How to relax in May 2020 in Russia

The conditional war of May and New Year holidays has been going on for several years. Summer residents of different cities are tearfully asking to postpone the January weekend to the month of May. This is logically beneficial - kindergartens and gardens will receive more care, children will walk in the fresh air, adults will be able to go outdoors. On New Year's Day, most people sit at home due to frost. It remains to be understood how we rest in May 2020, whether the authorities changed their anger to mercy or did the summer residents again have to be content with the usual holiday dates.

Duration of the month and the number of working days

Determining how many days off in May, many try to calculate this mathematically, subtracting the number of working dates from the total duration of the month in days. This year the system crashes - the potential days of the January date transfer are interfering with the calculation.

There are 2 options suitable for the transfer to May:

  1. Saturday January 5th.
  2. Sunday January 6th.

It is highly likely that one of these dates will be used. This will give an extra day off. If both dates are used, then the additional days of rest will be 2 more than what is initially falling on the calendar. According to the last month so there are too many standard days off - they fell 10 days. If you add two public holidays, the number of days of rest is already 12. At the same time, you should expect another or even several dates of transfers, so May holidays can be equal not only to 12 days, but also 13 or 14.

The days off in May 2020 in Russia are hardly short. This month turned out to be long periods of rest caused by the presence in May of two public holidays. These days led to the formation of several days off in a row, and also affected the total number of working dates of the month. In total, there are 31 days in a month. If you remove the calendar weekends and federal holidays, then only 19 days remain for work. If you add the dates of transfer from other months, the total number of working days will be equal to 17. In addition, Friday May 8 is a holiday, which, by law, requires a reduction in its duration. That is, this working day will be shortened.

The list of holidays in May in 2020

It is on the availability of federal vacation dates that the total number of public holidays depends. In May there are holidays that give the right to official holidays. This is known to all on May 1 and 9. On the first day, Russians celebrate the holiday of spring and labor, and May 9 is a date known far beyond the borders of our country. On this day, not only we celebrate the great Victory Day, residents of the CIS and citizens of European states with awe and reverence treat such a memorable date.

In addition, there are other holiday dates that are not state. Such days do not give the right to additional rest, but are often celebrated with friends, colleagues or family. In particular, in May, World No Tobacco Day is celebrated, that is, this is the international date for quitting smoking. There are a lot of unofficial dates in the month, only international and religious holidays more than 10 of each kind. For example, you can consider several of these types of dates:

  1. Press Freedom Festival - 3 numbers.
  2. Holiday of the Sun - 3 numbers.
  3. World Midwives Date - May 5th.
  4. The date of St. George the Victorious is May 6.
  5. Red Cross Day - May 8th.
  6. International Festival of Nursing - 12th.
  7. Family Day - the 15th.
  8. World Space and Unemployment Protection Days - May 21.
  9. The date of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is 22nd.
  10. Ramadan Eve - May 23.
  11. UN Peacekeepers' Day - May 29.

In addition, do not forget that according to the rules, a holiday that falls on a day off should be postponed to a working day. That is, the holiday itself is not confused, but a day off, conditionally disappearing due to a state date falling on it. Often these days are shifted to the next Friday or Monday, but sometimes they are moved to another month.

Days of transfer with exact dates

One transfer this month will be for sure - the holiday of May 9 falls on Saturday, which, according to the Labor Code, implies a shift of the weekend to the next working day. Therefore, May 11 will be a day off instead of the Sabbath. Two additional days off, arising thanks to the days of transfer from January, are also likely to be at once.

The implied official holidays resulting from the transfer are only conditional. This variant of events is most likely, because it allows you to please summer residents, and not to clean up the New Year holidays. In fact, in winter and during the beginning of the summer season there will be almost the same number of days off.

Weekends, workdays and rescheduled days in May 2020
The total number of days of the monthWeekend DatesProbable Transfer DatesNumber of working days at full weekThe total number of days of rest, taking into account the calendar weekend

May 1 holiday



May 9 holiday




From Saturday May 9 to Monday 11.

From Saturday January 5th to Monday May 4th.

From Sunday January 6th to Tuesday May 12th.


It is especially important to know how we rest in May 2020 for summer residents. Having determined the exact dates of rest in advance, people will be able to plan their time, and this is especially important now. After all, the notorious proverb about a spring day feeding a whole month is quite fair. Therefore, those who plant a garden will be extremely pleased with any May weekends. The rest of the citizens on holidays can go somewhere on an excursion, on a hike or just take a walk.

It’s only too early to talk about specific dates with 100 percent accuracy - the president approves the production calendar a few days before the New Year. Therefore, you can definitely find out finally about the dates of the transfer at the end of 2019 or look in advance in 2020 to make sure that there are two weekend periods of 4 days each during the May holidays or to see upset that there is only one vacation for four days.

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