Euro 2020 Tickets

The Continental European Football Championship is held once every four years. At first glance it seems that this is too rare. However, the football life of the European UEFA Association is quite eventful. Therefore, a four-year cycle to proclaim a new champion is enough.

The draw for the qualifying tournament for Euro 2020 has already passed. National teams are preparing for the games. Each team will keep the hope of reaching the final part of the competition.

Tournament format

The 2016 European Championship in France was the first when 24 teams played in the main tournament, almost half of the UEFA member countries. This allowed the association and the organizers to significantly expand the interested audience and earn on tickets and television broadcasts.

The total attendance of French stadiums amounted to just over 2.3 million people. Six billion people watched matches on TV. Of these, two billion were those who first watched football battles on TV.

For UEFA, 2020 is a special year. This is the year of the sixtieth anniversary of the first European Championship. Therefore, the desire of European football officials to make Euro 2020 unique is understandable.

In 2012, the UEFA Executive Committee decided to organize a tournament throughout Europe, in major cities. Twelve cities from 12 countries were selected. Just imagine how many fans will come to the stadiums. Everyone will be looking for where to buy tickets in advance to be calm for their right to watch the game live.

This format of the competition will be applied once. In 2024, the European Championship will take place in the usual mode (in a specific country).

The 2020 European Football Championship will be a pan-European football holiday. 12 stadiums are preparing to receive fans. UEFA has not yet announced when ticket sales will begin.

A total of 51 matches will be played. These games will be divided between arenas as follows:

  • The first group of stadiums will host three games of the group stage and the first round of the playoffs (1/8 finals);
  • The second group will have the honor of having three group meetings and a quarterfinal match;
  • Wembley in the capital of Great Britain is the main arena of the European Championship 2020. Seven games will be held here: three matches in groups, a game of 1/8 finals, two semi-finals and a final.

Thus, tickets for the 2020 European Football Championship will most likely be sold in special packages.

Ticket selling

The start of sales for any major football competition begins in about a year. Implementation is divided into several stages. This format has been used by UEFA for a long time.

At the first stage, as already mentioned, these will be special packages. Fans will be given the choice of:

  • Buy tickets for Euro 2020 for matches of a certain team;
  • To purchase a subscription for visiting games at a specific stadium.

Even before they start selling packages, fans submit an application through the UEFA official website.

It is expected that in their number of applications will exceed the total number of tickets received for sale. Therefore, a random method will be used for distribution.

The second stage of implementation will open at the end of the draw for the final part of Euro 2020. This is approximately the end of 2019. In terms of regulations for the distribution of tickets, nothing will change. Between the fans will continue to distribute subscriptions to the national team or arena games.

At the third stage, the remaining tickets will be sold. These will be tickets for a single match (seat on the stands). Sales will be conducted online, at ticket offices. The approximate dates for the third stage are April 2019 until the start of the Euro.

Before the official start of sales in the global network there will be various portals that distribute tickets. Using their services is not prohibited, but there is a great risk of being cheated (the ticket price is too high or it is invalid).

Price formation

There are two factors that will affect how much a ticket costs. This is the place in the stadium and the status of the meeting.

The more significant the match, the more money you will have to pay for the ticket. At major football tournaments, the most expensive are the opening matches and the final. The Euro 2020 opening match will take place at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Finals will take London Wembley.

Spectator seats in the stadium are divided into several categories. The better and more comfortable the review, the higher the cost of the ticket. The most expensive will be tickets to the VIP box. The next most expensive places will be in the central sector. Budget seats are located on the side stands and places outside the gate.

There is a practice in which UEFA sets special ticket prices for fans of the host country of the tournament. In the case of Euro 2020, football fans from 12 countries will be lucky.

Europe is in anticipation of a major tournament. There we will find out the new European football king.

Watch the video: How to get Euro 2020 tickets (February 2020).

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