Snowmobiles 2019-2020

It is very difficult to objectively evaluate a technique if there are no clear criteria. Each user selects snowmobiles at their discretion and based on their own preferences: dimensions, maneuverability, number of seats or just a beautiful design. Therefore, the primary task is to define categories. These will not always be the same names that manufacturers call them. The article presents more simple and numerous types.

Snowmobiles are:

  • Youth - for riders 6-13 years old;
  • Workers (utilitarian);
  • Hardy - for long trips;
  • Tourist (double);
  • Racing - the most expensive and powerful;
  • Sports and racing - models in this category are slightly inferior in power to the previous one, but their price is several times lower;
  • Mountain - for difficult routes and for deep snow;
  • Crossovers are a universal option both for roads and for the wilderness.

Having defined the categories of sledges and finding out their main functional orientation, you can go on to creating a top. The best options are selected by studying and analyzing samples, however this list may not coincide with other leaderboards.

TOP 2019

The best snowmobiles of 2019 clashed in a ruthless confrontation. In each category, 3 (sometimes 2) worthy candidates were selected. They are arranged in order from more significant to less. However, do not be fooled, they are all great snowmobiles.


Children and youth sleds should be easy to manage and moderate in size. The most powerful of this category is Polaris INDY 120. Its length is 1.9 m., The volume of the tank is 1.9 l. On this unit, hills and bumps are not terrible, and the trip will bring a lot of pleasure.

The second place in justice is given to the Yamaha SRX 120 - the best option for beginner raiders. It is small, accelerates to 13 km / h, safe and ideal for training. The only negative is the price.

Taiga RM Lynx - Russian snowmobile, characterized by a high degree of safety and budget. He received a bronze place for less power.


The Arctic Cat Norseman X 8000 stood out most clearly among the working sledges. This year, the unit acquired a new 8000 C-TEC2 engine. Its capacities are enough for traveling in harsh conditions and towing any cargo.

Silver takes the Ski-Doo Expedition Sport Gen4 - a worthy example that could not do without innovation. It used the new GEN4 wide suspension system, improved skis and tracks.

Another domestic giant is the TAYGA Patrul 800 SWT. This working “horse” is able to drag a five-hundred-kilogram trailer, and a 55 liter tank, thanks to the injection of gasoline, will be consumed over a distance of 250 km.


When choosing a reliable and hardy snowmobile, you should pay attention to the Ski-Doo Enduro 900 ACE Turbo. A great option for long rides: three riding modes, seat heating, the new improved ACE Turbo 900 cm3 engine and the wide Gen4 Enduro chassis chassis.

The next challenger is the Yamaha Sidewinder S-TX DX 137. The sled can boast the fastest speed in its segment, the new Yamaha 998cc Genesis Turbo engine and the Ripsaw II track. Comfort is also on top: a heated chair, a high windshield and semi-rigid roomy luggage bags.

The well-deserved place in the top three is also received by the domestic STELS 800 Viking. Powerful and hardy hero, completely updated and improved Stealth. Perhaps it is slightly behind the Western counterparts in the parameters, but it compares favorably with the price.


Tourists will love Arctic Cat Pantera 7000 XT LTD. Thanks to the 51 cm wide caterpillar, this atlas easily runs along the track and through deep snowdrifts. Even at high speeds, it has maneuverability and stability. It weighs a lot, so it’s hardly suitable for winter fishing, but for other adventures the company is perfect. Both seats are heated, high glass protects from harsh winds, there is a place for cargo.

In second place is definitely worth putting Yamaha RS Venture TF. This modification was simply created for Russian tourists. It is powerful, but at the same time economical, comfortable and roomy. But it is worth mentioning one drawback - a narrow caterpillar compared to analogues.

But the Ski-Doo Grand Touring Limited took possession of the bronze. The sleigh is comfortable, powerful and quiet. Ideal for a pleasant pastime.


Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE are the fastest and ergonomic sledges at the moment, deservedly taking first place. They feature 998 cc Genesis Turbo engine, SRX 137 chassis and custom Fox Zero iQS shock absorbers. They are lightweight and fully tuned for high-speed driving.

