New RAV 4 2019 - 2020 fifth generation

The spring show of new products from the global automotive industry in New York was a significant event even against the backdrop of other, equally famous motor shows on various continents. It was here, in the City of Apple, that the official presentation of the novelty took place, which fans of quality and harmony performed in metal are looking forward to. As part of the New York Auto Show season 2018, the automotive community saw the new Toyota RAV4, which, like other models of the brand, was not the first generation of loved concepts.

About Toyota brand strategy and tactics

Each new model, such as the Toyota Auris, the Tundra combined semi-SUV, the well-known Prius or the Fortuner beloved by our compatriots, has a lot of well-proven predecessors. And presented in March in New York, RAV4 became the fifth generation of the well-known urban crossover - a type of car that is gaining more and more popularity around the world.

Judging by the reviews, the Japanese really offered the option of passenger transport of the future. What are its priorities - will help to evaluate the comments of specialists, photos and videos already present on the network:

  • A complete change in the familiar image, a lot of fashionable trim elements appeared, the geometry and technical parameters of the body improved;
  • The design is saturated with notes of aggression, brutal assertiveness in combination with strict classical design techniques, which is perfectly visible in spy photos;
  • In order to improve rigidity and structural strength, reliability during cornering and cornering, the new modular TNGA K platform was used as a basis;
  • The fifth-generation RAV4 crossover offered to consumers, as well as other new models that will be released next season, will be significantly more comfortable, safe and convenient. This is confirmed by the first photographs of the interior, as well as numerous descriptions of the options for traffic control and parking;
  • The management tactics of manufacturers of famous cars are aimed at maintaining intrigue about the features of RAV4 until the last moment. The complete set and prices of new items for the upcoming season are still not completely known today.

Direct information on the last position is of most interest to buyers. The cost has not yet been announced by the manufacturer. But most likely, the updated RAV 4 in the basic variation will cost not much more expensive than its predecessors, the start of the price will start from 25 000.0 dollars. USA. So, what does a consumer get for investing in ¼ hundreds of thousands of green ones?

About appearance

The new body offers potential owners a lot of interesting details;

  1. The exterior is made in strict accordance with the style of the FT-AC concept;
  2. In front of the car is marked by a massive bumper with perfectly defined angular sections, where fog lights are located;
  3. The car is equipped with a radiator grille of a modern stylish shape, favorably emphasized by completely unexpected slanting headlights of front lighting with exquisite fashionable glass cut;
  4. Fans of sports style will be delighted with the latest news regarding massive wheel arches with overlays made of super strong plastic.

Due to the significant slope of the front and rear pillars supporting the roof, the aerodynamic coefficients are increased by several positions, which is excellently demonstrated in tests and test drive. By the start of sales in Russia, the manufacturer offers a crossover with a combined color of a pair of contrasting colors, in two versions of a special type - XSE and Adventure.

About design and its main details

The salon was also fundamentally replaced exclusively in the trends of the automotive style of the future. First of all, a thorough rethinking of architecture is striking, the mood is dominated by solidity and classical rigor. The novelty of the 2019-2020 model year is distinguished by the following elements:

  • The combination of instruments and expressive massive display has become much more convenient for the driver to visually obtain information;
  • Multimedia system Entune 3. 0 with monitors in 7, 0 and 8.0 "is coordinated with the interfaces Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa;

The release date of the model is set by the concern - manufacturer for December 2018, so the information about carefully developed details of driver and passenger comfort, ergonomics of the cabin will be important to the future owner.

About specifications

A crossover with excellent technical characteristics of dimensions and power system will appear on the domestic market very soon.

Atmospheric engine2.5 l206 l from.

Watch the video: 5th Generation Toyota RAV4 2019 Features, Specs, & More (January 2020).

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