Predictions of Tamara Globa for 2020

Due to the current situation in the world, more and more people turn to astrology. Astrology itself is not a science; several components are connected in it: knowledge of stars, clairvoyance and intuition. The ex-wife of the famous astrologer Pavel Globa makes his calculations and predictions for the future according to the stars. The predictions of Tamara Globa for 2020 are of interest to many people, because they can prepare for the upcoming trials in the new year. When you know what to expect, it always becomes calmer.

For 2020, the astrologer predicts various forecasts for the world as a whole. There are positive aspects that affect our country, there are negative events that need to be experienced.

Astrologer's life path

Tamara Globa was born on March 16, 1957. Her parents met at the end of World War II. Tamara often talks about the meeting of her parents and considers her one of the most romantic stories. During the war, her mother was taken to Germany, where she worked as a servant in a German family. When our troops came to Berlin to finally defeat the Nazi troops, Tamara's father was among the military. It was there that he met his future wife. The couple had five children, including Tamara.

The girl grew up gifted. Sang, sewed, knitted, was fond of various circles. After school I entered a technical university, but did not finish my studies. She went to work in an orphanage, after which she also voiced roles at a film studio.

She was engaged in astrology for the sake of hobby. And when she met her future husband, Pavel Globa, in 1989, this occupation has already grown into something more. Thanks to acquaintances on television, she began to lead the program with her husband, their surname became very recognizable and, to some extent, even a brand.

As a result, the couple broke up, Tamara could not tolerate the fact that her husband was mainly carried away only by work. But the famous name did not change.

But before Pavel Globa was the first husband from whom she gave birth to a child. She divorced him, because the young man was completely unprepared for family life.

In her third marriage, Tamara was very happy, she knew before marriage that she would. But she also saw that her husband had been given a little time, about which he had repeatedly warned him. He did not listen to her, as a result of which a tragedy occurred. After that, Tamara did not get married anymore.

Later she opened her center of astrological services “Tamara Globa Center”.

Tamara has published many books on astrology, with predictions for various zodiac signs. She also participated in a telecast on the first channel, “Let's Get Married.”

Predictions that came true

It is rare when you can meet an astrologer who can really see something from the stars. Tamara Globa has many predictions over which at first many joked, and then they came true.

  • She predicted that the World Cup in 2018 will be held in Russia, then many did not believe in this information;
  • Fires in the suburbs in 2010, when all of Moscow was in smoke;
  • She predicted the exact start date of the first Chechen war;
  • The death of his father;
  • Loneliness of mother.

Predictions for Russia

Back in 2018, Tamara Globa said that by 2020, Russia would end the period of “perestroika”, the formation of a new country, and a new policy. Literally, she said: “Many will come to Russia, we will have an amazing place for the development of the world. Now there will be changes, the world will go in the direction of changes. ”The final changes in politics and in society should end by 2024.

She warns that one must be very careful, because external conflicts can greatly aggravate the situation, which may affect the internal situation in the country.

Tamara is confident that in current politics Russia will continue to act as a peacemaker. The country is heading in the right direction, set up for a happy future and peace.

As for Putin, Tamara Globa has long prophesied to this person power and government by the state. Under the current president, she predicted freedom and equality, which happened and that will continue in 2020.

Predictions for the world. Will there be a war

A global reformation is taking place around the world. Especially Europe is going through this phase very much. This can be seen now, the situation in Europe is tense, both in the economy and among ordinary citizens.

After the aggravated situations in 2019, which constantly hung over the whole world, it is necessary to restrain conflicts especially. Globa is sure that if the Third World War begins, then nothing will remain.

Although the astrologer says that in the near future she does not see war around the world.

The relationship between the United States and Russia will continue to be a contradiction. Relationships will thaw at times, but this is only temporary. Politicians must be careful about these changes so as not to provoke an even greater conflict between the countries, as a result of which hostilities can begin.

The whole world is undergoing tremendous changes, they are going through a stage of crisis in everything: in politics, in culture, in the economy. It is after 2020 that the world will form and stabilize thanks to these changes.

It is in 2020 that new elections are expected in the United States. Most likely, Trump will not be re-elected, although so far the astrologer can not say exactly who will be elected as the new president. But change will happen.

The conflict in Syria will continue, but will gradually decrease if the United States ceases to provoke the situation in this region.

The famous astrologer cannot say anything concrete about Venezuela, everything will depend on the future election of the US president.

What will happen in Ukraine

The predictions for Ukraine are disappointing. Globa believes, as before, that the country will only further fall apart. Crimea has already separated territorially. Behind him is the East of Ukraine, the LPR and the DPR. She thinks there will be a split in two parts. The new, elected president will not be able to cope with the current situation in Ukraine.

Since the country aimed at the West, like the previous president, Poroshenko, one should not expect anything good from this. The West essentially does not need Ukraine.

The astrologer is sure that Ukraine needs to set up relations with Russia and resolve all conflicts to the end. That there was no division of the country into different parts. To establish trade relations, solve the problem with the Donbass. And after that, life will be improving in the country. Only with such behavior can a country count on stability in life. Western countries will only use Ukraine in their games against Russia, which should not be allowed.

Will it be so in 2020, as the astrologer Tamar Globa predicts, is still impossible to say. Some of her predictions come true, others do not. It will be possible to see the full picture of events only at the end of the year and analyze all the words of the famous astrologer. Many events can happen that can change events around the world. The main thing is that there should not be big conflicts between countries, which can provoke bad consequences for everyone and ultimately lead to military action.

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