Fireworks for the New Year 2020 in Moscow

Fireworks for the New Year 2020 in Moscow - the most bewitching and dazzling moment of the New Year's Eve, delighting Muscovites, tourists and guests of the capital. When will this pyrotechnic show take place, where it is better to admire the rattling firecrackers blossoming in the sky with fiery flowers and it is much safer to come with the children so that it can be seen well and the little ones are not trampled in our holiday poster.

Where will the main fireworks for the New Year

Immediately after the President’s New Year’s greetings on December 31 at 12 a.m., Red Square will be lit up with numerous bright luminous lights of the festive fireworks launched from Moskvoretskaya Street.

Admire such beauty not only the people present on the square, but also everyone who wants to, if they are located in the area of ​​Bolshaya Moskvoretsky bridge, Moskvoretskaya embankment or settle down in the pedestrian zones of Varvarka, Ilyinka and others nearby the main square of the capital on time.

What time will New Year's fireworks start in urban districts

New Year's fireworks will begin at one in the morning. By this time, Muscovites and guests of the capital will have time to spend the old year, go outside and, if hunting, get to the nearest launch point. More than 30 venues are allocated for "fire actions" in Moscow - city gardens and recreation parks, ponds, squares, stadiums, ice rinks. Read more on the official website of the metropolis.

New Year Fireworks - Landscaped Platforms

The following sites are considered the most suitable for quality and comfort of viewing fireworks:

  • Sparrow Hills. A beautiful view of the night Moscow River and the skyscrapers that can be seen in the distance, which in the glare of fireworks will seem fantastic. It is better to come two hours before the start of the program, and try to take a place over the steep.
  • Poklonnaya Gora. A great option for a family trip for a saluting experience, though you will have to watch the "funny lights" with your head up, because they start upright at the same time from two points. But there is no special crush, and there is a Christmas tree sparkling with garlands, an ice town and buffoons trying to amuse children and adults with jokes.
  • ENEA. Fireworks are visible from any point of the exhibition and the adjacent territory of the Ostankino park. For about three minutes, mortars will throw arrows of fire that lighten and color the night with rainbow colors. The best review is the Rocket skating rink in the Industrial Square. It’s a pleasure to come with children, because the New Year’s program includes: sleigh rides, tasty competitions, dances near the Christmas tree with fairy-tale characters.
  • Tsaritsyno. A convenient platform in the southern part of the capital invites you to enjoy a pyrotechnic performance, ride a tubing from a hill next to the Bolshoi Bridge and get tired, cheer up a cup of tea with buns in open pavilions.
  • CPKiO them. Gorky. A powerful volley thunders on the Crimean shaft, sending multicolored luminous curls into the sky. It is best to watch the show in Gorky Park, where immediately after the fireworks, the festival will excite guests with lively cheerful music and rain down with confetti. And then for all those present - dog sledding, the launch of glowing kites, dancing until the fall at a disco under a starry sky.

In what place will fireworks be allowed to run on their own

The authorities of the capital will officially allow lovers of fireworks to light and release firecrackers in specially designated places. All sites (there are more than 100) will be allocated far from residential buildings, child care facilities, the roadway and equipped according to fire safety requirements.

In the center of the white-stone capital, one place will be provided to launch a salute on their own - Bolotnaya Square. More precisely - on the portal of the Mayor of Moscow.

Map of New Year's walks in Moscow

Everyone who wants to walk the streets on New Year's Eve, watch or join a fun festival will enjoy pleasant surprises, original workshops, interactive presentations and delicious treats from the kitchen of Santa Claus.

A wonderful journey for big and small

On Tverskaya Street, which will become a pedestrian during the holidays, the festival will be held "Christmas trip". Spectators will see mini-performances on biblical subjects, folklore programs, performance puppets. Celebrations will begin on December 31 at 17.00 and end at 3.00.

New Year shopping and presents from Santa Claus

The Revolution Square will delight everyone with a concert of popular artists, exclusive confectionery and designer Christmas decorations sold in chalets pavilions. And young visitors will receive greetings, outdoor games, unusual gifts from Santa Claus, a magical walk, which will be helped by a mechanical theater.

Colorful haute couture street dressing

Kuznetsky Most will dress up for the holiday by dressing up the lined Christmas trees in clothes from leading designers. The main theme of the design will be Russian fairy tales, good-looking heroines and, of course, forest animals - hares, squirrels, foxes, and cubs.

Unusual decorations of the festive city

Every year, at the end of December, Moscow is being transformed, lighting an illumination in the streets, enveloping boulevards with bizarre arches, hanging luminous balls in gardens and parks.

It is impossible to get around all interesting places, but to see the most original ones is necessary: ​​a giant ball of wishes on Manezhnaya Square, picturesque illumination on the facade of the Bolshoi Theater, elaborate arches on Nikolskaya Street, a light tunnel of lovers on Tversky Boulevard.

Where to see a fantastic forest in Moscow

A suitable place for a photo session is Novy Arbat, as part of the street will turn into a snowy thicket populated by mythical creatures, amazing animals, cartoon characters. A stone's throw from the magical decorative objects will open a curling ground, which will welcome all lovers of ice fun.

Where to go with children on December 31

Walking along the festively decorated streets, visiting performances, Christmas markets and other entertainment events can charge any child with a New Year's mood.

  • GUM, annual Christmas market. The store, humbled around the perimeter with iridescent snowflakes and garlands of balls, looks like a wonderful palace from the tale of Cinderella. Here you can spend plenty of time, visit the exhibition of Christmas tree decorations, choose a handmade souvenir and enjoy a meal in the teremka house with rich pastries with hot cocoa.
  • Poklonnaya Gora. An extensive Christmas program for children, including winter games, shows with fire, musical and choreographic performances on the rink.
  • GUM skating rink - A huge ice rink, an unusual entertainment program with contests, quizzes, figure skaters and an interactive presentation. Admission on tickets, the number of which is limited (450 pcs.), So you need to order them long before December 31.
  • Microdistricts, courtyards, forest parks, squares, recreation areas - theatrical games, mass festivals, puppet shows, a dance festival with incentive prizes, sweet awards and with the obligatory presence of Santa Claus and his granddaughter will be held near the established Christmas trees.

Transport work schedule for the New Year

The metro will deliver passengers all night. Ground transportation - up to 3.00. You can find out more precisely on the website of Mosgortrans.

Trade in Moscow from 31.12 to 1.01 2020

Do not worry if you forgot to buy some of the products to the table or souvenirs for friends and relatives in the fuss and fuss. On New Year's Eve, large shopping centers will work until 23.00, and small food shops - until 22.00.

Weather for the New Year holidays in Moscow

According to the Hydrometeorological Center, on New Year's Eve, residents and guests of the city will face an increase in frost to -10º, a gusty wind of 5-6 m / s and a little snowfall.

But neither a fierce cold, nor ice, nor a piercing wind is an obstacle to have a good time for the New Year, the main thing is an optimistic mood.

Watch the video: Moscow welcomes in the new year with fireworks over Red Square (February 2020).

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