New Year 2020 in Rostov-on-Don

The new year 2020 in Rostov-on-Don will be remembered for its amazing atmosphere, bright lights, lots of entertainment. During the Christmas holidays, this city looks especially attractive, and all the conditions for a memorable leisure are created for tourists. Despite the fact that Rostov is not a resort town, like Sochi or Anapa, in early January it is visited by various estimates of 50,000-70,000 guests. Most of them come to relatives or friends, but many travelers dream of personally seeing the greatness of one of the largest megacities in southern Russia.

Climate features

Weather for New 2020 in Rostov-on-Don will please with moderate cold. The proximity to the Black Sea predetermined the absence of snow, which is often washed away by rains. The column of the thermometer in the middle of winter here varies between 0 - -5 ºС, but recently in the city a thaw (2-6 ºС) is increasingly observed in the city for Christmas holidays.

The choice of clothing when traveling to the “harvester capital of Russia” depends on where it is planned to celebrate New Year 2020 in Rostov-on-Don. With long walks on the street, you can not do without warm shoes, a scarf and gloves. If tourists spend most of the time in the premises of sanatoriums, hotels, restaurants, then a coat, boots (winter boots) and gloves will be enough.

Entertainment Options

Prices for the New Year 2020 in Rostov-on-Don are available for many categories of travelers, so you can celebrate the holiday on a grand scale. The list of the most popular entertainments includes:

  • mass festivities;
  • rental of suburban real estate;
  • visit to entertainment venues;
  • Check-in at sanatoriums, boarding houses, at recreation centers.

It is recommended that families with children go to Gorky Park, where slides, ice sculptures, and luminous balls will be installed for the kids. In the days of the New Year holidays, before lunch, they are going to hold contests with prizes of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, as well as fabulous characters to give gifts.

Fans of outdoor activities should visit the ice rinks flooded in the Sports Palace, sports complexes "RIO" and "Babylonia". The entrance ticket costs between 200-300 rubles, and at each rink there is a rental station for sports equipment. On average, renting skates will cost 100 rubles / hour, but this is not such a large amount for the opportunity to ride on festive music in the arena illuminated with colorful lights.

Mass festivities

The traditional places where you can meet the New Year of 2020 in Rostov-on-Don inexpensively will be Cathedral Square, Gagarin Square and Theater Square, as well as Gorky Park. Large-scale entertainment programs are planned in all places of mass festivities, including:

  • trade fairs;
  • round dances;
  • a disco;
  • fireworks
  • performances by local artists;
  • Congratulations from the top officials of the region, etc.

According to various estimates, from 80 to 100,000 residents celebrate New Years in Rostov on the streets, so they won’t be bored on the night of January 1. Participation in cultural events will allow you to personally feel the fabulous atmosphere of the city, make interesting acquaintances and plunge into unrestrained euphoria with your head.

Recreation facilities

In Rostov there are a huge number of restaurants, bars, clubs where you can spend New Year's Eve in an original and exciting way. The list of the most popular institutions in the city includes:

  • “Visit” (Shchedrina, 29);
  • Astoria (Left Bank, 7);
  • The Labyrinth (Taganrog, 197);
  • The Noble House (Sovetskaya, 12);
  • "The Seventh Heaven" (Malinovsky, 17 g);
  • The White Piano (Bolshaya Sadovaya, 134).

Live music, a competitive program, performances by the best musicians, dancers and showmen await visitors of entertainment venues. Remember: most prestigious restaurants work by reservation, that is, for a certain amount, a pre-agreed set of dishes and alcohol will be served on the table. The average check varies between 4,000 rubles per person, but the total amount depends on the scope of the fun.

Country holiday

Not far from Rostov there are several resorts and boarding houses offering to celebrate the New Year 2020 at affordable prices. Among them:

  • Topolek;
  • "Hope";
  • "Veshensky";
  • "Don health resort."

The rooms have everything for a comfortable stay - from air conditioning to the Internet, and the developed infrastructure of such establishments allows you to spend Christmas holidays with health benefits against the background of picturesque landscapes. The price of a standard double apartment will be in the range of 3 500-4 500 rubles per day, and for additional services (excursions, medical procedures, New Year's banquet) will have to be paid separately. Reservations are recommended in advance.

Another option for the meeting of the New 2020 will be the rental of suburban real estate (cottages, houses). The cost of such apartments varies from 9,000 to 25,000 rubles per day, but if you meet a large company on January 1, it will turn out even cheaper than checking into a sanatorium. Many cottages are equipped with a parking place, modern appliances, underfloor heating, fireplaces.

Offers of tour operators

Tours in Rostov-on-Don for the New Year 2020 - a popular offer on the market. Prices for travel to this city are comparable to similar trips to Sochi, Abkhazia, the Baltic states. When taking into account departure from Moscow and accommodation at 4 * or 5 * hotels, a three-day trip to Rostov will cost 30,000 rubles per person. Five-day and weekly tours are slightly cheaper - from 50,000 rubles. On the eve of the Christmas holidays, many companies offer family trips with an entertainment program worth from 60,000 rubles.

Thus, the New Year 2020 in Rostov-on-Don will delight you with warm weather, fresh impressions and a great mood. In the largest southern metropolis of Russia there is where to spend the Christmas holidays with friends or family. Arriving in this city in the winter, many travelers respond positively to the hospitality of local residents, affordable prices and a high level of service in entertainment venues and resorts.

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