Vacations at first graders in 2019-2020

Vacations are the most coveted times of any schoolchild, whether it is a trio or future medalist. After studying, children of different ages deservedly want to relax. The smallest schoolchildren in this regard are very difficult - they do not even understand when and how much they will give them a rest. The first-graders' vacations in 2019-2020 are also of interest to parents sending their baby to school. In addition, not all mothers and fathers are aware that for a long time there are different systems for organizing studies with schoolchildren.

Norms of rest during the school year

Most citizens know that school holidays offered by the Ministry of Education are only a recommendation and not a binding directive. Officials only set boundaries, and the exact decisions regarding school holidays are made by the leaders of individual schools.

At the same time, the rest schedule must comply with the following requirements:

  1. It is forbidden to send children on vacation on other days of the week except Monday.
  2. Rest in the summer for any schools can not be shorter than 2 months, including holidays with high school students.
  3. The total number of days of rest during the school year should be at least 30 days. Summer holidays do not count.
  4. The minimum rest for any year of study, regardless of a quarter or trimester, cannot be shorter than 7 days.
  5. School holidays cannot be rescheduled for more than 2 weeks from the period recommended by the Ministry of Education.

For first graders, the same rules apply, although in the case of a quarter system, they may have additional holidays. However, with different forms of organization of classes for children, the periods of rest do not coincide.

The difference in school holidays with different study systems

Parents studying in the school in the early years of the post-Soviet space are accustomed to having only a quarter or semester education system. Everything is simple for them here - the school year is divided into four parts, interrupted by the same number of vacations. Rest with such a system of organization of classes is called the seasons, passing in similar periods.

Children studying in trimesters also have autumn, winter, and other holidays. Only they have a different principle of alternating classes and rest. Such children are engaged for 5-6 weeks, and after that they leave for 7 days of rest.

Many children and parents may think that when studying in trimesters, schoolchildren get more rest. In fact, the difference is very insignificant, moreover, if the New Year holidays were not so long for everyone, then the children of the trimester education system would go to classes earlier.

Sometimes it’s important for parents to know when their child’s vacation begins. If the baby has just started going to school, then mothers and fathers should think in advance about what their child will do during a break from school. However, even if you specify the exact numbers for a school, they will be exemplary because of the possibility of changing them by the director of the educational institution.

Autumn breaks at first graders

The first holidays for first graders begin in the fall, as well as for other children. At the same time, rest is subject to standard rules. If we consider in general, then in most schools there is a coincidence of the first rest, if only a small error of a few days. Children studying in trimesters have two vacations at once.

For 2019-2020, the following rest periods are recommended:

  1. By trimester:
    the first autumn - from October 7 to October 13;
    second autumn - from November 18 to 24.
  2. In quarters:
    the only autumn ones are from October 28 to November 3.

It is noticeable that when studying in semesters, children have less expressed vacation break. Such students rest only 7 days. Children studying in trimesters have 2 periods of rest, lasting 1 week.

Therefore, the autumn holidays they get 2 times longer. On the other hand, in many schools with quarterly education, they do not rest in the autumn for 7 days, but for 9 or 10. In this case, the difference is not so noticeable. In winter, children have an almost identical rest.

Winter break at first graders

The first-graders' school holidays are not much different from the rest of children of other years of study. Little schoolchildren also have a rest during vacation time with the same duration. The main difference is the fact that they have one more vacation in the winter.

Winter holidays with different training systems
Education systemMajor holidaysExtra vacation for first graders
The fourthFrom December 26 to January 8From February 24 to March 1
TrimesterFrom December 28 to January 8From February 24 to March 1

From the table you can see that the additional winter holidays, reserved only for first-graders, with different training systems completely coincide. The main rest in winter is also almost identical, moreover, some schools with trimester organization of classes will begin to rest from December 26. Then the holidays will coincide completely, which cannot be said about spring vacations.

First-Grade Spring Break

Usually the spring break is the most anticipated after a long 3 quarters. This can not be said about students with a trimester education system, they do not have such a long period of continuous education. Their school year is broken according to different rules, and the presence of paired spring periods of rest allows them to better relax from classes.

Spring break with different training systems
Education systemStandard vacationSecond vacation
The fourthFrom March 23 to April 1-
TrimesterMarch 16-23April 20-26

Often, heads of educational institutions try to make spring holidays longer than at the beginning of the school year. The school principal also understands that the children are already tired of studying, so sometimes in the second half of the year more rest is obtained. This is especially noticeable for children with a quarterly knowledge learning system. When studying in trimesters, schoolchildren get 2 vacation periods.

It is assumed that in this case, the children will go to rest later in the summer. Only it is unlikely that the summer holidays will be postponed for first graders. However, sometimes it is not even clear what date the holidays begin in the summer, because there are some peculiarities.

Summer holidays for 1st grade 2020

As mentioned above, rest from classes in the summer can not be less than 2 months. However, most students still rest for almost a full 3 months. Summer holidays are a bit shorter for those who take exams in early June exams. Usually, rest begins in the last days of May and lasts until September 1.

Also, the most long-awaited vacation could be shortened earlier due to the slight lag of individual students from the school curriculum. This was called "leave for the fall", although in fact the children took some amount of classes in the summer. In the fall, it was supposed to pass the exam and if its results were disappointing, then the child was left for the second year. Now such a system almost never works anywhere, although there are still summer classes for rural students in rural schools.

Worth to know! By the will of the principal, classes at the school can be extended until the end of May. Usually, for first graders and the entire elementary school, even in this case they make an exception, letting the children go on summer vacations from May 25.

Do not forget that children studying in trimesters often have classes until the last days of May. At the same time, children, students in quarters, go on vacation on the 25th. Therefore, parents of children finishing 1st grade need to remember that next year they can go on vacation with their child only on May 28 or even 30.

The vacations of first-graders in 2019-2020 differ in duration from the rest of other elementary school students. Extra holidays make it easier for kids to survive such a long and heavy 3 quarter. However, when studying in trimesters, the smallest schoolchildren are also given one more rest, but this will not happen in the second grade.

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