Dishes for 2020 New Year

If we want the holiday menu to pleasantly amaze the guests and be remembered for a long time, we should not only choose the best recipes with photos, but also come up with some general idea. The role of such an idea, uniting all dishes for the 2020 New Year, can be played by food addictions of the symbol of the coming year - the White Metal Rat. We know a lot about the tastes of rats: they love everything that can be nibbled, prefer simple and tasty things - fruits, nuts, cheeses, and at the same time they are partial to everything original, they will never refuse to try something new. Spicy smells attract nimble rodents, but they do not like too salty, very greasy, spicy or smoked food. To figure out what is possible and what cannot be cooked will help the table.

RecommendedCan not cook
Not spicy cheese and dishes from itSmoked meats
Juicy fruitPickles, pickled tomatoes
Poultry meat, fishFatty pork
Cereals, cerealsSemolina

The ideal New Year's menu provides for the active use of favorite foods by rodents - cheese, nuts, fruits; a combination of one or two dishes, symbolizing the year of the Rat, with several original hot dishes; simple side dishes and a relatively light dessert. Let's consider in more detail how to cook these dishes, starting with salads and snacks and ending with sweets.

The best salads

Salads are an integral element of the New Year's table - both the traditional "Olivier" and more or less familiar options that fit perfectly into the holiday menu.

Only 15 minutes will be required to prepare a spectacular Christmas tree salad. Its ingredients are simple: 130 g of cooked or smoked sausage, 2 eggs, 100 g of canned green peas, 60 g of any hard cheese, 1 fresh cucumber, a bunch of dill, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, a slice of red bell pepper, small canned cherry tomatoes and corn - taste. First we cook hard-boiled eggs, then cut them, sausage and cucumber into cubes, and three cheese on a fine grater. Having laid out all the crushed ingredients in a salad bowl or deep plate, add mayonnaise and mix thoroughly. Then the “creative part" begins: we shift the salad onto a large plate, form a triangle out of it, and then densely fill it with chopped dill from the top of the triangle to its base. On the resulting "Christmas tree" we lay out "garlands" of small tomatoes and corn, after which we cut an asterisk from a piece of bell pepper and decorate the top of the "Christmas tree" with it.

If you like simple and tasty salads, you should prepare a lightweight variation of Caesar. This light salad was literally created for the New Year's table in 2020, because it is called "Mouse in the path." You can do it at the last moment: 10 minutes is enough to cook it. To prepare 2 servings of salad, we need 100 g of salted cheese, 2 fresh tomatoes, ground pepper, 50 g of rye crackers, olive oil and a bunch of fresh salad. Tear lettuce leaves into pieces and lay on the bottom of the plate. Then chop the cheese and tomatoes in the form of medium-sized cubes, mix with crackers and spread on lettuce leaves. It remains to add pepper and olive oil to taste - and the salad is ready. It has everything that the symbol of the year loves - crackers, cheese, greens, but people always like it. "Mouse to the track" is perfect for a family feast, and for corporate parties.

Simple and delicious snacks

On the New Year's table, original snacks should be abundant, but the hostess does not always want to spend a lot of time preparing them. The way out of this situation can be various snacks from eggs, for example, Santa Claus or Rat.

Stuffed eggs with the funny name "Santa Claus" will not only appeal to all guests, but will also decorate the New Year's table, because they look very funny. In addition to ordinary chicken eggs (4 pcs.), We will need 50 g of cheese, red bell pepper (1 pc.), Peas of black pepper, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of mayonnaise and a little mustard. Cooking this appetizer is easier than easy: boil hard-boiled eggs, wait until they cool, cut in half lengthwise (and not across), carefully remove the yolk. Grate the cheese on a fine grater, then mix it with yolk and mayonnaise in a deep bowl until a homogeneous mass forms in it. We fill the eggs with this mass, after which we cut out from the bell pepper 8 triangles about 1/4 of the size of the egg and 8 small circles a little larger than the peppercorns of black pepper. The triangles of red pepper - “Santa Claus hats” are placed on top of the eggs, circles - “noses” - are placed in the middle. It remains to add “eyes” from two peppercorns, and make a “beard” from mayonnaise. Done! Keep the eggs in the refrigerator for half an hour to cool, and serve the appetizer on the table. (For more details, see the video).

