Horoscope for February 2020 from Vasilisa Volodina according to the signs of the Zodiac

You are confused in the course of events or are on the verge of making an important decision - the horoscope for February 2020 from Vasilisa Volodina, according to the signs of the Zodiac, will dispel doubts and help determine the important step. Trust the fortuneteller and you will not leave yourself the slightest reason for doubt.


February 2020 is a turning point in the fate of Aries. This is a time when you should not relax and wait for favors. You need to get together, concentrate on the main thing and go all the way to achieving the goal. The condition for a favorable outcome is decency and honesty towards other people. Aries is expected to have some tension related to control, but by the end all issues will be resolved positively. Understanding and order reigns in the family of this sign, which will ensure calm and confidence on all fronts. Free Aries can count on the attention of the opposite sex.


The responsibility and wisdom of Taurus will be appreciated by higher powers in February 2020. In work, you will confidently go up the career ladder, in communication you will be elected the main speaker and authority, in the family you will rightfully take the leading place. Stars recommend to be content with what you have and strengthen your position. Be careful with occasional seductive dating. Careless communication can undermine your impeccable position in society. A misunderstanding with older relatives, possible at the end of the month, will be resolved with a good outcome for all participants in the process.


Gemini's thirst for new knowledge will send them to study or on the way to uncharted places. You have earned the front line, allow yourself a little trip surrounded by nice people. In February, do not make new acquaintances: there is a high probability of dishonest attitude on the part of new people. Listen to the opinion of the second half, do not go on the principle in solving family issues. Only through compromise can agreements be reached that benefit everyone.


A profitable and cloudless period in February awaits Cancer. You will easily be able to succeed, as usual affairs, and various undertakings. Especially lucky are Cancers involved in creative professions. On the whole, success and recognition await everyone, without exception. Successful will be financial investments in real estate, new contracts and contracts. Communication with children and family members will please you, you will be on the same wavelength that will give unforgettable emotions. Purchases planned for the middle of the month will be easy and will please you for a long time.

A lion

The energies of Leo in February 2020 can only be envied. You will succeed in everything, leaving a clear visible result after the activity. Leo's family is his fortress, he will gnaw at everyone and take revenge, therefore Vasilisa Volodina does not recommend standing in his way. Lonely Leos can meet their fate if they open their souls to a relative of the Zodiac. Leo's love is constant and all-consuming. If the partner is ready for reciprocity, the union is doomed in a good sense to eternal existence.


A period of rethinking and reassessment of values ​​awaits Virgo in this period. In your life there will be changes that will change further life in a positive way. The astrologer advises Virgo not to tolerate that which contradicts her principles. Even if you have to break a partner and change yourself - in the near future it will bring good results. Many of the representatives will hear the news about replenishment in the family, and someone will be relocated to another locality, which will also be a positive development.


A month full of surprises awaits Libra. It cannot be argued that they will all be kind, but the fact that Libra will cope with all problems is undeniable. The black stripe remains behind, giving way to a bright road in the life of Libra. Stars recommend not standing still, moving and growing, developing and reaching new heights. You have a decent position at work, respect from relatives, recognition of a loved one. The astrologer advises you to moderate your ambitions a little. Then the solution of many issues will be simplified.


In February 2020, Scorpio will easily improve his financial situation, as well as strengthen the love side of his life. Stars are advised not to argue on those issues in which there is no 100% certainty. In the middle of the month, one of the relatives will have to act as a lawyer. You are not a supporter of meddling in family conflicts, but the situation will require your participation. Do not make a deal with conscience and think about the future, dear Scorpions. Lonely Zodiacs can begin preparations for a wedding celebration, you are ready for a serious step, and the partner will reciprocate.


For Sagittarius, a month of enrichment and enormous financial spending, which will be extremely enjoyable, comes. In general, for this sign the period of collecting fruits sown earlier has come. Therefore, do not be surprised at what is happening. In the love of Sagittarius, passions and excitements boil, which the couple will remember for a long time. Family signs of the zodiac will think about investing in repair or renovation of the interior. All aspirations will be justified.


Capricorn will have to work hard in February to lay a solid foundation for the near future. Difficulties are possible due to receiving distorted information or untimely fulfillment of obligations by one of the employees. However, Capricorn's talents and professionalism will surprise the leadership. Free Capricorns will face a difficult choice when fate sends several applicants. Do not rush to conclusions, let everything flow as usual. The case will put everything in its place, and the choice will be obvious. Family signs are all stable, which is an indicator of reciprocity and respect.


Pleasant meetings, a romantic pastime and doing what you love, promises February to Aquarius. You will be completely satisfied with current affairs, which will be solved, as at the behest of a magic wand. Take on the most daring running projects. Now is a great time to translate ideas and ideas. In the second half of February, there may be attempts to confuse you with one of the envious. But your intuition will not allow you to turn off the right track.


Fish dive headlong into the development of something new: whether it be work, a hobby or a new acquaintance. By the way, the personal life of the sign has long been in need of adjustment, and February 2020 is a favorable time for changes in this area. Without regret, part with those who are not happy and do not strive for you. New mutual feelings will come to replace. Advice of the month - do not rush words. Everything that will be said will have to be done no later than April of this year.

Vasilisa Volodina recommends not to get hung up on bad thoughts and not to become discouraged, and the predictor's advice will help keep yourself in an energy-balanced state:

  • give thanks to the higher powers for all that you have;
  • protect yourself from aching people;
  • do good to the best of your ability;
  • visit nature more often;
  • listen to yourself and do not ignore the inner voice;
  • rejoice in the environment and the new day.

It is not difficult to adhere to the advice of the fortuneteller. With their help, your strength will be enough for a lot.

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