Navy parade in St. Petersburg 2020

The last Sunday of July in 2020, which falls on the 26th, is not only a celebration of the military branch, but also the Navy parade in St. Petersburg 2020, which is a deservedly important event for the whole country. It is worth noting that the ship parade is a non-unique phenomenon for Russia and, in addition to St. Petersburg, it is held in the other four naval districts, but no one can get ahead of Peter in terms of grandeur comparable to May 9. It is in this city that the Minister of Defense takes the parade at the sailors, and the president of the country formally commands it, and it is here that the weather is always fine and millions of spectators are ashore. The volley of the Peter and Paul Battery and the strokes of salutes only complement the overall picture of the most unusual military event in the country.

Event Schedule

The classic scenario of the holiday in Kronstadt is a kind of military tradition that is not violated from year to year. Popular performers and salute technologies are changing, perhaps rulers and ministers are changing, but the fact that a parade of ships will be sent from the Neva to Kronstadt every year seems to be an unshakable and undeniable fact. Those who nevertheless come to the celebration should remember that it is better not to be late, because the schedule is strict and in time to take places where it is better to look at the ships you need to arrive early.

By time, events will occur as follows:

  • The celebration begins at 9:30 on the Aurora. In her cabins that day set the full composition of the main Naval Museum of the country;
  • 10: 00-12: 00 - the start of the parade, starting with bridges on the Neva;
  • 12:00 - ships that participated in the celebration are moored to the embankment of Lieutenant Schmidt and the Promenade des Anglais. They have an open day, and so you can take a walk around your favorite ship or give postcards to your favorite sailors. Excursions will last until 18:00;
  • 18:00 - festive concert;
  • 22:30 - the Neva sky will be painted with a magical fireworks display, an ideal place for contemplation of which are sightseeing motor ships actively plying that day.

Parade script

The day when the parade is held by the sailors participating in it, an extremely busy schedule, because the script, approved and tested over the years, trained by dozens of rehearsals, does not tolerate changes and errors:

  1. The largest parade of the Navy in Russia begins with the festive battery of the Peter and Paul Fortress, which symbolizes the beginning of the raising of bridges on the Neva;
  2. At the next moment, as if by magic, the flames of the rostral columns of the Vasilievsky fortress soar upward;
  3. On the ships lined up along the Neva there is personnel in full dress uniform, taking the position of a ceremonial building, and between the vessels a command boat passes, with the Minister of Defense on board, who checks the readiness of the combined unit for the parade;
  4. After a solemn presentation, the St. George flag flies up on the shore and, developing in the air with its blue and white flag, gives a start to the movement of ships;
  5. Ships, forming a keel formation, begin to move to the mouth of the river. The first are boats with the banners of the units participating in the parade, followed by the latest and most significant examples of domestic weapons. Here you can see not only the latest ships, such as Admiral Makarov, Serpukhov, Hurricane and Alexander Obukhov, but also historical replicas, like the grandfather of the whole fleet - the botanist Peter the Great. In total, more than 40 vessels participate in the parade;
  6. A military band begins to play on the shore, and students of naval schools go on a refined march, and from behind the city of Kronstadt silhouettes of large ships are shown;
  7. Vessels of the class aircraft carrier and comparable with it, majestically enter the Gulf of Finland, where they make an honorary circle, alternately mooring to the shore;
  8. On the Kronstadt raid, as the Orel nuclear submarine and the Marshal Ustinov missile carrier take the position, which becomes a signal for aviation, which is already approaching St. Petersburg;
  9. By a wave of the magic scenario, titans of the domestic aviation Il-38 and Tu-142 fly over the city. Following them, painting the sky in tricolor, fighters fly by, performing the most bizarre aerobatics in the sky;
  10. The sailors accept congratulations from the Minister of Defense, who honors them for the successful completion of the solemn part, a number of vessels open for open day.

How much to book a tour

Since ancient times, Petersburg has been considered the capital of the Russian fleet, and the celebration of celebrations in his honor has been held here since 1703. Now, when you know what date the event itself and what you can see on it, let's figure out where it is best to watch it. The answer is obvious - the deck of a sightseeing boat, at least two-deck, is the ideal place to watch the parade. Such excursions are always agreed in advance with the Ministry of Defense, and the quota for them is very small, so if you really want to be in the very center of events and appreciate the power of the Russian fleet under the fascinating stories of the guide, you need to book tickets in advance, at least 2 months in advance.

"When choosing a tour, be sure to check the size of the ship, because a small sightseeing boat will simply not allow you to evaluate what is happening. Also, check the time, because observing the mouth of the Neva at the end of the parade is not so entertaining, even if there is some charm during the salute."

Navigation restrictions on Navy Day

To catch a celebration, plan your route in advance, so bear in mind that:

  • From 11:00 to 13:00 the Trinity, Palace, Liteiny and Blagoveshchensky bridges will be divorced;
  • At the same time, the movement of fishing, pleasure, small and sporting vessels along the Neva, the entire Gulf of Finland, the Winter Canal and the Fontanka will be prohibited;
  • From 6:00 to 12:00, traffic will be stopped on Senate Square, Admiralteyskaya and Angliyskaya Embankments, Palace Pass, Nevsky Prospekt and Admiralteysky Passage;
  • In addition, from 6:00 to 13:00, travel along the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter will be free as a necessary measure.

Keep this data in your mind and plan your route in advance.

How to get to Kronstadt

This treasured place on the day of the Navy will want to visit a really huge number of people and the authorities took care of this:

  1. The ability to get there by your own transport, in order to avoid all kinds of incidents will be completely abolished;
  2. On this day, additional electric trains will be introduced, which will depart from the Baltic Station to Oranienbaum every quarter of an hour;
  3. In addition, an additional number of buses will be introduced, sufficient to organize the departure of transport every 5 minutes.

It is worth noting that the observation deck of the Konstantin Fort is the best place to contemplate the parade, second only to a sea tour, and therefore, if you do not want to spend money on it, just go to Kronstadt. By the way, this place can please not only the viewing of the parade but also the mass of additional events in which both adults and children can take part.

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