New Year 2020 in Minsk

New Year 2020 in Minsk is a great opportunity to celebrate the holiday in a friendly atmosphere. For many years, the capital of Belarus has remained an attractive tourist route for Russians. The local level of service will be envied even in Europe, and prices in the hero city are much lower than in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Recently, Minsk has been developing by leaps and bounds: large shopping centers are appearing, sights are being restored, the third metro line is being built. After a visit to the "city on Nemiga" there are only positive emotions, pleasant memories and a desire to return here again.

Climate features

New Year's Eve in Minsk will please you with a moderately frosty winter. Over the past decade, the capital of Belarus has become a little warmer - the average temperature in January during the day varies between -2 - -6 ºС. The snow cover reaches 5-10 cm, and since 2010, only once Minsk has been left without snow for the winter holidays.

The humidity level in the region is at a high level of 80-90%, which is due to its proximity to the Baltic Sea. The capital of the neighboring state has many squares and avenues (the Soviet heritage affects the architectural layout), so piercing gusts of wind in inclement weather can become a real problem. When going to this amazing place in the winter, do not forget about warm clothes, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors.

How to celebrate a holiday?

Holidays for the New Year 2020 in Minsk will be diverse. Several leisure options are available to choose from:

  • mass festivities;
  • sightseeing;
  • visit to entertainment venues;
  • a trip to the ski resorts near Minsk.

If you came to Minsk with the children for the New Year 2020, be sure to take tickets to the Circus or the Palace of the Republic, where fabulous performances are planned during the Christmas holidays. The cost of a children's ticket will be within 800 rubles, and the price of an adult ticket will not exceed 1200 rubles. Also with young travelers you can visit the planetarium in Gorky Park (located next to the Circus), the zoo in the Chizhovka microdistrict, and the building of the National Library.

On the night of January 1, hundreds of thousands of Minsk residents will gather at sites near New Year's trees. The main one, by tradition, will be installed on October Square opposite the Presidential Residence. On the evening of December 31, festive events will be held here, including:

  • concert;
  • a disco;
  • New Year's fireworks;
  • contests from fairy-tale characters;
  • Congratulations to the President on the big screen.

Christmas trees will also be located on Independence Square next to the Parliament building and in all microdistricts of the city (Uruchye, Kuntsevschina, Stepnyak, Shabany, etc.). Remember: drinking alcohol in public places of the capital of Belarus is prohibited, and an attempt to bring alcohol to public events is strictly punished.

Ski resorts in Belarus

Few people know that near Minsk there are two equipped ski resorts - Silichi and Raubichi. They are located 20 km from the city, and you can get to the tracks by public transport within 30 minutes. Especially popular among Belarusians is the artificially created descent in Silichi, which is designed for beginners and amateurs (there are no "black" descents). For the price, this is perhaps the most affordable ski resort in Europe. Next, we give the price list for popular services in Silichi:

  • sports equipment rental - 700-800 rubles / day;
  • one-time ride on a lift - 80 rubles;
  • instructor lessons - 400 rubles / hour.

As for the Raubichi GC, ski runs are laid here, and the elevation difference is insignificant. This complex is suitable for family vacations, while the peaceful atmosphere of the Belarusian nature will create a festive mood and will allow you to escape from the worldly bustle. The rental price for sports equipment and equipment will be 700-1000 rubles / day.

Restaurants and bars of the city

In Minsk for the New Year 2020, almost all entertainment venues will work. Each of them offers an original show program, thanks to which guests can have fun from the heart. Professional artists, dancers, leaders will not leave anyone indifferent on this fabulous evening. Among the popular restaurants, we note:

  • "Russian Seasons" (Eloise Pashkevich, 5);
  • Westphalia (Pravda, 11);
  • Gostiny Dvor (Sovetskaya, 17);
  • "Shikari" (Independence, 18);
  • "Lounge Cafe" (Surganova, 61);
  • "Chomolungma" (Gikalo, 7);
  • "La Crête d'Or" (Lenin, 3).

The average check from a table in restaurants, bars and cafes of Minsk does not exceed 4000-5000 rubles. For this money you will try exquisite dishes of Belarusian cuisine, for example, pancakes, dumplings, cracklings, home-made sausages, salads. When ordering alcoholic beverages, special attention should be paid not to local beer, sbiten, or moonshine.

A few words should be said about Zybitskaya street. Here every year in the evening of December 31, however, as for all weekends, progressive young people gather. On a limited space of 300 m, dozens of bars, pubs, fast-food restaurants are collected, where young people spend their free time in an informal setting. Street musicians, dancers, magicians became the creators of the magical atmosphere on Zybitskaya, and each entertainment establishment has a unique interior and its own track format sounds.

Cost of living

Renting real estate in Minsk for the New Year 2020 is affordable, and a wide selection of apartments will make it easy to choose the option for you based on material capabilities. The following is a list of hotels with the average price of double rooms per night:

  • "President Hotel" 5 * - 6,000;
  • "Marriott Hotel" 5 * - 5 500;
  • "Hampton" 4 * - 4,500;
  • "Europe" 4 * - 4 800;
  • "Beijing" 4 * - 4,500
  • "Willing" 3 * - 3,000.

The cheaper rental property category includes apartments. In the center, a 1-bedroom apartment for the New Year will cost 3,000 rubles, but on the outskirts of Minsk, similar apartments can be rented for 2,000 rubles / day. With a limited budget, we recommend staying in one of the hostels of the capital, where a bed costs 300-400 rubles per night. Reservations should be made in advance, as travelers from other countries flood the city during the Christmas holidays.

Offers of tour operators

Tours to Minsk for New Year 2020 are sold quickly, so if you want to visit the city, you don’t need to hesitate. On average, a 3-day package for two from the European part of Russia is sold at a price of 30,000 rubles for two. The travel program usually already includes moving, accommodation, meals, a banquet and a number of excursions. You can get to the capital of Belarus within 10-12 hours by bus (flight duration is 3 hours), especially since there are no border controls between the republic and the Russian Federation.

Thus, the New Year 2020 in Minsk is affordable and eventful. Citizens of Russia have long felt at home here, because in fraternal Belarus there is neither a language barrier, nor a hostile attitude towards visitors. Having been in a clean, well-groomed and safe Minsk, many come here again to again feel the unique atmosphere of local holidays.

New Year’s landscapes of Minsk can be seen in the following video:

Watch the video: Новый год 2018 в Минске. New Year 2018 in Minsk (February 2020).

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