Lunar calendar haircuts for August 2020

If you monitor the condition and growth of hair, then you need a lunar calendar of haircuts for August 2020. The phases of the moon this month have a great influence on hair growth, so if you often experiment with hair, be careful. In addition, on some days of August, cutting is contraindicated, since such manipulations will not only negatively affect the length of the hair, but also on their condition (they will thin out and cut off faster).

Haircuts calendar for August 2020

Astrologers agreed that August is a suitable period for cutting, dyeing and healing hair. Check out the astrological recommendations for when to cut your hair in August 2020, and choose a favorable day just for your purpose. This will provide the hair with not only a flow of energy, but also find a spiritual balance with the outside world.

Date, day of the weekLunar phases, zodiac signEnergy of the dayAstrological recommendation
08/01, SaturdayGrowing, CapricornFavorableIf you are striving for material well-being, then today is the right day to visit a hairdresser. Cutting or changing the color of the helmet and natural components is what you need. If you seek to attract attention, then you need a bright and original hairstyle, such manipulations will help solve personal problems. Any effect on the hair will attract positive energy to you, help you find peace, find balance with the world around you.
02.08, SundayGrowing, Capricorn
08/03, MondayComplete, AquariusGenerally favorableIt is not recommended to radically change the appearance today, this can provoke a violation of internal harmony. Today, you can slightly change the shade of hair in order to gain success in new endeavors.
04.08, TuesdayWaning, Aquarius
05.08, WednesdayWaning, Pisces
08/06, ThursdayWaning, Pisces
08.08, FridayWaning, Pisces
08.06, SaturdayWaning, Aries
09.08, SundayWaning, Aries
10.08, MondayWaning, TaurusFavorableEven a slight length adjustment will help to cope with health problems. On this day, it is recommended to lighten hair in order to surround yourself with the right people.
11.08, TuesdayThird Quarter, TaurusFavorableTo increase your profile in society, cut your hair this day. In addition, changes in hairstyles during this period will have a beneficial effect on health. Strongly remove the length of the hair is not recommended, as the hair will grow for a long time. On this day, it is recommended to comb your hair regularly to attract positive energy.
12.08, WednesdayWaning, Taurus
08.13, ThursdayWaning, GeminiFavorableOn this day, a haircut will contribute to the attraction of a huge amount of positive energy. If you want to keep your hair style for a long period, today is suitable for new changes. Today it is recommended to dye your hair dark if your goal is to find a new job. Experiment with curls, they will attract positive energy.
08/14, FridayWaning, GeminiAdverseToday, shortening hair is contraindicated, it will negatively affect your emotional and physical condition. Dyeing hair is also not recommended, otherwise you can get into the center of a serious conflict.
08/15, SaturdayWaning, CancerAdverseThis day you can’t get a haircut, because in this way you will attract failures and a negative attitude. Only change the color to a loved one. Today it is recommended to curl hair, thus drawing in positive energy.
16.08, SundayWaning, Cancer
08.17, MondayWaning, lion
08/18, TuesdayWaning, lionFavorableFor internal approval, you need to cut your hair today. If you want to dramatically change your life, it is recommended to greatly shorten the hair length. For a positive attitude, treat your hair playfully.
08.19 WednesdayNew, Virgo
08.20, ThursdayGrowing, Virgo
08.21, FridayGrowing, Virgo
08/22, SaturdayGrowing, scales
23.08, SundayGrowing, scales
24.08, MondayGrowing, Scorpio
08.25, TuesdayFirst quarter, Scorpio
08/26, WednesdayGrowing, Sagittarius
08/27, ThursdayGrowing, SagittariusAdverseAny manipulations with the hair will attract negative energy. Changing hair color is also contraindicated, this will reduce your self-esteem, provoke conflicts with others.
08/28, FridayGrowing, Capricorn
08/29, SaturdayGrowing, Capricorn
30.08, SundayGrowing, Aquarius
08/31, MondayGrowing, AquariusFavorableTo improve the material condition, it is recommended to get a haircut and paint on this day.

It is important to figure out when to cut hair in August 2020, since this month there are many favorable days for this, but each of them has different positive properties.

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If you carefully monitor your hair, then for this you need to not only use special tools to improve them, but also monitor the phases of the moon. Examine the lunar calendar and note for yourself the most favorable days for a haircut in June 2020. Suitable numbers for changes in appearance: August 1, 10 and 20. It is during this period that you can saturate your hair with positive energy and give it a healthy look.

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