New Honda 2019-2020

Honda's Japanese cars are renowned around the world as one of the most stylish, reliable and safe. The company is constantly striving to increase sales, which is unattainable without the release of new cars. That is why it is time to find out what new Honda 2019-2020 will be released in the near future, and what exactly the engineers of the Japanese brand plan to surprise fans with.

Honda Accord 2019-2020

Since 1979, the Honda Accord mid-size sedan has been produced. During this period of time, 9 generations of the model were released, and in 2017 the next update of the sedan was presented. This is the 10th generation of Honda Accord, which has come a long way, but at the same time is a popular model in the world.

In America, a modernized version of the sedan appeared in 2017, and in Europe and Russia, the start of sales took place in 2018. Today, the sedan is sold in full swing at a price of 25 thousand dollars, so the first reviews and impressions can be found on the Internet. It should be noted right away that the appearance of the restyled model turned out to be, at first glance, unfinished. This is evident in the design of the front of the sedan, where for sure there is not enough dividing strip of the radiator grill.

The stern of the sedan has an attractive appearance, which is emphasized by the optics of the V-shaped. Large-scale changes fell on the car body. Inside, changes have also occurred, but not global. Compared with the previous modification, the design of the front panel, led by an 8-inch multimedia monitor, has changed. The salon has become even more convenient and comfortable, which future owners will definitely appreciate.

Updated a number of power equipment Honda Accord 10 generation. These are turbocharged units with a volume of 1.5 and 2 liters, running on gasoline, and issuing 192 and 252 horsepower, respectively. One and a half liter unit is equipped with a variator, and 2-liter units are paired with a 10-speed automatic. Auto version Sport is equipped with a mechanical 6-speed gearbox.

Honda Civic Coupe 2019

Another Japanese veteran who rolled off the assembly line in 1972 has also been updated. This is the Honda Civic Coupe 2019 10 generation, which was publicly presented in October 2018. In this two-door coupe, the exterior was changed and the interior was redesigned. The cost of new items compared with the previous generation has increased, and ranges from 21 thousand dollars.

The exterior of the car has changed for the better, as evidenced by the front end. The front has a modern and stylish design. The front part is based on an extensive radiator grille with a logo in the center. Flat oblong front optics with modern filling, as well as round fog lights. A vyshtampovka appeared on the hood, which gives massiveness to the car in the coupe.

There were minimal changes in the cabin that affected updating the touch screen, improving the climate control unit, as well as modifying the shape of the bottle holders. The biggest update is the installation of the Sensing security system.

Specifications remained unchanged, so the novelty is offered in two versions - with a 2-liter aspirated 158 horsepower and a 1.5-liter turbo engine 174 hp There is no need to talk about when the car will appear in Russia, as the manufacturer officially announced the absence of intentions to supply the model to the Russian market.

Honda Civic Sedan 2019

Japanese engineers did not forget about the Honda Civic Sedan, which was also presented simultaneously with the coupe. Despite the fact that the novelty is demonstrated in the sedan, its appearance is more similar to the coupe. The front part is completely identical to the updated coupe-like modification. The four-door sedan differs from the coupe not only by the presence of 2 additional doors, but also by the design of the rear.

Honda Civic Sedan 2019 has a more rigorous design of the rear, presented by optics in the form of boomerangs. The car in the sedan has a slight slope of the rear pillars of the domed roof. On the Civic coupe there is a large slope of the sloping roof, starting in the front and smoothly turning into the luggage compartment lid. At the rear of the sedan there are side ducts, as well as a protruding part of the protection in a chrome finish.

Buyers restyled model sedan offered at a price of 20 thousand dollars. The technical equipment is absolutely identical to the coupe model. Sales of a sedan in Russia are also not expected, only this will not prevent fans of Civic from acquiring it in European countries.

Honda Insight 2019

The production of a hybrid Japanese sedan called Honda Insight started back in 1999. In 2018, an updated version of the third-generation hybrid car was introduced. The model received a new body and platform from the Honda Civic 10 generation. Prior to this, Insight was produced in the hatchback. The photo and price of the novelty have already been announced, since the start of sales took place in 2018.

The appearance of the Insight hybrid model of the 3rd generation is quite presentable and stylish. This is evidenced by the front of the car, which is represented by a large-sized radiator grill with horizontal plastic stripes. The large headlights are separated by a chrome-plated decorative strip. At the bottom of the bumper there are cutouts of the ducts, which provide effective cooling of the brake system of the front wheels. In the openings of the air ducts there are flat LED fog lights.

The rear part has a strict appearance, and the luggage compartment cover is presented in the form of a trapezoid. The interior of the novelty has undergone major changes. This is a completely new instrument panel with a touch multimedia display in the central part. Please note that the instrument panel is presented in a combined format. One part with the speedometer is analog, and the second with the on-board computer is digital.

As drive devices are used:

  • 1.5 liter petrol engine and 151 horsepower.
  • Two additional electric motors powered by a lithium-ion battery located at the rear of the car.

An additional electrical installation made it possible to reduce fuel consumption in the urban cycle to 4.3 liters per 100 km. However, it is not recommended to operate the car purely on an electric charge, since the battery reserve is enough for only 1.6 km. The start of sales took place in America at a price of 23 thousand dollars. In Europe and Russia, the novelty will not be sold, since its assembly is carried out in America.