To prepare “Kryats”, in addition to 4 eggs and 50 g of cheese, you will need 1 radish, lettuce, peas of black and red pepper, a sprig of greens and 2 cloves of garlic. We cook according to the model of stuffed Santa Claus eggs: cook, cut, take out the yolk, mix it with grated cheese, mayonnaise and garlic, turned into pulp in a garlic gum. We fill the eggs with this mixture on lettuce leaves and begin to decorate: the peppercorns of the red pepper become the “nose”, the two peas of black pepper become the “eyes”, and the round pieces of radish become the “ears” of the rodent. From the branches of greenery we make the “antennae” and “ponytail”. You can hold a snack for 20 minutes before serving. in the fridge.

Distinctive features of the appetizer "Christmas balls" are the satiety and the presence of components so beloved by rats: walnuts (50 g) and cheese (100 g). In addition to them, you will need chicken fillet (300 g), 2 eggs, 10 olives, a pair of garlic cloves, a bunch of dill and mayonnaise. Cooking an appetizer like this:

  1. Boil the fillets and eggs.
  2. Let them cool.
  3. Finely chop and mix the meat and eggs.
  4. Add chopped cheese, dill, garlic.
  5. Refuel 3 table. tablespoons of mayonnaise and mix.
  6. Grind nuts, pour into a large plate.
  7. Take a tablespoon of a lot of eggs, fillets and other ingredients, put an olive in its middle and form a ball so that the edge of the olive peeps out of it.
  8. Roll the ball in a nut chip.
  9. From the branches of greenery we make "loops" for our Christmas balls, that is, we bend a branch 4-5 cm long in half and insert the tips into the hole of the olive.

Another version of the appetizer, which is appropriate on the New Year's table in 2020, is the cheese "Mice", which are distinguished by their ease of preparation, spicy taste and cheapness. We take 200 g of any cheese and crab sticks, 2 eggs, one radish, 3 cloves of garlic, black pepper peas and 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise. Rub the boiled eggs on a fine grater, add finely grated cheese and crab sticks to them (a little cheese and one crab stick should be left for decoration). Squeeze the cloves of garlic into the resulting mixture with the help of a garlic press, season with mayonnaise, mix thoroughly and send for 20 minutes. in the fridge. While the mixture cools, we cut the radish into circles, the remaining cheese into small squares, and the crab stick into thin narrow strips. We take out the mixture from the refrigerator, form “torso of mice” from it - something like oblong cutlets with pointed tips, insert “ears” of radish, eyes and nose from peas of black pepper into each carcass. We take a large dish, put cheese squares in its center, and then lay the “mice” around the cheese. It remains to put a “tail” from a crab stick under each mouse - and the snack is ready.

Cooking hot

Among the hot dishes of the New Year's table, meat dishes take pride of place, while meeting the Rat year, you should turn to poultry dishes. A great option - chicken roll with prunes. Its preparation will take about 60-70 minutes, but the result will exceed all expectations. You will need one chicken, 100 g of cheese and prunes and 50 walnuts for filling, as well as mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Cut the chicken carcass, spread it, take out all the bones, cut off the wings, salt, pepper and put the filling in 3 layers: first chopped nuts, then chopped prunes, then grated cheese. We turn the carcass to make a roll, tighten it with culinary thread and send it to the oven (do not forget to line the baking sheet with baking paper, as well as grease the carcass with mayonnaise). After 40 minutes, the roll is ready. It can be put on the whole table, but it is better to cut it first. In any case, the roll will look more effective if you put it on lettuce leaves.

