Pictures with Happy New Year 2020 (Year of the Rat) high quality

At the end of December, preparations for the meeting of your favorite holidays begin. Those who are planning a party in the company of loved ones take seriously the organization of the event. To do this, you need to: decorate the house, set a rich table, choose an original outfit, come up with a script for a fun pastime. And also, you can give each guest a small gift. Buy or do it yourself. And in addition to it - print beautiful greeting cards. You just need to download high quality pictures for Happy New Year 2020 (Year of the Rat) for free. You can also send postcards to friends, colleagues, relatives in a social network. So we put together a small New Year’s gallery.

Rat is a symbol of 2020

According to the Chinese calendar, the next year will be held under the auspices of a white metal rat. You need to meet the coming totem by the rules: correctly decorate the room, do not use forbidden products on the festive table, add rat figures and other things to the New Year’s decor. Also, the rodent will like a postcard with his image. If you try to fulfill at least a few conditions, then all year will be lucky, and peace and quiet reign in the house. Although, not all signs of the mouse will show sympathy. Some of them will have to sweat pretty to succeed. We recommend you to find out what to expect for all the signs of the Zodiac from 2020.

New Year pictures for social networks

Now many people are actively using social networks and some of them have thousands of subscribers. The most original way to congratulate everyone is to post a Happy New Year card and congratulations in your chronicle. They will appear in the news feed of all participants. We offer you to choose a beautiful picture and an original wish in poetry and prose.

Greeting Cards

"Happy New Year 2020! I wish you a lot of joy and warmth this year. May the house of each of us be filled with happiness and kindness. May life sparkle with bright colors. I wish you all the best of mood for the next 365 days. I wish you happiness, love, health, prosperity, family well-being. Let this year bring us a lot of positive and pleasant events! Let all the bad things remain last year. And so that in the new year every day will be filled with joy and love. With New Happiness! "

May the New Year come with a smile
Throws away what did not come true once
And a bright star will enter the house,
So that everyone would feel love.

May it bring you good changes,
Good luck to friends and good friends,
Let him take all the difficulties in return
And only good luck under the Christmas tree!

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"Happy New Year! I wish that next year bring us as many joys as there are days in a year, and every day give us a smile and a piece of goodness. Let everything that we planned be sure to come true: everything that we wanted to start is will begin, but what they wanted to finish is over. Let us all become happier, kinder and more attentive to the people around us next year, and the world will open new doors for us! "

The holiday is magical, it is beloved by all:
Christmas trees, toys, snowflakes, frost.
May the New Year bring us fun
A year of understanding, success without tears.

May it be bright, happy, rich,
Year of hope, love, beauty.
A year that sweeps away barriers
Fulfill all desires, dreams!

Pictures for colleagues and superiors

At the end of the working year, almost every company organizes a corporate party. Congratulations on the upcoming New Year sound during the event. After a few days, employees go on a 10-day vacation. During the winter holidays, the New Year and Christmas will be held, so you can congratulate colleagues with these events without leaving home. Many organizations have their own groups and pages on social networks. A good idea is to place a post with a colorful postcard and a beautiful wish in prose or poetry.

In the selection you will find images for printing on a printer and pictures for social networks. Also, congratulations for a colleague of a woman, a man, employees in general and a boss.

Click on any image to view it.

Wishes for employees in verses and prose

"Dear colleagues! So one more year has begun! Those wonderful events that united our team have gone. But don’t be upset, there is still a lot of new things ahead that we have to go through together! May everything that comes in the New Year bring our the collective only changes for the better, well-being and income growth! Happy New Year, dear friends! "

Let the problems all go away
With them - pain and hopelessness!
Along with happiness at the gate
New Year burst into us!
New plans, ideas,
Reaching a new goal!
Many different achievements,
Only competent decisions!
And you have big incomes,
Days are good, labor!
At home - joy, warmth,
A lot of good!

Original Online Greetings

How else can you originally congratulate friends, family, colleagues and loved ones? We recommend that you go to the following pages: Musical Cards, Congratulations Video, New Year Playcasts.

Watch the video: 2020 Year of the Rat (January 2020).

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