Horoscope for 2020 for Cancer

The Year of the Rat will open a 12-year zodiac cycle, which is why the horoscope for 2020 is relevant for Cancers right now. After all, at the junction of completion and the beginning of the cycle, the most fateful events in the life of the zodiac signs occur. For a successful year, it is recommended to stock up amulets for Cancer:

  • stones: moonstone, cat's eye, emerald, pearls;
  • Talisman: heart, clover;
  • plants: reeds, water lily, sugarcane, willow;
  • color: white, blue, light purple, emerald;
  • patron planet: moon;
  • symbol: crab;
  • lucky numbers, dates: 4, 5, 8, 2.

Applying this knowledge, you can send the help of higher forces in your direction.

Tamara Globa

Cancer is an emotional sign of the water element, quite vulnerable and sentimental, which earned the patronage of the mistress of the year Rat. According to Tamara Globa, Rakov expects a bright year, filled with meetings, dates, acquaintances. Year of the Rat is favorable for building a personal life with lonely signs of the zodiac. Family Cancers will also be concerned about strengthening the family outbreak. In the spring, repairs in houses, updating the interior in the form of buying furniture are likely. Rely on your second half in this matter, or seek the help of designers. Independence can turn into an overly romantic trend in the atmosphere, which does not always correspond to the mood of all household members. In the work of the Crayfish everything is stable in 2020. You previously set a great pace and now credibility is working for you.

Vasilisa Volodina

Vasilisa Volodina strongly advises Cancers to decide in which area they want to succeed under the auspices of the Rat. There will be enough Cancer activity in many directions, but family and career will lead. The first will require attention in the spring, and the proposal will appear on the job promotion. The summer period will be active in communicating with relatives and friends. Rakov expects to participate in wedding banquets, anniversary celebrations. The financial side of the Zodiac is stable, due to its high performance and well-deserved location of leadership. Autumn will be remembered for a family vacation, which will take place away from home in a beautiful setting. 2020 is a good opportunity to move forward. Possible acquisition of real estate, as well as the marriage of free representatives of Cancers.

Pavel Globa

Pavel Globa's recommendations boil down to the fact that in 2020, Cancers should pay more attention to older relatives, children, loved ones. You give enough strength to work, which is motivated by a monetary reward. However, we should not forget that family members need you no less than employees in the team. From the beginning of the year, learn to allocate time and then understanding in close relationships will become a reliable rear until the end of the year. Be prepared in the spring of 2020 to take part in court hearings, legal proceedings of loved ones. Perhaps the issue will concern inheritance. You do not claim, however, not expecting, you can get your share. In summer, go on vacation to a new place. You need impressions to diversify the usual course of life. Lonely signs of the zodiac, the second half of the year - time for a fateful acquaintance. Do not miss the chance. You will meet not only a loved one, but also a like-minded person, a kindred spirit.

The most powerful psychics

Psychic recommendations for Cancer: be quiet, prudent, cunning. You do not have an extreme feature, but in 2020 you need to be on your mind. Crayfish will have many opportunities to hit the big jackpot and catch luck, you just need to not miss the time and keep your mouth shut. Cancer is a very good-natured sign, but in 2020 it is necessary to filter the circle of communication in order to avoid communication with insincere people. Family Cancers may be delighted with the news of family replenishment. From spring to late autumn, the Zodiac has high activity in the professional field, training, and advanced training. Development and personal growth will serve as a start for career advancement. You will come to the end of the year with good results.

Love horoscope

The Year of the White Rat is an excellent period for building harmonious relations, finding a couple for a family, strengthening family ties or reconciliation with distant relatives. Cancer is a very loving sign of the zodiac, therefore, in spring, you should carefully make acquaintances with family representatives of the sign. The temptation will be great, and the losses great. Be vigilant and honest. In summer, the spirit of romance will hover around Cancer: in the walls of your own home, at work, and on the street. You are good-looking and skillfully use your data. Use your skills only if you are ready to build a reliable relationship. Married crayfish will feel a second wave of emotions in the fall of 2020. Even experienced couples will feel the desire to retire in a beautiful place away from home. Crayfish who fell in love will be preparing for the wedding in the fall.