The classic hot dish of the New Year holidays is the goose. Indulge yourself and guests with a delicious goose with oranges (this meat dish is also suitable for corporate parties). The list of ingredients, in addition to the goose weighing 2.5-3 kg, includes oranges (2 kg), soy sauce (100 ml), honey (60 g), salt, pepper and vegetable oil. Cooking begins with a thorough washing of the goose and removing all unnecessary, including the gland on the tail. Then marinade is prepared by mixing soy sauce, honey and vegetable oil with the addition of pepper and salt. When the marinade is ready, it is divided into two parts: one is temporarily put aside, the other is smeared with goose inside and out, and then put in the refrigerator for an hour. After an hour, the goose is again coated with marinade and the carcass is filled with orange slices, peeled and from the white pulp. Then the carcass is placed in a baking sleeve (it should be at room temperature, not cold) and put in a preheated oven. The larger the goose, the longer it is baked: a carcass weighing 2.5 kg should be in the oven for 2.5 hours, three kilogram - 3 hours. After 2-3 hours, you need to remove the goose, remove the sleeve and bake until golden brown. If desired, you can bake potatoes with a goose.

Prefer a more traditional option - a goose with apples? The video below details how to cook it.

Since fish is considered easier to digest, choosing the hotter one for the New Year's table, many prefer it, especially since such fish dishes as trout under a nut crust or dorado with lemon and thyme are not inferior in terms of richness of taste and attractiveness the best meat dishes.

Trout under a nut crust is prepared as follows: take 800 g of fillet, 3 tbsp. tablespoons chopped almonds, the same amount of ground walnuts, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 spoon of lime juice and grated ginger, onion, carrots, clove of garlic, 4 cherry tomatoes, 2 sweet peppers, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of olive oil and chopped parsley, 0.5 tablespoons of ground chili, and proceed according to the following algorithm.

  1. My fillet, dry and cut into 4 parts.
  2. Mix soy sauce with grated ginger and lime juice, water them with fish.
  3. Prepare a nut mixture by combining nuts with chili pepper and adding olive oil.
  4. Cooking vegetables: carrots and peppers, cut into strips, onions - in half rings, tomatoes - in half.
  5. We distribute the vegetables along the bottom of the mold, put the fish on top, apply the nut mixture to it.
  6. Bake trout for 20 minutes. in the oven (temperature - 180 C).

How to cook no less delicious hot - dorado with lemon and thyme, also baked in the oven, is described in the video below.

For those who can’t imagine a New Year’s table without jellied fish, we suggest preparing jellied fish from zander.

Garnish for these sophisticated dishes is the simplest - corn porridge or boiled rice. The contrast between the simplicity of the side dish and the rich taste palette of meat and / or fish dishes will emphasize the merits of the latter.

What to submit for a sweet

Reflecting on the fact that / link_webnavoz to cook something new and interesting in the year of the Rat / link_webnavoz, one cannot ignore dessert. It is highly recommended to decorate the table with juicy fruits - apples, winter pears, pineapples, oranges, mangoes: this way you will please the symbol of the year and decorate the table. Fruits can be served both in the form of a salad or beautifully sliced, as in the video below.

Ice cream will be a good addition to the fruit, and a beautiful and uncomplicated cake, such as "Gems in the Snow", will play the role of the main course of the sweet table.

For “Gems in the Snow” you will need flour (100 g), 2 pcs, kiwi, 50 g strawberries or other berries (you can frozen), 3 eggs, sugar (270 g), sour cream (500 g), gelatin (25 g). First, prepare the biscuit dough: beat the egg whites to a foamy state, add the sifted flour, yolks and 70 g of sugar to them and beat everything thoroughly. Pour the resulting dough into a greased round baking dish and set for 10 minutes. in the oven. We put the cooled biscuit base back into the form and go to the jelly part. Pour gelatin with 120 ml of water, put on a stove, bring to a boil, add it to sour cream whipped with 200 g of sugar and pour slices of kiwi and berries into the resulting mixture. Then fill the jelly mass with a biscuit in a baking dish and put in the refrigerator for 2.5 hours. The cake is ready.

In addition, the ideas presented in the video will help to decorate the table: these delicious life hacks are available even to schoolchildren.

Watch the video: Rooftop New Years Eve 2020 Countdown Dinner Cruise Bangkok Thailand (January 2020).

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