Green Card Lottery 2020

The American green card lottery 2020 was launched and now everyone has the opportunity to legally move to the states for permanent residence. You can only submit an application on the official website without paying any fees.

Migration issues - where are they going from Russia

The number of Russians who left for permanent residence in other countries varies from year to year. It cannot be said that the number of emigrants is increasing or decreasing, but the fact of departure is recorded annually.

So, according to Goskomstat, in 2016, 313.2 thousand people left the country. At the same time, most of the share falls on the CIS countries: Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. As far as foreign countries are concerned, here the palm belongs to China - almost 9 thousand people went there. Next is South Korea - a little over six thousand. As for America, known from the Colombian era as a country of migrants, in 2016 a little less than one and a half thousand people went there.

TOP 10 countries of international migration, GCS data for May 2017:

CIS countries, number of people
Foreign countries, number of people
Democratic People's Republic of Korea6077

The easiest way to migrate to North America is to win the Green Card Lottery. This type of visa received its name almost a century ago, when the act on registration of foreigners was introduced. In 1940 there was no division into legal and illegal migrants, and the registration card itself was white. After the Second World War, when the influx of migrants into the country increased, those citizens who were able to obtain a residence permit were issued green cards, and the name green card has become established.

Official website, dates and start of registration for the green card lottery

Nowadays, anyone can get a green card. To do this, it is enough to take part in the lottery, the dates of which are published annually on the official website. You can find it by request: "green card lottery 2020", because this year they will play the right to enter in two years.

Important! The American official website, where the lottery is held, does not ask for money to be transferred for accepting an application or participating.

As a rule, the lottery starts in October and lasts one month. The applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • have at least a complete secondary education;
  • without a criminal record and dangerous diseases;
  • apply from the country in which he was born;
  • if this is a married couple, they submit applications separately, and in the questionnaires indicate all the children (in this way you can increase the chances of winning - one spouse won, takes the whole family with him).

The questionnaire is filled out only in English and if you swap the name and surname, then, in case of winning, the winner will be disqualified. There are also requirements for photography - it must be relevant at the date of application, with a white background and a size of 600 x 600 pixels.

With the onset of autumn, scammers become more active, but participation in the lottery, like the green card itself, is free. Only with the start of the lottery, you can start filling out the questionnaire online, upload a photo. This year, the beginning of registration was scheduled for 12:00 Eastern time on October 3rd and not a minute earlier. Also, for the convenience of applicants, the site has detailed instructions for filling out the necessary documents. Of course, in English. After everything is done and the application has been sent, all that remains is to wait. Because the results of dv lottery 2020 will be known in the second half of May next year. And the right to enter the states will appear only in 2020.

Important! You can check the result only on the site. The organizers do not send letters, SMS and do not make phone calls.

Winners receive the right to reside in the states for five years, then they can apply for citizenship.

Watch the video: How To Win GREEN CARD LOTTERY 2020 (February 2020).

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