Christmas in Russia in 2020

Almost all citizens of the country know when Christmas will be in Russia in 2020. This church holiday is popular, therefore it is known both in small villages and in large megacities.

When will they celebrate

Since mainly Orthodox Christians live in Russia, a holiday dedicated to the birth of the Son of God is celebrated according to the charters of the Orthodox Church, not the Catholic Church. The date of the celebration of the Nativity of Christ is fixed, and therefore in 2020 will not change compared to previous years.

Important! Christmas is celebrated in Russia on January 7, although a gala dinner is held the day before - on the evening of January 6.

This is not only a church holiday, but also a public holiday, therefore it is always an official day off. Now the question of rescheduling the weekend does not arise, since Christmas falls into the New Year holidays, which last until January 8th.

Appearance story

The holiday is timed to the birth of Jesus Christ. It was initially celebrated on December 25, but after the introduction of the Gregorian calendar, disagreements arose between Catholics and Orthodox Christians. The first refused to change the date of the celebration. They were supported by Protestants and representatives of other church denominations. Orthodox Christians began to celebrate Christmas on the new calendar - January 7.

In Russia, the holiday appeared many centuries ago - after the baptism of the country by Prince Vladimir. Later, Poland switched to the tradition of arranging nativity scenes. So called theatrical sketches dedicated to the birth of God's Son. At the beginning of the last century, they began to decorate the Christmas tree, and Santa Claus carried gifts, but in the 1920s the situation changed dramatically. Atheistic authority banned Christmas and all traditions associated with it. The holiday was secretly celebrated only in small villages and individual families.

Interesting! Part of the Christmas traditions in 1935 was moved to the New Year. This applies to the Christmas tree and Santa Claus. Later, another character appeared - the Snow Maiden.

At the state level, Christmas was reborn only in 1991. Earlier in December, a decree on the day off was signed, although some republics ignored the law, and therefore state institutions worked on January 7.

How to celebrate

According to church traditions, in 2020, on Christmas Day, an all-night vigil will be held in churches and churches, which will later go to the liturgy. On this day, prayers and fragments from the gospel are read. Believers must go to church to pray and receive communion. On TV channels, services from the Cathedral of the Savior are often broadcast.

Christmas Eve and Post

Celebrate Christmas in the evening. With the setting of the first star, the whole family gathers for a family dinner. They call it Christmas Eve, because the housewives must prepare the osceous - cereal porridge with honey. Since Christmas is preceded by a 40-day fast, only fasting dishes are served on the table. There is a tradition of cooking 12 dishes, so that all the apostles have enough. Be sure to have kutya on the table. These are boiled wheat grains, which are seasoned with honey, raisins, poppy seeds. A treat is always put near the icons for the deceased relatives, as it is believed that on a holiday their souls descend from heaven.

Mistresses must prepare the following dishes for dinner:

  • vareniki;
  • pies;
  • lean baking;
  • baked fish;
  • salads;
  • vegetable stew, etc.

Carols and other folk traditions

On the eve of the holiday, both adults and children are caroling, that is, singing songs of praise about the birth of Jesus Christ. Initially, the rite was pagan. People in Russia worshiped the sun god, but after baptism he was changed. Kolyadniki usually change clothes and gather in small groups, go from yard to yard. Be sure to carry with them a large star, which symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem. She led the shepherds to the birthplace of Jesus. Kolyadnikov must be treated with sweets and other sweets, they give money.

Christmas is considered a family holiday. Usually on this day several generations gather at the same table. In some regions, there is a tradition according to which, during the holiday, the godchildren offer supper to their godparents.

What can not be done

At Christmas in Russia in 2020, try to comply with simple bans:

  • You can’t do physical work - sawing, chopping wood, doing repairs or other similar things.
  • Women should refuse sewing, washing, ironing.
  • It is forbidden to hunt animals, since the souls of the dead dwell in them on a holiday.
  • Do not wear dark or old clothes.
  • You can’t wash and go to the bathhouse.

Mistresses should clean up on the morning of the 6th, so that the house is clean by the holiday.

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