Horoscope of health

Crayfish try to be attentive to their health. 2020 will not be an exception. You will not miss a single new signal, but you can become a victim of chronic diseases that will worsen in the spring and autumn. Stars recommend a balance between sleep and rest, do not skip breakfast, do not abuse alcohol. A timely course of vitamin will help to avoid seasonal colds, and sports, walking - will help to keep yourself in great shape. Cancers need to not give in to gloomy thoughts, to see beauty in the small, to avoid depression. A good mood is the key to your health in 2020.

Financial horoscope

The financial side of Cancers in 2020 is not a concern. You stand firmly on your feet, know how to earn money and know the expense of money. However, the stars warn of the temptation to buy something expensive and unnecessary in the period from May to July 2020. An important point for the zodiac sign: in 2020, rely only on yourself. Even if you had an agreement on help, you can stop counting on it in the spring. Do not lend money, you risk getting bad debt and a damaged relationship with the borrower. Along with this, there is a high probability of buying real estate or an expensive car. Such a purchase will inspire, strengthen faith in one's own strengths, and allow one to move on in the right direction.

Job and career

Crayfish are excellent performers, subordinates, good reliable leaders. Regardless of the position held, Crayfish are given as much as possible to work. In the year of the Rat, Cancer will have to work tirelessly. Bonus from 2020: a lot of interesting work, new contracts, deals, meetings. Stars recommend that you do not change work between April and October 2020. In other periods, you can consider options with a single condition: a higher position and salary. In the spring of Cancer, it is auspicious to think about building your own business. Any undertakings will be successful. Crayfish are reliable signs that are easily contacted. In the team at the sign of the Zodiac, everything is harmonious and stable. The gained authority will help to survive various current problems. Stable good year.

Zodiac circle endowing Cancer with its features


Cancer Rat - has the inner power of charm and the ability to oratory. This sign is not afraid of society, and is ready to take the floor in any social project from a rally to a corporate party. These qualities will help the Cancers in 2020 shine wherever they are. They will succeed in all areas. The best month of the year is July, the period of increased activity is March, the month of decline is October.


Cancer Bull is an amazing combination of intuitive qualities and great physical strength. The sign received both characteristics from its eastern talismans: Cancer and Bull. In 2020, both gifts will come in handy. In any situation, Cancer will feel the “danger” in advance, the situation is not favorable, and will take its tail in the right direction. Physical strength will manifest itself in great shape, healthy mind and energy recovery throughout the year. The exception is August, when you can relax and rest.


Tiger Cancer is a man of contradictions: on the one hand, isolation and a desire for solitude, on the other hand, a desire for struggle and victory over someone, over something borrowed from the Tiger. An active year is expected for the Tiger in 2020, Rats. Periods of calm will alternate with time periods of rebellion, advocacy of interests. The tiger is an honest sign and the truth will always be on the side of the Tiger Cancer. A positive aspect of the year - Cancer will come out of any situation, collecting all the medals and honors.


Cancer born in the year of the rabbit is a subtle harmonious combination of intelligence, wisdom, sophistication. This sign, as it were, knows a way out of any situation, while it feels confident and calm. In 2020, Cancer-Rabbit will come to the forefront of finances and the issues of obtaining them. You will work with full dedication to provide comfort to the family, without which you cannot imagine yourself. Be calm, you will succeed, and by September you will feel a solid financial platform under your feet.

The Dragon

Dragon Cancer is a romantic, sensual sign, striving to idealize everything around. These qualities will become fundamental to Dragon Cancer in 2020. Romantic impulses will direct the Zodiac to a love path, which is positive for both family and lonely signs. The former will strengthen their position in the family, the latter will meet the long-awaited second half. From summer to winter, be attentive to friends. An envious person is hiding behind the good mask of one of them.


