating in any weather. The ice arena owes this opportunity to modern cooling equipment, thanks to which the ice does not melt and maintains a high-quality structure even at a plus temperature. An equally important advantage of the ice rink is the range of services provided to visitors. In addition to the ice rink itself, throughout the New Year holidays there are pavilions with skate rentals, left-luggage offices, first-aid posts, recreation areas and cozy cafeterias where you can warm up and taste local dishes.

An important advantage of the ice platform in Gorky Park is the flexible pricing policy of its administration, which provides a flexible system of New Year's discounts and benefits for students, orphans, children deprived of parental care, pensioners, disabled people, combatants and veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

Each new season, the rink is changing more and more, as evidenced by the enthusiastic reviews of its many visitors. Today, its infrastructure meets the best international standards, and the quality of service and attitudes towards visitors is an exemplary indicator among many such objects in Moscow.

Taking into account all of the above factors, the ice arena in Gorky Park can be safely called not only a visiting card of the New Year's capital, but also the epicenter of winter entertainment for Muscovites and visitors.

Internal infrastructure of the ice rink in Gorky Park: thematic sectors and interactive areas for children

The second ice rink in Moscow after VDNKh is divided into 7 "thematic" sectors: a standard ice rink for adults, a zone for high-speed ice skating, a sector for children from 3 to 12 years old, a dance "Stereo skating rink", an area for sports competitions, a platform for organizing celebrations, a tubing sector and a "panoramic" bridge.

It is also noteworthy that all this icy "splendor" is complemented by an amazingly beautiful alley that runs along the perimeter of the ice rink. Equipped with ultramodern luminescent equipment, the "star road" projects unique optical illusions, creating an atmosphere of being in a magical New Year's fairy tale.

Opening date of the ice rink in Gorky Park: operating hours from January 1 to January 11, 2020

A new "ice period" at the rink in Gorky Park will traditionally open in the second half of November 2019. Information on the exact opening date of the facility will be published on the organizer's official website a month before the event.

The opening day of the arena will be festive and involves a number of festive events. According to preliminary data, the founders of the solemn program are preparing a grand concert show for visitors to the rink with the participation of famous performers and artists, which will end with a bright festive fireworks.

Hours of operation of the ice rink: how does the arena work on weekdays, weekends and holidays?

You can find out about the working schedule of the rink on weekdays and holidays using the list below:

  • Tuesday - Friday: 10:00 - 23:00, technical break - 15:00 - 17:00;
  • Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 24:00, technical break - 15:00 - 17:00;
  • Monday: day off (restoration of the arena cover).

Recall that daily two-hour breaks in ice rink sessions are a mandatory technical procedure that allows you to qualitatively clean and restore the ice structure for the most comfortable riding visitors. At this time, guests of the arena will be offered to go to recreation areas, observation platforms or eat in the nearby cafeterias.

Prices of basic and additional services in the season 2019 - 2020

The pricing policy of the skating rink is very democratic, and the price of tickets depends on three basic factors: the age of the visitor, as well as the day and time of visiting the arena. On weekdays, an invitation to the rink will have to pay 350 rubles. On weekends and holidays, its price will depend on the time of the session. For an adult visitor, the daily session (before the technical break) will cost 550 rubles, the evening (from 15:00 to 24:00) - 650 rubles. For children (from 7 to 14 years old) parents will pay a little less: on weekdays - 150 rubles, and on Saturday, Sunday and the holidays - 250 - 300 rubles, depending on the time of visit to the rink.

Kids up to 7 years old (accompanied by at least one adult) can visit the arena for free on any day of the week, regardless of the schedule of sessions. For other categories of citizens free invitations are not provided. Despite this, there is a system of special benefits at the rink in Gorky Park, which can be used by representatives of large families, pensioners, students, combatants in Chechnya and Afghanistan, as well as veterans of the Great Patriotic War. At the same time, it is worth recalling that preferential discounts do not apply to rental and sharpening services for skates. This service is paid for all visitors to the ice arena and will cost them 250-300 rubles per pair.

"Christmas tree" on Krymsky Val: what program awaits visitors to the rink in the season 2019 - 2020?

New Year's holidays, as always, attract a huge number of people to the rink. And this is understandable, because on New Year's Eve and during the Christmas holidays, arena visitors will see a bright and varied entertainment program that will amaze the imagination of not only kids, but also adults. In the new season, the organizers prepared a special surprise for the children - throughout the entire period of the winter holidays, a number of large-scale theatrical performances will take place at the rink, in which not only professional skaters and actors, but also small spectators will take part. On different days of January, performances staged based on well-known Russian and foreign fairy tales, interactive competitions, sports tournaments and quizzes with valuable prizes will be held here. And, of course, the holiday will not do without the traditional "Christmas tree", which will be the culmination of the whole New Year season. Within the framework of the event, spectators will enjoy a unique ice show, a grandiose musical concert and a bewitching firework, which will present those present with a truly festive mood.

Recall that the main theme of last year's "Christmas Tree" was the "Factory of Happy People". This is the name given to Gorky Park by the famous English writer Herbert Wells, who first visited it in 1934. The arena was decorated in the "industrial" style, and the central installation of the rink was the original installation, which looks like giant luminous pipes. What will be the subject of the upcoming season is currently unknown, however, according to the organizers, the implementation of her idea will be no less impressive than last year.

Reviews on the ice rink in Gorky Park: recommendations from Internet users

According to statistics, the popularity and attendance of the rink is growing rapidly every year. This positive trend is also evidenced by the reviews of those who have already managed to enjoy a winter holiday on the ice platform in Gorky Park. For the most part, visitors to the arena note several important “points”: first of all, it is good service and the quality of the ice cover that meets international reference standards. With no less enthusiasm, the guests of the skating rink respond to its colorful design, flexible pricing policy and infrastructure, which includes a full-fledged range of various services. In general, we can safely say that the ice arena in Gorky Park is one of the best locations in Moscow, where you can not only enjoy ice skating, but also have a great rest and have fun New Year's leisure in the company of close people.

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