What will be the sign of the zodiac 2020

If you answer the question, under what sign will 2020 pass according to the Eastern horoscope, it will pass under the authority of the White Metal Rat. She will ascend to the “throne” on January 25, 2020 and will rule the world until February 21, 2021. What will be the coming year - time will tell. But while astrologers predict that 2020 will be difficult for many people, in many ways contradictory, just like the character of a rat.

Description of 2020 symbol

The Rat (Mouse) opens a 12 year lunar cycle. This zodiac sign represents a new beginning, spiritual enlightenment.

According to one version of the emergence of the Eastern horoscope, the spiritual enlightener Buddha invited all the animals he could come to his name day. Out of the whole beast, only 12 animals got to the holiday, for which everyone was awarded the year of ruling the whole world. Legend has it that the rat arrived first to the Buddha. However, not all guests of that celebration are confident in its honesty. Someone claimed that she had begged Bull to transport her across the river and contrived to get on the first holiday. Others claimed that the Bull did not know at all that a small sly little animal was sitting on his back. The Great Buddha awarded the dexterous rodent (according to another version it was a small mouse) with the ability to use circumstances.

Brief description of the zodiac sign Rat:

  • element is earth;
  • subject - metal;
  • the main color is white;
  • related planets - Jupiter, Saturn;
  • yin / yang - "yang" - masculine principle;
  • the taste is bitter and sour;
  • principles - dignity, honor;
  • best compatibility - Bull, Dragon, Rabbit;
  • worst compatibility - Horse, Rooster.

In Chinese mythology, the rat, or mouse, is a sacred animal. She personifies the mind, logical thinking, agility, flexibility, the ability to adapt to any conditions. In eastern countries, she stands for symbols of wealth - after all, she will not live where there is nothing to eat and frugality, since she always has a piece of cheese hidden on a rainy day.

The rat is a pragmatist. She lives in a mundane world in which everything is arranged on the shelves. Too demanding of herself, she longs for only worthy people next to her to meet her high criteria. He has an excellent memory, thinks rationally, calculates everything a few moves ahead. Her health never fails - she carefully monitors her diet, has no bad habits, and keeps her body and mind in good shape.

What kind of people are born under the sign of the Rat

The answer is unequivocal - leaders. They are smart and insightful, very collected and consistent, cold-blooded and principled. They are good at negotiating. They quickly enter into confidence in the interlocutor, manipulating them to get the job done.

Mouse mice, who receive a lot of attention, tenderness and love from their parents, grow very kind and loving. Especially they are attached to the mother.

By the way! In China, children born this year are considered a gift from heaven. Such children will never be separated from their parents, as if they would help them in old age. Ancestors are an ideal for them, and even partners they choose similar in nature to their relatives.

Cubs are easily trained. They are drawn with interest to new knowledge, especially gravitate to art. They like music, dancing, painting, singing.

Children born in 2020 under this sign will be endowed with a strong, imperious character. They will stand out in any team, whether in kindergarten, at school or at work. They will be lucky in their careers, but Mice will look for a life partner for a very long time. The thing is the inexorable character of the beast - a principled and unpredictable Rat will repel potential partners with its uncompromising attitude. However, for the sake of love, many will be able to pacify their temper and show gentleness towards their loved one. A happy family life awaits these representatives of the zodiac sign.

What will be 2020

Judging by the horoscope for 2020, the next 366 days (by the way, a leap year) will be filled with events painted in different emotional colors. The rat is a highly controversial creature. It contains aggression and charm at the same time. She is always careful, but can often fall into the trap, trying to grab a free piece of cheese. So it is in life - a white stripe will suddenly change to black, and then vice versa.

Note! The White Metal Rat, which has replaced the Yellow Earth Pig, will usher in new long-term plans that will be implemented over the next 11 years.

Astrologers predict that the year will be very fruitful in all areas of life. The metal present in the description of the zodiac sign speaks of people's inflexibility during this period. Thanks to such features as determination, perseverance and activity, Mice realize their most cherished dreams. Someone will be able to advance up the career ladder, someone will decide to get married, and someone will drop everything and go on a trip around the world. The white color of the 2020 symbol indicates the purity of thoughts and actions of people in the coming period. Many will be driven by disinterested motives directed not only towards loved ones, but even strangers.

Meanwhile, the stars warn that not everything will come true instantly. No need to chase fast results and instant profit. And although the Rat will patronize careerists, they still have to work hard to succeed. Only the most active, open, and ambitious people will be blessed with divine animals.

Predictions for 2020

Superstitious people claim that the coming year will be filled with mysticism. This is evidenced by the numerical value of the year (two twenty) and the fact that it is a leap year.

About what will be the year 2020, suggested the famous clairvoyants and astrologers:

  1. Maria Duval promises that Russia will become the richest country in the world, however, this status will have to be fought. Scientists at this time will develop a cure for old age.
  2. According to the predictions of Valeria, the Ring Coast of North America will be flooded as a result of the huge tsunami. Americans will experience an economic crisis that will lead to a fall in the dollar.
  3. According to Pavel Globa, the capital of Russia will be transferred to the south.
  4. Edgar Cayce sees no bad events in 2020. Neither the end of the world nor war is expected.
  5. The records of the monk Abel indicate that the year of the Rat will be difficult. Humanity will suffer many natural disasters.
  6. According to the version proposed by Nostradamus, China will become the leader of the world community.

The board of the Rat with its heavy ambiguous character, one way or another, will leave a mark on the character of each person. With a high probability hostility and distrust, timidity and isolation will come into use. These traits will affect behavioral characteristics; it will become more difficult to build relationships. Many will end up in a dead end, not knowing where to go next. Winter and the beginning of spring will be a test of strength. Financial difficulties and family problems are expected. The calmest time will be summer. By this time, someone will already be able to achieve positive results after six months of hard work. By the end of the year, the horoscope recommends setting future goals and starting to implement them.

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