How many days in February 2020

2020 will be a leap year, so the whole year will be 366 days. Differences between ordinary and leap years can be easily traced on the calendar. Once every four years in February there are 29 days, in the remaining 3 years the last number is 28. How many days in February 2020 can be determined without a calendar. There are simple but effective calculations for this.

How to determine the number of days:

  • February 29 in the calendar appears every 4 years. If you know the date of the previous leap year, it will be easy for you to find out the next, just add 4.
  • It is not difficult to calculate that if an extra day in February appears with a frequency of 4 years, then the date should be divided by 4 without a remainder.

An annual production calendar is compiled in Russia. The number of workers and weekends is set taking into account the holiday and the total number of days in the month.

Defender of the Fatherland Day

February 23 is an official holiday, depending on which week it issues, the number of days off in a month may increase. However, this was not always the case. The holiday, the history of which has already crossed the centenary, changed several times, and received the status of an official holiday only in 2002.


It is believed that the date of the celebration is timed to coincide with the creation of the Red Army. But despite a centuries-old history, not everyone knows that initially the February celebrations were dedicated to women. According to historical studies, the date will coincide with a speech by Clara Zetkin at the International Conference of Women in Copenhagen.

Back in 1910, the famous feminist proposed the establishment of a day of struggle for the labor and social rights of women around the world. As a result, in 1914, women's day appeared on the calendar, and its date became unified in many countries. Currently, it is well known as International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8th.

Since February 23, women's day is associated with a calendar change. March 8, according to the Julian calendar, corresponded to February 23 (two weeks earlier than modern). In 1919, the men's holiday was celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar, also on February 23.

Feature and tradition

The holiday was officially celebrated in 1919. Congratulations were accepted by all active soldiers, but also undergoing military service. In 1922, the celebrations received a new name. On February 23, a nationwide holiday was celebrated throughout the USSR.

The celebrations were so widely known and loved by the people that not only military men, but also civilians began to celebrate it. In schools and other educational institutions, a tradition has been established to congratulate all future defenders of the fatherland and give them memorable gifts.

Defender of the Fatherland Day remains one of the most beloved by citizens in modern Russia. The holiday returned its original official name in 2006. Since 2002 it is a public holiday and a day off. Currently, February 23 is a solemn day that is celebrated not only by all military personnel and their families, but also by all citizens of Russia. It is no coincidence that this date is marked in red on the calendar, which means an official day off.

By tradition, on this day all men accept congratulations - not only those who served in the army, or took part in hostilities. On this solemn day, it is also customary to honor veterans and those who could not live up to this bright day on the first. In all cities and large settlements of the country, a solemn ceremony of laying flowers at memorial sites takes place.

After the official ceremony, the festival continues to be celebrated with concerts and thematic events, and festive fireworks are arranged in the capital of Russia and in the cities of the heroes. So that all Russians can congratulate their loved ones on this important holiday, mandatory changes are made to the production calendar. February 23 is an official non-working day.

Production calendar

If the holiday coincides with the weekend, then the rest of the Russians is postponed to the next working day. February 23, 2020, falls on Sunday, so another day on February 24 is added to the weekend. There are 10 days off in a month, of which 1 is holidays.

Since Defender of the Fatherland Day is issued on Sunday, there will be no pre-holiday and shortened days. How many working days are calculated taking into account weekends and holidays - 29 minus 10. Thus, in February 19 days will be working.

In accordance with the production calendar, it is also easy to calculate how many days we rest on February 23. The official holiday coincides with the weekend plus Monday (transfer of the weekend to a weekday).

According to the production calendar, in 2020 other public holidays on March 8, May 1 and 9, June 12 and November 4 remain unchanged days off. Additional weekend information will appear after the new year.

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