Snake-Cancer is a person who trusts himself and counts only on himself. Distinctive features will help in 2020 to cope with all tasks without outside assistance. Others will offer their services, but life has taught the wise Snake to act alone where it is possible. At the same time, a companionable and humorous sign that adores parties, holidays, friendly gatherings, which will open 2020.


Horse Cancer is endowed with the qualities of isolation, a certain isolation and vulnerability. These traits will generate a desire to hide from a cruel world in 2020, and prevent someone from hurting a vulnerable Cancer. Advice for you: protect yourself from communication with unpleasant people, consumers of your spiritual warmth. Give good only to loved ones and loved ones. Then no one will harm you. You have an interesting job, do not be tempted to change it in 2020 - this is not the time to change activities.


Goat Cancer is one of the honest signs of the zodiac. The thought of deception makes you sad and sad, therefore, in all situations, Cancer is honest with himself and his surroundings. On the one hand - a wonderful feature, on the other - makes Cancer overly straightforward and principled. In 2020, you will encounter a number of situations where your truth will be too bitter and unpleasant. But, as a result, all the best changes will occur precisely after open debate. In the year of the Rat, Rakov-Koz expects success in working with a significant promotion.

A monkey

Monkey Cancer - endowed with high intelligence, memory, ability to work. In 2020, such talents help to achieve success in all areas: from love, family to a career and the development of your own business. By the way, spring is a great time to start an independent labor activity (when carrying these ideas). Monkey Cancer will succeed in everything it takes. Save your health in the fall. The risk of colds is likely.


Rooster-Cancer - an accumulation of two contradictions: the desire for peace and a craving for noisy companies, starry cock cock antics. Two characteristics are struggling in the sign, so 2020 will alternate with periods of peace and tranquility in the family, which will be replaced by impulses to rush to friends, to nightclubs, in search of adventure. Tip for 2020: Pull your tail and prefer calm to noise. An exception is a job where your sparkle will bring good results.


Dog Cancer - a combination of sensitivity, devotion, protective qualities. One of the signs, which until the last will defend its own and wait. You can be envied by those in whose environment there are such people who are not capable of meanness and betrayal, who are ready to come to the aid at the first call. In 2020, Cancer-Dog is recommended to remember about yourself, give the opportunity to relax and alternate periods of "service" with well-deserved relaxation. Go on vacation in the summer, and in the fall think about acquiring property.


Pig Cancer is a companionable cheerful sign, ready for the company to complete any feat. Good quality, the main thing is that the exploits should be good. For Pig Cancer, 2020 will pass under a lucky star. In spring, dating is possible that will lead to autumn weddings. At work - a period of reliable stability without bursts: you won’t go too high, but don’t miss yours. Keep it up!

For women

Cancer woman is already able to conquer any man with one glance. Unknown internal magic does not allow anyone to escape from it. All achievements in 2020 will be built on this: at home they listen to you from a half look, at work you are a valuable employee and a talented leader, thanks to the ability to establish contacts. In 2020, positive image experiments: play with makeup, change your hairstyle, and adjust your clothing style. You are a super lucky lady in the year of the Rat!

For men

In 2020, Cancer men tend to grab onto several projects at once. You have a chance to succeed in everything, but nevertheless, make a plan of achievements and move consistently, without wasting strength. In 2020, you will achieve everything that the years have been hard going. You love and are loved. And love is the quality that drives you.

Famous personalities of Crayfish:

  • Peter the Great (May 30) - the first Russian emperor from the Romanov dynasty;
  • Ernest Hemingway (July 21) - American writer, Nobel laureate;
  • Pierre Cardin (July 7) - Italian fashion trendsetter;
  • Andrei Myagkov (July 8) - the famous Soviet theater and film actor;
  • Lia Akhedzhakova (July 9) - Soviet star film and theater actress;
  • Liv Tyler (July 7) - a celebrity in the world of cinema and fashion;
  • Anna Akhmatova (June 23) - poet, writer, literary critic.

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