New Year 2020 in Samara

The new year 2020 in Samara will bring a sea of ​​positive emotions and vivid memories. The city in the Middle Volga region is developing rapidly, and its population has recently exceeded 1 million people. In the former Kuibyshev, a tourist infrastructure was created in a short time, architectural monuments were reconstructed, dozens of comfortable hotels were erected. Today Samara is a modern metropolis where every traveler can find something for himself to taste and experience the flavor of Russian culture.

Climate features

The weather in Samara for the New Year 2020 will please this winter. At the beginning of the month, the average temperature during the day varies from -5 to -10 ºС, and at night the thermometer’s column often drops to -15 ºС. Precipitation occurs abundantly, as a result of which the snow cover reaches 8-15 cm. There are the least amount of sunny days in January (no more than 10-12), however, the festive illumination of the city creates an amazing mood, even despite the cloudy weather.

When planning to spend the New Year 2020 in Samara, do not forget the scarf, hat, mittens and boots. The humidity level in January reaches 90%, which greatly enhances the feeling of frost. Adverse weather conditions are often amplified by sharp gusts of wind reaching 15-20 m / s. Locals have long been accustomed to the climate of the region, but it will be difficult for heat-loving travelers to adapt to the harsh Volga winters without warm clothes.

How to celebrate a holiday?

If you have not decided where to celebrate New Year 2020 in Samara, then we offer the following ways of celebrating:

  • mass festivities;
  • sightseeing;
  • visit to entertainment venues;
  • Check-in at a camp site, in a holiday home or in a boarding house of an area.

For fans of active pastime during the Christmas holidays, several Samara ice rinks are provided at once. The largest ice rink, for which no entry fee is charged, will be located on the Volga embankment - from the basin of the Central Air Force to Mayakovsky Street. Other ice rinks will flood in Kuibyshev Square, in the Druzhba, Pobeda, and Gagarin parks. Paid skating rinks will operate at Dynamo, Voskhod, Torpedo 4 stadium. Entrance for children will be 100 rubles, for adults - 200 rubles.

It is nontrivial to celebrate New Year 2020 in Samara with a family or a noisy company in the World of Quests. Various scenarios are provided for the company's customers, from fascinating fairy tales to horrors. Performing tasks you can, for example, get out of an impromptu prison, save Santa Claus, commit a bank robbery, etc. The cost of the game is from 1 to 5 thousand rubles, depending on the scenario and the number of participants.

Mass festivities

The main New Year tree of Samara will be installed on Kuibyshev Square. Here, during the Christmas holidays, there will be a fair, ice rink, ice town and stage. On the night of January 1, festive events will be held on the square. Local authorities promise for guests and residents of Samara:

  • salute;
  • contests;
  • disco until the morning;
  • performances by artists, etc.

A mass accumulation of holidaymakers is expected on the Volga embankment, in all large city parks (Gagarina, Druzhby, Pobedy). For the convenience of residents, public transport will work in heavy mode - until 2 a.m., shuttle taxi - until 4 a.m. The break in the work of the metro is planned to be minimized - from 2 to 6 in the morning.

Chalets and ski resorts of the region

To celebrate the New Year 2020 far from the worldly bustle invite the camp sites of the Samara region. There are several dozen such establishments in the region, most of which are equipped with comfortable rooms, advanced medical equipment, and various sports equipment. Among the most popular camp sites and boarding houses in the Samara region in 2020, we note:

  • "Berry" (the village of Khilkovo);
  • "Berezhok" (Volzhsky village);
  • "Rainbow" (the village of Coastal);
  • "Dubrava" (administrative village);
  • "Upper Bor" (Mastryukovsky Lakes).

Apartment rental prices at the camp sites of the region are quite affordable. A standard double room will cost from 3.5 to 5 thousand rubles a day, however, for an additional service (for example, visiting a bathhouse, gym or massage room) and a New Year's banquet, you will have to pay separately.

Few people know that in the Samara region built two ski resorts ("Slope", "Krasnaya Glinka") with slopes of varying degrees of difficulty. Rental of sports equipment costs from 250 rubles for 2 hours, a trip on a lift - 150 rubles, rental sledges, skates, tubing - 200 rubles. During the Christmas season, ski resorts will be open from 9am to 10pm.

City entertainment

The new 2020 year in Samara can be found in one of their cozy and inexpensive bars, restaurants or cafes. The table below shows information about the most popular institutions of the city and their features:

Name of institution

New Year's program

Average check

Bora Bora

Holiday in exotic style.

4, 5 thousand rubles


New Year's Eve in Brazilian and French style

Ordinary table - 3 thousand rubles;

VIP and Chill-out - 5 thousand rubles


Entertainment featuring local artists and radio hosts

5 thousand rubles

Jin Joo

Live music, contests, striptease

5, 5 thousand rubles


Accordion, live vocals, dance show

3,5 thousand rubles


Exotic menu, disco, live vocals

5 thousand rubles

Reservations should be made in the attractive establishments in advance, since a few days before the New Year 2020 all the places in the best of them will be occupied. Most bars and restaurants work by reservation: this means that by the time visitors arrive, there will already be a minimum set of dishes and drinks for a certain amount.

Offers of tour operators

Tours for the New Year 2020 in Samara vary depending on the flight distance, the "starryness" of the accommodation apartments, and the richness of the entertainment program. A three-day trip from the European part of Russia costs from 20 thousand per person, while a week-long trip will cost from 40 thousand rubles. This is a relatively small amount of money, for which you will have the opportunity to fully relax, get acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage of the region, and form an impression of one of the fastest growing megalopolises in the country.

Thus, the New Year 2020 in Samara is ideal for both family and a noisy company. The former Kuybyshev impresses with its festive atmosphere, tourist infrastructure, and identity. Tourists visiting the city respond positively about the Volga hospitality, local prices and the level of service in hotels, restaurants, shopping centers.

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