The maneuverable and fast Snowmobiles Ski-Doo Renegade X-RS 900 ACE will allow you to overcome the tracks with potholes in comfort at the right speed, but neatly. There are three riding modes to choose from, including IVF. In addition, the visual design of such a "horse" sinks into the soul.

Sports racing

The new Suzuki engines with a volume of 1056 cm3 and Fox Float 3 shock absorbers allowed the Arctic Cat ZR 9000 137 Thundercat to become a leader in this category. The acceleration dynamics of the sled is excellent, and the control is decent. However, fuel it consumes exorbitantly.

The Polaris 850 Pro-RMK 155 is one of the best snowmobiles in the world. Lightweight, but very powerful, allows you to easily climb the hills. It allows you to drive to the most inaccessible and remote places, the caterpillar copes with difficulties perfectly, and a capacious tank allows you not to think about distances. The design of the sleigh is sports-aggressive and very memorable, we recommend that you read the photo.

The BRP Ski-Doo RENEGADE X-RS 800R E-TEC deserves the third place. He was in this category thanks to the high-speed capabilities and the lightweight REV-XS platform. It is very economical to use fuel, and the chassis can easily withstand any difficulties.


Are you dreaming of transcendent mountain peaks? The Polaris PRO RMK 850 Patriot 3 is the best way to accomplish what you want. The snowmobile is very powerful, with a new balanced suspension and reduced weight. It allows you to drive forward all day and in the evening not to feel tired.

Arctic Cat Alpha One is light as a feather, reliable and very easy to manage. The monorail system of the rear suspension will allow you to adapt to any surface. New unique technologies have penetrated all the systems of this unit: the Arctic Cat C-TEC2 8000 series engine, Power Claw track, Ascender chassis, ProClimb - 7 G2 skis. The result is an ideal mountain snowmobile with a bold appearance, as well as a whole bunch of "chips".

Complex routes and terrain are not an obstacle to the handsome Yamaha SR Viper X-TX SE. No snow cover at all, even the caked layer will not stop this. Suspension and very obedient smooth control help at high speeds. By the way, everything is fine here: the maximum speed is 120 km / i.


A worthy challenger was the Lynx Xtrim Commander 800R E-TEC. Universality in everything: a powerful motor, a high degree of cross-country ability, a large tank volume, starts up very well in cold weather, powerful headlights. It is suitable for almost any user without a special bias (it is unlikely to win a race on it, and it won’t drag out large loads).

The Ski-Doo Backcountry X-RS silver medalist has reinforced X-RS chassis, KYB pro 36 R shock absorption, cMotion rear suspension and reduced weight. A worthy and reliable option, not inferior to analogues.

Polaris 850 Switchback Assault - regularly mentioned when figuring out which crossover is best. And in them he is always in the top three winners, whoever says anything. The reinforced new engine allows you to gain a pleasant speed without losing mobility and comfort.

Top manufacturers

A good snowmobile is always the product of the painstaking and honed work of an entire enterprise. And the enterprise itself sets a pricing policy and tries to make its product more advantageous for the client. Therefore, it is very important to get acquainted with the most significant companies.


An American company that appeared on the market in 1954. It is one of the largest concerns in the modern world for the production of motor vehicles and snowmobiles. Given decades of accumulation of experience and many ideological innovations, snowmobiles produced by the concern often occupy the tops in TOPs.


Yamaha was founded in 1955, but did not immediately take on the development of snowmobiles. Their first sled was released in 1968. Known around the world, and the company's products are very common. Manufacturers are engaged in the independent development of engines, due to which the quality of the final product does not disappoint.

Arctic Cat

The company was founded by a native of Polaris in 1961. It took a long time to develop, but already in 1996, the brand became the leader in sales in the United States. Now she is known almost all over the world. It is a major manufacturer of ATVs and jet skis, snowmobiles. Models of this brand are also highly regarded by reviewers.


Bombardier is a Canadian company founded in 1942 that specializes in tracked vehicles. The first snowmobile was created in 1947. It was developed for military purposes, designed for 12 people, but this device quickly found a response with civilians. The famous Ski-Doo brand of sports sleds was founded in 1958.

