New Year 2020 in a restaurant of St. Petersburg

“As you celebrate the New Year, you will spend it” - it is this saying that makes people come up with unique New Year's entertainments every year. Home feasts have long sunk into oblivion. It is best to celebrate New Year 2020 in a restaurant in St. Petersburg. This city seems to have been created for the New Year's fairy tale and incredible desires. Each restaurant in St. Petersburg prepares to celebrate a magical night in advance, developing unique programs and inviting famous guests.

How to celebrate New Year of the Rat in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has a huge amount of resources for various entertainments of the city residents and its guests at any time of the year. But during the New Year holidays, the existing diversity increases, giving all people bright lights and fun entertainment. The whole city is decorated with garlands, Christmas trees and New Year's attributes. Everyone can find entertainment to their liking:

  1. Skate.
  2. Go on an exciting tour.
  3. Take a walk along the embankments of the city on the Neva.
  4. Go shopping in the many shops.
  5. Relax in the cozy restaurants.

As for New Year's Eve, the choice is between home feasts, street feasts and restaurant premises. Staying home in the Rat year is not recommended. This curious animal is notable for its constant change of place. The rat is restless and loves to learn new things. Good luck in the New Year 2020 will accompany those people who celebrate New Year's Eve in a new festive atmosphere and chic outfits. To fulfill your dreams and just have a great meeting NG, you should choose one of the thousands of restaurants in St. Petersburg.

New Year's restaurant programs

Restaurants in St. Petersburg compete among themselves with decoration, menus, and unique styles. Each institution creates its own unique atmosphere. Somewhere silence and peace reign, allowing you to enjoy solitude, other places, on the contrary, are filled with light, sounds and fun, charging visitors with indefatigable energy. But on New Year's Eve, all restaurants join the wonderful holiday and offer a variety of entertainment programs.

Each restaurant has its own unique program, which may include the following items:

  1. Guest Presenter. Depending on the status of the restaurant and the cost of the holiday, these can be eminent DJs or famous entertainment business professionals.
  2. Live music from cover bands or individual singers.
  3. Interactive entertainment.
  4. Disco.
  5. Ded Moroz and Snegurochka.
  6. Fun contests with prizes and gifts.
  7. New Year's lottery.
  8. Professional animators for children.
  9. Invited photographers.

New Year's programs impose certain obligations on guests. Visitors to restaurants are required to follow a dress code - to be festively dressed. Some institutions establish stricter rules, requiring men to wear suits and tuxedos, and women to wear evening dresses. Dress code allows you to create a general atmosphere of an unforgettable holiday.

Each restaurant introduces its hypothetical customers to its hypothetical customers on its own sites and online sites that make a selection of New Year's entertainment events.

Criteria for choosing restaurants for the New Year's Eve

In St. Petersburg, a huge selection of restaurants to suit all tastes. Here you can find a cozy home institution or vice versa give preference to chic and stunning extravaganza of sounds, light and entertainment. The choice should be approached carefully, because it is he who determines how pleasant the New Year's night will be, and whether the impressions will be unforgettable.

When evaluating an institution, one should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • restaurant menu;
  • location of the premises;
  • hall capacity;
  • New Year's program;
  • price per visit per person.

All criteria are important, and they should be evaluated in aggregate, and not each separately.

The best offers in St. Petersburg

It is quite difficult to single out the best from hundreds of restaurant establishments in St. Petersburg. Each has its own evaluation criteria, which may affect the final grade. But still there are a number of restaurants that deservedly carry the title of the most interesting and popular places in St. Petersburg. A unique menu and a unique atmosphere offer:

  1. Sky bar - a panoramic view of the night city from the height of the 18th floor will not leave indifferent any visitor. European, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine will satisfy the tastes of the most sophisticated gourmets.
  2. Giuseppe Park - Italian cuisine, seasoned with the national flavor of sunny Italy.
  3. Chaykhona number 1 - invites visitors to have fun in the common room or to occupy separate rooms. The oriental flavor is romantic and mixes oriental culture with historical views of St. Petersburg, which open from the windows.
  4. Good Georgian - pat the guests of Caucasian and European cuisine. A bright spacious hall, a cozy homely atmosphere and panoramic windows will turn the New Year into a magical fairy tale.
  5. Mapuche - The fiery rhythms of Latin America will light the blood on this cold night. Bright colors, unusual design and all-seeing Frida Kahlo, these are the main attributes of this institution. The restaurant is perfect for those who are not looking for traditional ways of celebrating, but are happy to plunge into someone else's history and traditions.

The listed institutions are just a small fraction of the attractive offers available in St. Petersburg.

TOP-5 establishments in the center where you can mark NG cheap

New Year's Eve is celebrated in the family circle, with colleagues or friends. Large companies when choosing a restaurant often focus on prices. Celebrating New Year with the whole family in a restaurant can be extremely expensive. However, in St. Petersburg, a huge selection of establishments that offer to celebrate the holiday is inexpensive, but wonderful. From a huge number of budget offers, there are a number of establishments located in the center of St. Petersburg.

The TOP-5 inexpensive New Year's events included the following restaurants:

  1. Rossis Club on Nevsky Prospect.
  2. 1913 on the Haymarket.
  3. Parking in the Alexander Park.
  4. KumKuma on Kondratyevsky Avenue.
  5. Tavern at Engels.

Also in the center you can visit the cafe, which will also work on New Year's Eve on a festive program.

Where in St. Petersburg you can celebrate New Year with your children

When planning a family vacation with children, you should focus primarily on those restaurants that have developed their programs taking into account the children's audience. Do not go with minors to establishments that are not designed for them. In the daytime and evening, you can visit the restaurant with the whole family without any restrictions, but nightly entertainment is different and not always good for children.

A number of St. Petersburg entertainment facilities offer special programs for children. They hire professional animators who engage minors in games and contests. This solution allows children to have fun and adults to relax.

Family holidays on New Year's Eve are offered by restaurants:

  • Gymnasium;
  • Cottage on the seaside;
  • Heavenly;
  • United Butchers;
  • Santorini.

The price of children's tickets varies depending on the program, menu and age of minors.

The cost of celebrating NG 2020 in St. Petersburg restaurants

New Year's Eve 2020 at a restaurant in St. Petersburg will cost visitors at least 1,500 rubles. That is how much the most inexpensive ticket for New Year's night entertainment costs. The maximum bar is difficult to calculate, since the final cost of the holiday depends on a number of components.

Prices for New Year's Eve in St. Petersburg:

Restaurant NameAdult ticketChildren's ticketAdditional Information
KumKuma3 500not provided
  • no% service charge;
  • without cork collection;
  • no additional fees.
Cottage on Primorskaya7 0004 500discount applies to children under 7 years old
Heavenly5 0003 500The price of a children's ticket includes a gift
United Butchers8 0004 000children who do not take a separate place come for free
Santorini4 5002,500 (6-13 years old)up to 6 years old free, after 13 adult ticket

Unforgettable New Year at Bering Restaurant

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