New Year's capital of Russia 2020

The capital of the Russian Federation is Moscow. In addition to her, there is the Northern capital - the city of St. Petersburg. And more recently, an initiative of the Ministry of Culture on the annual selection of the “New Year's capital” of Russia has been carried out, where the most eventful holiday programs dedicated to the New Year's Eve are held. The main Santa Claus of the country comes to this holiday! Which city was chosen as the capital for 2020 and by what criteria, we will consider further.

Which city won the status of the New Year's capital-2020

Since 2012, a conditional capital has been elected in Russia to celebrate the New Year according to the project of the Ministry of Culture of Russia. The purpose of this enterprise within the framework of the state program of cultural education and tourism growth is to attract the largest number of foreign and Russian travelers around the country.

Every year, the Ministry of Culture accepts numerous applications from Russian cities to participate in the competition. When choosing the most worthy contestant, who is subsequently recognized as the winner for the coming year, experts from the Ministry of Culture rely on the following criteria:

  • positive attitude of the regional leadership to this program;
  • the availability of infrastructure of cultural institutions;
  • the ability to organize mass celebrations;
  • the availability of equipped venues for events.

The winner of the competition has a certain responsibility for holding large-scale celebrations. It is assumed that they will be bright, funny, noisy and creative.

Since 2013, several cities in Russia have been awarded the New Year’s Capital status. He deserved it:

  • Tula;
  • Vladimir
  • Khanty-Mansiysk;
  • Kazan;
  • Sortavala
  • Tambov;
  • Vologda.

Ryazan won the right to see off 2019 and meet 2020 in the honorary status of “New Year’s capital”. The symbol of the winner is the “Crystal Snowflake”, which Ryazan received from the administration of the city of Tula. The presentation took place at a festive ceremony dedicated to this event.

Prerequisites for obtaining the honorary title "New Year's Capital"

Ryazan more and more surprises the townspeople and city guests with events that are organized on New Year's holidays. "Starry sky" adorns the central streets of the city, vibrant, memorable numerous events are held by local authorities during the winter holidays (about 150). A fantastic attraction “New Year's Village” opens on the territory of the Forest Park. In December, a solemn procession of the heroes of fairy tales, Santas and Snow Maidens is held.

Ryazan region is one of the cities of Russia with a developed tourism infrastructure due to its participation in the federal program aimed at the development of tourism in the whole country.

Now Ryazan is the New Year's capital of Russia 2020. From the organizers of the New Year's festivities it is worth waiting for something special. This is proved by the program of events held at the New Year's Eve in 2019. Its components are:

  • New Year's show in the center;
  • festivities near the most popular cultural and entertainment centers;
  • fireworks in different urban areas;
  • light and laser show;
  • balls, discos, quests;
  • disco on ice;
  • contests;
  • family starts;
  • a fabulous children's pageant;
  • children's animation and game programs;
  • lessons in creating Christmas toys; ice skating relay;
  • ice and circus show;
  • New Year holidays and entertainment programs;
  • congratulations of citizens and guests of the city;
  • winter sports festival;
  • gastronomic sites;
  • festive services in Orthodox churches;
  • entertainment programs for Christmas;
  • dance marathon, New Year's village;
  • performances, concerts.

A lot of interesting things took place in all districts of Ryazan at the meeting of the new year and the celebration of Christmas in 2019. Everyone found something to their liking. All this increased the attractiveness of this region in the eyes of travelers and contributed to an increase in tourist flow.

What is more attractive Ryazan for tourists

New Year's holidays are a good occasion for a family trip to new places and cities of Russia. In addition to participating in the Ryazan festive programs in 2020, planned by the city administration, visiting local attractions will be the right decision. These include:

  • Cathedral Park, where fairs and horse riding are held.
  • Museum of candy. Here they will show how to make sweet. You can participate in quests and see theatrical scenes.
  • The ancient temple of Russia - Church of the Savior on Yar. In it you can meet Christmas.
  • The Kremlin, whose architectural ensemble consists of the palace of Prince Oleg, two cathedrals, a hotel of nobility. It is located on a hill surrounded by the rivers Lybed and Trubezh.
  • Art Museum. Here are the originals of paintings by famous Russian artists and foreign painters.

In addition, in large shopping complexes during the holidays they hold their events: lessons, contests, comic competitive competitions, games and performances.

The Olympic Sports Palace opens its doors to those who wish to ride on an indoor ice rink. They are in the IC “Locomotive”, “Pole”.

Ryazan is also rich in sanatoriums and rest homes. You can come here to improve your health, rejuvenate your body and strengthen your immune system.

In the suburban complex "Semeno-Oleninsky" you can go skiing and snowboarding. Dog sledding is popular.

Winning the title “Capital of the New Year” is very honorable, and it is tempting to spend holidays in this city, since you can count on an unforgettable vacation in this place. The program, implemented by the Ministry of Culture, allows foreign citizens and Russians not only to have fun, but also to get acquainted with the local flavor and identity of the winning cities. Each year, the capital changes its location, which fuels the interest of travelers and unobtrusively offers to get acquainted with the diversity of cultural traditions of different Russian cities. A photo and video of captured events will allow you to share experiences with relatives and friends.

Ryazan, having shown its serious attitude and high readiness to participate in the competition, deservedly received the right to celebrate 2020 as the “New Year's capital”. An undoubted advantage for the city itself and its region will be a significant increase in tourist flow. Since the festive events during the winter holidays in Ryazan have a wide scope and every visitor will find an occupation suitable for him, the likelihood of repeated visits to this city increases. This will have a beneficial effect on the economy of the region and will contribute to its further development.

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