In 1967, Bombardier bought a little-known company in Finland and began producing the first Lynx snowmobiles there. This model line is designed for Europe and Russia. Lynx was created under severe climatic conditions. Under the BRP, there are now many subsidiaries that supply component parts.

Russian mechanics

The company was founded in 1970 at the facilities of the Rybinsk Production Association of Motor Engineering. Already in 1971, the first samples of the Buran snowmobiles were developed. This model was very successful and was used everywhere. The original TAIGA prototype appeared in 1988, however, due to the difficult situation in the country, the first prototype appeared only in 1999. Serial production began a year later. Given the great difficulties, the company still achieved popularity, although the quality of the manufactured goods is lower than analogues from abroad.


A major manufacturer of bicycles, scooters and snowmobiles in Russia. It was founded in 1996, however, STELS established its successful brand only in 2003. It took up the development and production of snowmobiles in 2012. In this way, the company is only gaining ground in the market, but very successfully.

New snowmobiles 2019-2020 model year

Each of the presented manufacturers announced this year its new products, which are worth familiarizing with. Now you can observe serious competition, which is staggering progress and there are many innovations in the field.

In 2019, the Polaris INDY lineup boasts new models: INDY EVO and INDY 129. INDY EVO was created for beginners and is designed for trips along prepared routes, and the 129 line offers an assortment of universal units. The company also presented the updated Polaris® 850 Patriot ™ engine and PRO-RMK® React ™ suspension, which will significantly improve their products.

In 2020, Polaris will delight its customers with the new Khaos mountain sled family. The main feature of the new line is maneuverability and brilliance, as well as the lightning fast response of the system to the requirements of the driver. Now Khaos models differ in 2 variants of tracks and 2 types of engine. There will be a new variety of Indy Adventure - a snowmobile-transformer. The number of seats and other components can be changed at your discretion. Another new product - Indy XC - a mixture of crossover, hiking and mountain snowmobile. In addition, the EVO line will also be developed.

Yamaha in 2019 also does not stand aside. She introduced three new snowmobile models to the public. The Sidewinder L-TX 137 LE is a racing tank that cannot handle any snow. The fast Sidewinder S-TX DX 137 excels on long journeys and captivates with power. And for ardent fans of extreme driving introduced Sidewinder SRX LE. It is also a speedy model, characterized by agility.

In 2020, Yamaha will stop producing Sidewinder M-TX, the company's latest mining lineup. But in return other series will be updated, for example, SRX, L-TX LE, GT and SE (all current lines) will get used to models with new colors, advanced functionality and characteristics. In addition, expect and Yamaha Transporter 2020.

Arctic Cat has brought many new technologies to the area. For example, the unique Alpha One suspension revealed the concept of maneuverability far more widely. The new Power Claw tracks help tackle the accumulating snow problem, while the G2 Proclimb 7 Ski and FOX Zero iQS shock absorbers complete the look of the perfect snowmobile. There were several more updates, and the new model in the line is the Norseman X 8000 153 ES, but all this is not as interesting as the completely new Hardcore range. Economical, stylish and hardy units. In total, 4 models appeared.

In 2020, engines and tracks will be updated, and Arctic Cat will introduce another line - the Cat Riot 2020 crossover. The well-known Alpha One in the M8000 is expected to continue.

Bombardier in 19 prepared the Ski-Doo update. The turbocharged motor was good news for everyone, as it was the first of its category to appear on snowmobiles. And the second brand has acquired a line of crossovers Lynx Xterrain. He is athletic, but can handle snowdrifts. Lynx is pleased with updates to the Radien-X platform, EasyRide pendants and tracks (60 cm wide).

And in 2020, a number of Ski-Doo Expedition models will appear and Summit X Expert will be updated. Lynx will be waiting for numerous updates to engines, suspension and Commander lineup.

The Taiga has quieted down while STELS expects two whole new models - STELS Ataman and STELS Stavr. “Ataman” acts as a workhorse, and “Stavr” - a budget universal snowmobile “for the people”. Prices for STELS snowmobiles are incredibly pleasing to domestic buyers, as western counterparts are often simply unbearable for cost.

Video: Ski-Doo Summit X Expert 2020 test

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