Blue light 2020

New Year's celebration is a long-awaited event and beloved by all, without exception. People get together, in large families, they meet with best friends in order to celebrate the main holiday of the year in an atmosphere of love and fun. Scenarios for the celebration of this winter event can be very different: corporate parties with colleagues and partners at work, children's mornings in preschool institutions, schools and institutes, family walks at a large festive table, and so on. By tradition, in our country, not a single New Year's holiday takes place without watching television shows of programs that go on holiday broadcast on almost all TV channels these days.

Producers and directors develop a holiday program in advance, do everything in their power to make entertainment programs appealing to television audiences of all ages. Among the most striking and spectacular programs of New Year’s television, the release of Blue Light 2020 deserves special attention. This festive entertainment show is held in a different format and at different broadcasting venues. As leaders, as a rule, the organizers of the show issues invite the most famous artists and actors of the modern stage and cinema.

Entertainment broadcast of the Soviet and Russian media space

For the first time, the Blue Light program went on television for the New Year holidays back in 1962. The first few years, this entertainment show program was not dedicated to the New Year celebrations. The blue light during the days of the USSR came out every week on weekends. Each episode of the program began with the presenter introducing a well-known Soviet personality to the public in the audience and viewers. It was not necessarily just people of art. In the first years of its existence, famous politicians, doctors, astronauts and so on were invited to the Blue Light program. Yuri Gagarin was invited to the very first issue of the program in 1962. A few years later, the Blue Light became a traditional New Year program, which was broadcast from December 31 to January 1, just on New Year's Eve.

Blue light 2020 on the television channel Russia

The blue light 2020 will be released on the television channel Russia on New Year's Eve. The festive release will include a meeting with interesting people who will talk about unusual conflicts of their fate. Also, the New Year’s program will include a gala concert with the participation of popular pop singers of the Russian show business, as well as stars of the post-Soviet space. Russia Channel will invite the most beloved Russian pop stars to participate in the program, including: Valeria, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Lolita Milyavskaya, Stas Piekha, Taisiya Povaliy, Yuri Askarov, Alexander Rosenbaum, Nadezhda Kadysheva, Valery Leontyev, Philip Kirkorov, Denis Maidanov, Albina Dzhanabaeva, Vera Brezhneva and many other popular singers and singers.

The organizers of the show program decided to introduce new ideas into the script, which will be a complete surprise for viewers. The bright and enchanting show will be complemented by a stunning script with incomparable star roles that unexpectedly try on famous Russian celebrities. The full list of concert numbers that will be shown to spectators on New Year's Eve 2020 is still a secret, but this is understandable, because the organizers should create intrigue and attract as many spectators as possible to watch the New Year's Blue Light 2020 on Russia TV channel. It is only known that the audience on this side of the screen will see not only a beautiful New Year's scene and concert numbers, but also will be able to go behind the scenes of the program and see with their own eyes the unofficial format of the Blue Light 2020. The film crew of the second channel will shoot episodes of how artists they are getting ready for the New Year’s performance, what they are talking about, how they joke, or maybe worry. It will be a very interesting and lively picture that reflects stellar reality.

Blue light 2020 on New Year's Eve on Shabolovka

The releases of the Blue Light program have become a good tradition for many television channels in our country. The broadcast scenarios included not only concert performances, but also lively, unofficial communication between invited guests, show business stars and popular media personalities. The guests of the program in a beautiful atmosphere congratulated the residents of the country on the upcoming New Year, expressed their sincere wishes, told stories from life. The entourage of the program, the scenery of the hall in which the shooting took place, became better and more spectacular from year to year. New Year's crackers exploded in front of the camera, a serpentine and bright multi-colored tinsel circled.

In today's television space, the Blue Light format has changed a bit, but the meaning of the entertainment show has remained the same. The New Year's Blue Light on Shabolovka is a fascinating show for all ages, in which popular pop stars, show business, and representatives of other spheres of culture and art take part.

By the way, the revival of the Blue Flame on Shabolovka was due to the Primadonna of our stage, Alla Pugacheva, who personally initiated the reloading of this New Year’s performance in 1997.

On New Year 2020, the Blue Light on Shabolovka will be held in a new format, where not only the stars of the so-called "old guard" will perform, but also modern talented singers and singers who have only recently appeared in the media space. An interesting innovation on the channel was the open voting of the organizers of the television program, where the participants of the New Year's Blue Light on Shabolovka are honestly and transparently selected. Any viewer of our country can take part in voting for a favorite artist or musical group.

Also, the humorous component of the Blue Light 2020 program will look different than the viewer is used to seeing. The producers invited not only the stars of the Full House to participate in the comedy part of the program, but also representatives of the new trend of comedians from such well-known youth venues as Comedy Club and others.

The blue light on Shabolovka 2020 will take place in an atmosphere of mass fun, exploding confetti and burning sparklers.