Honda HR-V 2019

Since 1998, a compact Japanese crossover Honda HRV has been produced, which has undergone a planned restyling, and was presented in a new form. It should immediately be noted that through restyling, the appearance of the crossover was only slightly updated. In particular, the shape of the radiator grill and its filling are slightly changed. The shape of the front optics remained the same, but its filling changed. Honda's emblem is located in the central part of the front end on a wide decorative line in a chrome frame.

In the cabin, a torpedo was replaced, at the head of which there is a built-in multimedia center. The instrument panel is presented in the usual analog form, and the multifunctional massive multi-wheel makes driving easier. In the central part there is a wide tunnel with holes for cups. The front seats have become even more comfortable, as evidenced by additional lateral support.

Two types of engines are installed at the heart of the power equipment - a 1.5-liter petrol unit for 130 horses, and a 1.6-liter diesel engine for 120 hp ... The front-wheel drive crossover is equipped with a variator or a 6-speed manual at the customer’s choice. The start of sales in Europe and Russia was in 2018 at a price of 1.2 to 1.7 million rubles.

Honda CR-V 2019

Since 1995, the Honda CRV compact crossover has been produced, which in 2018 was presented in an updated version. This is the 6th generation of the crossover, which has undergone a planned update. During the restyling, the appearance was refreshed, as well as the interior was updated. The crossover front flaunts a large plastic bumper that divides the grille into two parts. The upper part of the false is framed by a plastic mesh filling and chrome-plated decor elements. The lower part of the radiator grill is rectangular, and is complemented by protection. On the sides of the bumper are horizontal LED headlights.

The feed of the crossover has a strict straight shape, and is represented by large headlights. The trunk lid at the top is supplemented with a plastic visor, which is a continuation of the roof. Inside, digital displays of multimedia and dashboard are installed. The gear lever is located not in the tunnel, but in the construction of the central part of the torpedo. The multifunctional three-spoke steering wheel and comfortable seats have a positive effect on crossover control. Under the hood is a 2-liter unit with 150 hp, as well as a 2.4-liter engine with 186 horses. The initial price in the base assembly is 1.7 million rubles, and in Russia, sales were launched at the end of 2018.

Honda Passport 2019

At the end of 2018, an updated version of the full-size crossover Honda Passport 3 generations is shown. Crossover sales in the US market started in early 2019 at a price of $ 29 thousand.

Externally, the Honda Passport crossover has the same appearance as the 2019 Honda Pilot, but differs only in the modified stern. The front of the car is represented by a medium-sized grille with a matte mesh filling. The front optics are filled with LED lights. At the bottom of the bumper are round fog lights. The back end turned out to be completely unique, as evidenced by the shape of the headlights, trunk lid and bumper design.

The interior design is completely copied from the Pilot, and the model differs only in 5-seater capacity, as well as the installation of a 5-inch touchscreen multimedia display. The power plant on the crossover is a 3.5-liter gasoline aspirator that produces 280 hp ... The unit is equipped with a 9-speed automatic, but you can order a crossover with a 6-speed manual.

Honda Pilot 2019

In America, they presented a restyled version of the Honda Pilot crossover, which has the same exterior and interior with the Honda Passport 2019. The flagship class car received a modern appearance, an improved interior, as well as a new transmission. In more detail about what configurations and prices will be presented for the updated model of a full-sized 8-seater crossover, we will find out further.

In basic equipment, the price of a crossover is 31 thousand dollars, but the maximum-charged version will cost future owners from 48 thousand dollars. The novelty will certainly appear on the Russian market, in fact, for this purpose the car was subjected to restyling in order to increase the number of sales in Russia.

Initially, I must say that the emphasis on updating the crossover was made mainly on the appearance. At the same time, the engine remained the same, as in the pre-reform model. This is a 3.5-liter engine for 283 horses, which is combined with a 6-speed manual or a new 9-speed automatic gearbox. Four-wheel drive by car can only be obtained at an additional cost.

The front of the car is identical with the new Honda Passport, with the exception of some features, but the feed has significant differences. These differences are in the form of optics (more precisely, on Pilot there is a continuation of stops on the trunk lid). Inside, there is a new 4-spoke steering wheel, a digital 7-inch instrument panel, as well as an 8-inch multimedia monitor, in general complete identity with the Passport. When the modernized crossover comes out in Russia, it is already known, because the sale began back in late 2018.

Honda e Concept 2019

Honda will replenish its lineup with a new urban electric crossover. Its name is Honda e, whose Concept was shown at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The car captivates with its dimensions and simple, but at the same time unique appearance. This is a fully electric prototype car, which is designed specifically for the urban environment.

The main goal of this compact electric car is functionality, practicality and economy. The concept has smooth contours of the body without stamping, as well as a significant inclination of the windshield, thereby increasing aerodynamic properties. The roof of the electric car is panoramic, and the interior is decorated in compliance with modern style and simple design. Almost all switches are touch-sensitive, with the exception of the climate control panel. This is a great option for a car for urban roads, which will not only save on fuel, but also enjoy the panorama of the sky during a long downtime in traffic jams. How much will it cost, and also when it is planned to start the production of an electric car, while the manufacturer does not specify.

The publication presents new Honda cars of the 2019-2020 model year, which went on sale in America, Europe and Russia. It is worth noting that in Russia, not all Honda models gained popularity.

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