Lunar calendar haircuts for July 2020

The lunar phases have a great effect on the human body, including the condition of the hair. Many people know that a haircut on a waning moon will help get rid of hair loss, and trimming the tips on a growing one will have a beneficial effect on hair growth. Therefore, if you like to experiment with hairstyles, then you definitely need a lunar haircut calendar for June 2020. It not only indicates the days when it is possible to improve the condition of the hair, but also the periods that will help to gain positive energy and good mood.

Haircuts calendar for June 2020

Astrologers agreed that most of July is not suitable for serious manipulations with hair. That is, if you want cardinal changes, carefully select the favorable days when it is best to cut hair in July 2020. There are not many of them in July.

Date, day of the weekLunar phases, zodiac signEnergy of the dayAstrological recommendation
07/01, WednesdayGrowing, ScorpioAdverseExposure to hair can be bad for your health. Comb your hair more often to attract good energy. Painting on this day is also undesirable, you can use only natural ingredients, such as henna.
07/02, ThursdayGrowing, Sagittarius
07/03, FridayGrowing, Sagittarius
07.07, SaturdayGrowing, CapricornFavorableThe moon will positively affect the condition of the hair that day. Any manipulations with the hair will give you strength and energy. Haircut on this day will favorably affect the condition of the hair (hair will break less and split, become more voluminous). The color change will also be successful, on this day even the curl will turn out special.
05.07, SundayFull, Capricorn
07/07, MondayWaning, Capricorn
06.06, TuesdayWaning, Aquarius
07/08, WednesdayWaning, Aquarius
07/09, ThursdayWaning, Pisces
10.07, FridayWaning, PiscesAdverseAny manipulations with hair will attract failure and health problems. You can dye your hair today only with natural ingredients. Do not complicate the hairstyle, it is recommended that this day just comb them thoroughly.
11.07, SaturdayWaning, Aries
12.07, SundayWaning, Aries
07/13, MondayThird Quarter, Aries
07/14, TuesdayWaning, Taurus
07.15, WednesdayWaning, TaurusFavorableThis day is not just possible, but you need to get a haircut, so you will receive a large amount of positive energy. If you make a hairstyle on this day, then it will remain for a long period. To find a new job or impress your boss, dye your hair with dyes made from natural ingredients. Volumetric curls on this day will also bring success.
07/16, ThursdayWaning, Gemini
07.17, FridayWaning, Gemini
07/18, SaturdayWaning, GeminiFavorableIf you want to increase charm and charisma, contact your hairdresser that day. Any changes in the hairstyle will allow you to become more popular among others. Today you can radically repaint your hair, which can be stocked up with energy and improve cash flow.
07/19, SundayWaning, CancerAdverseA haircut that day will worsen your physical activity. Even a slight painting will adversely affect your well-being. Do not bother with a haircut, it’s better just to comb your hair, this will help to attract the energy of nature and find peace of mind.
07.20, MondayNew Moon, Cancer
07.21, TuesdayGrowing, lionFavorableChanges in hairstyles today will accelerate hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. A haircut will help you improve your energy flow and improve your health. The energy of monetary profit can be attracted by staining with paint from natural components. On this day, you can crank up any manipulations with the hair, even the most extreme. Such powerful changes will inspire you, bring new strength and ideas. In addition, you will feel a surge of energy, a desire to work will appear, for which you will receive a good material reward.
07/22, WednesdayGrowing, lionFavorableAn influx of material energy will pull hairstyle changes that day. In addition, cutting will accelerate hair growth. To achieve success in your work, dye your hair with natural dyes. Do not bother with a hairstyle to get natural energy. Today it is recommended to comb your hair as many times as you are old, such manipulations will attract positive energy and prolong your life.
07/23, ThursdayGrowing, Virgo
07.24, FridayGrowing, Virgo
07.25, SaturdayGrowing, scales
07/26, SundayGrowing, scales
07/27, MondayFirst quarter, Scorpio
07/28, TuesdayGrowing, Scorpio
07/29, WednesdayGrowing, Sagittarius
07/30, ThursdayGrowing, SagittariusAdverseToday it is not recommended to have a haircut, it can negatively affect your health. On this day, it is advisable to often comb your hair to set up a connection with space.
07/31, FridayGrowing, Sagittarius

The most important dates for appearance in July

Watch your hair condition? You will not be helped by special care products, but by a thorough study of the lunar calendar. The most favorable days for a haircut in June 2020 are 4, 21 and 22. It is these days that are most important for improving the condition of the whole organism. Observe safety measures before going to the hairdresser, periodically checking the calendar.

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