New Year's concert 2020 on television on a festive night

New Year's Eve is unthinkable without musical accompaniment. No matter how interesting and friendly a company of close and dear people is gathered at a large and luxurious holiday table, there always comes a moment when the guests of the holiday turn on the TV to maintain general fun and good mood. On New Year's Eve, most Russian TV channels broadcast entertainment programs and concerts. On New Year's Eve 2020, various shows of the program, as well as concert performances of famous show stars, can be seen on Russian broadcasting channels:

  • New Year's show on TNT from Comedy Club;
  • New Year's concert on the first channel;
  • Retro-FM on the Domashny channel;
  • Humor of the year on the channel Russia;
  • New Year's festive concert at the TV center;
  • Concert film "Smile, gentlemen, smile!" TV center
  • New Year's performance from the Ural dumplings on the STS channel;
  • Old songs about the main thing. P.S. On the first channel;
  • New wave, a concert on the channel Russia.

Full version of New Year's show 2020 on the first channel

The first channel will prepare for its new and constant viewers on New Year's Eve many magical moments and exciting holiday concerts that will be broadcast from TV screens across the country.

The new tendency to shoot does not imply a studio format, but a more dynamic one, taking place at various popular objects of art and culture. The incomparable panoramic views of the capital of our homeland will certainly enter the lens of the operators of the film crew of the First Channel of Russian Television. Unusual shots of festive night Moscow from a bird's eye view from which are breathtaking - all this will definitely be included in the New Year show program.

Carrying out unique shootings for the New Year 2020 in the open air is an idea that our viewers really like. This gives the festive television atmosphere a lively embodiment and dynamism. Beautiful Moscow from various angles is what will become the main set for the creation of an entertainment show 2020 on Channel One.

A group of talented Russian directors, together with a team of a professional film crew, will create musical numbers for the New Year's concert for television broadcasting on New Year's Eve. Artists of the first magnitude, despite the snow and cold, will take a double after a double in the open December sky in carnival costumes. And they will not have the right to freeze at low temperatures, because, as they say - art is above all! All of these winter New Year’s days in Moscow will become one large creative platform for large-scale filming.

The following people will take part in the New Year’s program on Channel One:

  • Valeriy Meladze;
  • Albina Dzhanabaeva;
  • Tatyana Navka;
  • Lube Group;
  • Stas Mikhailov;
  • Anna Netrebko;
  • Yusif Eyvazov;
  • Grigory Leps;
  • Leningrad
  • Christina Orbakaite;
  • Alexander Panayotov ...

And many other popular performers of contemporary Russian show business. Singers and singers of the Russian stage will come out on the open ice of Triumph Square, and from there they will perform their concert numbers. Performers will ride in the Moscow metro along with other residents of Moscow, thereby dispelling the myth that "the stars do not travel on the metro." It turns out that they not only ride the subway, but even sing their best hits there! Among the unusual concert venues will also be the Moscow airport, the Bolshoi Theater and various Moscow squares and squares.

Who will take part in the New Year's show programs for the New Year 2020

It is customary to celebrate winter holidays in different countries in different ways. For example, in Europe, people after midnight go to the main square of their city, fireworks and fireworks and have fun in the open air until morning. In Russia, traditions are slightly different and, partly, this is due to the climatic features of most of our cities, where it is not possible to spend the whole night outdoors at a temperature of -10, -20 degrees for obvious reasons. Therefore, the main tradition in Russia for the New Year is, of course - television.

The program of New Year's TV shows includes a huge range of various formats that are sure to find their viewer. On a festive night, the beloved Soviet and Russian feature films are broadcast on the main channels of the country. So, the films “Carnival Night” and “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” have been loved by thousands of Russian viewers for many years. Along with the films loved by the heart, on New Year's Eve the TV audience of Russian cities will be able to see a large number of various concerts, show programs, humorous performances and many other interesting New Year programs.

Who will be at the helm of New Year's programs in the New Year 2020? Who will the producers of Russian television channels trust to carry the festive mood to the masses of children and adults? On New Year's Eve, the leading events in the main channels of the country will be:

  1. Ivan Urgant;
  2. Andrei Malakhov;
  3. Maksim Galkin;
  4. Dmitry Nagiev;
  5. Nikolay Baskov;
  6. Oksana Fedorova;
  7. Ekaterina Andreeva;
  8. Alexander Revva;
  9. Alla Mikheeva;
  10. Christina Orbakaite;
  11. Nonna Grishaeva;
  12. Yuri Galtsev;
  13. Natalya Medvedeva;
  14. Vadim Takmenev;
  15. Alexander Oleshko;
  16. Dmitry Guberniev.

What is interesting to watch on New Year's Eve 2020 on TV

The program of Russian TV shows on New Year's Eve 2020 will be very eventful - the producers of the TV channels give an “honest word” that no one will be bored! New Year’s broadcast should include only the best programs and the most favorite films! Every viewer who turns on his TV on December 31 is sure of this. On the air of New Year's broadcasting 2020, you can see good films and incendiary shows of the program.

  • Operation Y and Shurik’s other adventures (Channel One);
  • Gentlemen of Fortune (Channel One);
  • The irony of fate, or with light steam (Channel One);
  • New Year's Eve on the First;
  • Comedy show Kings of Laughter (Channel Russia);
  • New Year Parade of Stars (Channel Russia);
  • Prisoner of the Caucasus (Channel Russia);
  • New Year's apartment (NTV);
  • New Year's release Ural dumplings (STS);
  • Comedy Club (TNT);
  • Comedy Wumen (TNT);
  • Legends Retro-FM (REN-TV).

And this is by no means a complete list of television broadcasts - many things are kept secret by television organizers in order to truly surprise and delight their viewers on New Year's Eve.

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