Gifts to customers for the New Year 2020

To give gifts to clients for the New Year 2020 or not, it is up to the head or shareholders of the company. Abroad, such a marketing technique has been used for a long time, but in Russia it is only gaining popularity. As practice shows, even inexpensive presentations increase the status of the company, while the costs are many times lower than for advertising. In addition, donated gizmos throughout the year will remind people of the company, and advertising works for a short time.

Choosing New Year's gifts for customers is a difficult task, the solution of which should be approached comprehensively. Several factors need to be taken into account, including the type of activity of the company, the available budget, etc. Presentations can only be made to regular or VIP clients, or to all people who use the services.

Cheap presents

To make it pleasant for all customers, it is better to purchase inexpensive gifts in advance. With a wholesale purchase, you can save a lot. The following presents can be presented:

  • loose-leaf or desktop calendars;
  • name pens or pencils;
  • small stylish business card holders;
  • organizers for office supplies;
  • diaries;
  • thermomugs;
  • glasses, glasses, plates or other utensils;
  • notepads;
  • magnets
  • Christmas decorations;
  • T-shirts or caps;
  • trinkets, etc.

The company logo must be applied to the gifts, which will work as an advertisement throughout the year, and maybe longer. It is advisable to additionally present a beautiful card with beautiful wishes.

Gastronomic gifts

Presentations for customers should be universal. Gastronomic gifts are well suited to this category. For the price they can be in a wide range depending on the content. Here are some good ideas:

  • baskets with exotic fruits;
  • sets of several jars of jam;
  • fortune cookies
  • gingerbread cookies (can be of unusual shape, for example, in the form of a house);
  • unusual shape chocolate;
  • baskets with sweets (sweets, chocolates and other treats);
  • tea or coffee sets;
  • cupcakes or other cakes;
  • jars of honey.

Sometimes companies give customers sets that include champagne or wine, as well as products for the festive table - red caviar, red fish, sweets, expensive cheese, ham, etc.

Gifts in the middle price range

Regular customers for the New Year 2020 can be presented with more expensive corporate gifts. It is worth paying attention to such options:

  • flash drives and memory cards;
  • external batteries;
  • wall or table clock;
  • fixtures;
  • photo frames;
  • wireless mice;
  • electronic gadgets;
  • plaids (possible with sleeves or regular);
  • sets of dishes (tea sets, a set of salad bowls, etc.).

Such gifts are practical, so they will be glad to all customers.

Important! The company logo on the donated item must be small. Large letters will annoy a person. Because of this, he will not use the gift. In addition, a negative impression about the company due to intrusive advertising can be formed.

Original ideas

To surprise customers, you can unconventionally approach the choice of gifts. You can use the following original ideas:

  • Original wall calendar. A calendar made of thick cardboard or plywood can serve as a case for an alcohol bottle. Instead of alcohol, you can put a cup, thermos or other accessory inside.
  • Soap in the form of tangerine. Sweet and fragrant tangerines are often associated with the New Year.
  • Intellectual toy. Their selection in stores is huge, so it’s not difficult to choose an option for the existing budget.
  • Fancy computer gadgets. This category includes usb-heated cups, keyboard vacuum cleaners, etc.
  • Antistress toys. They are usually inexpensive, so you can present them to all customers.

You can give unusual kits for making mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to give presents with jokes or jokes. In this case, customers can perceive the company as a frivolous partner. As a result, further cooperation may not be strengthened.

Gifts for VIP customers

VIP customers should carefully select gifts. They must be expensive and status. Most often presented:

  • Expensive alcohol. It must be presented in a beautiful box, preferably made of wood. Inside you can put a greeting card with wishes. It is best for a man to give cognac or whiskey, and a woman - champagne or wine.
  • Wrist Watch. A prestigious and expensive gift that is able to emphasize the high status of a person. Only give watches from a well-known company.
  • Figurines made of bronze or marble. Such accessories will be a good decoration for the office of the VIP client. An alternative can be paintings or other expensive items for the interior.
  • Stationery. Depending on your business, you can give a Parker pen or a set of other accessories.

An original and stylish gift for a VIP-client can be a globe-bar. Inside, you must put good alcohol.

Globe bar as a gift for the client: video review

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