New Volvo 2019-2020

Volvo cars are famous for their reliability, safety and reliable operation in any climatic conditions. These qualities greatly contribute to the popularity of the brand. In addition, the company is constantly updating cars. For 2019-2020, Volvo prepared the following new products.


This year, the Swedish company will begin production of the third generation sports sedan.

The changes in appearance are designed to emphasize the dynamics and swiftness of the small car. This is facilitated by a small overhang of the body, enlarged wheel arches and tilted central pillars. The interior is distinguished by a well-thought-out arrangement of all elements, as well as a significant amount of free space, which is facilitated by the anatomical design of all seats.

S60 can be equipped with two gasoline turbocharged engines of 250 or 315 liters. with., and two hybrid powertrains power of 340 and 400 forces. With all engines, an eight-speed automatic transmission is provided. The transmission received two options: with all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. The cost of a sports sedan will start from 35.80 thousand dollars.


In 2020, Volvo plans to resume production of the compact C30 model, which was discontinued in 2012.

The appearance of the updated three-door hatchback is made in a corporate style and is characterized by a long compote, stepped bumpers, large head optics and protruding rear wings. The car also has wide wheel arches with special inserts and a lower body kit. The interior of the subcompact is simple enough, but characterized by ergonomics and functionality.

The model will be based on the new modular platform CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) on which other compact passenger cars of the company will be produced. Under the hood, it is planned to use a two-liter engine with a capacity of 247 liters. from. The start of production is scheduled for next year, and the basic version will cost $ 26.00 thousand.


A compact city crossover in the back of a five-door hatchback this year will undergo planned restyling.

After the update, the design will change significantly, and it will be distinguished by a significant number of acute-angled transitions between body elements, as well as a stepped relief. In addition, in the updated appearance, the swift bottom line of the windows and the huge S-shaped taillights look very interesting.

A wide range of power units is intended for the car, which consists of gasoline engines with a capacity of 150, 180 and 254, l. from. and three turbodiesels of 120, 166 and 199 forces. The front-wheel drive transmission provides for the installation of six or eight-band automatic transmission. In the future, it is possible to produce a hybrid modification and the V40 variant with an electric motor. Three equipment options are planned for the crossover, and the minimum price from domestic dealers will be 1.30 million rubles.


The company officially introduced the third generation of the station wagon last winter.

The design of the car looks original and quite interesting, while its features resemble not only the larger V90 station wagon, but also the new XC60 crossover. This effect was achieved due to the following solutions:

  • bright front of the body;
  • branded head optics;
  • step bumpers;
  • long hood;
  • large cutouts of wheel arches;
  • hind wings with embossed stamping.

The interior is completely identical to the interior of the XC60, it is characterized by the thoughtful placement of all the controls for the systems and equipment of the car, comfortable seats and high-quality finishing materials.

In the basic version, the station wagon will receive front-wheel drive, as an option, an all-wheel drive version is also possible. The engine range consists of motors with capacity of 150, 190, 255 and 310 liters. with. that can with a six-speed manual transmission or an eight-speed automatic transmission. The cost of V60 starts from 41.00 thousand euros.

V60 Cross Country

The all-terrain wagon is a direct relative of the V60.

In appearance, the cross version is different:

  • increased to 21.0 cm ground clearance;
  • plastic body kit for the lower body;
  • a protective panel mounted in the rear bumper;
  • 18 inch wheels.

Salon Cross Country repeats the interior of a conventional wagon. For equipment, a turbodiesel of 190 liters is intended. from. and a gasoline engine of 255 forces. All-wheel drive transmission is equipped with an eight-band automatic transmission. In the future, production of a modification with an engine of 310 liters will be launched. S., as well as a hybrid version.

The price of new items with a diesel unit will be 52.35 thousand euros. Car sales in Russia are scheduled for the summer of this year.


The compact crossover 2019 model year is a new car in the production line of the company.

Its appearance is due to the growing demand in the segment of such cars and the creation of the latest CMA platform, on the basis of which the XC40 model was developed. The design is made in the corporate style of modern Volvo crossovers, but is distinguished by angular front stamps and sharper edges of the transition between the surface elements of the body. The interior architecture is decorated in the traditional version for Swedish passenger cars and provides high ergonomics and great comfort for passengers, despite the small size.

XC40 is equipped with a diesel engine of 190 liters. from. and gasoline engines with a capacity of 190 and 250 forces. All-wheel drive transmission is equipped with automatic transmission (8-st.). The price of the initial performance of the car at domestic dealers is 2.25 million rubles.


Among the new Volvo models, the XC50 crossover stands out with production scheduled for 2020. Due to this car, the company seeks to expand its lineup. Based on the name, the car will take a place between the XC40 and XC60 models. A feature of the new items will be the performance of the body in the coupe version. According to the manufacturer, the XC50 should compete with the popular cross-coupe BMW X2 and Mercedes GLC Coupe.

In the design of the developed crossover, the proprietary CMA platform was used. At the initial stage of production, it is planned to install a gasoline engine with a capacity of 190 liters. from. and a turbodiesel of 250 forces. The base will be front-wheel drive with automatic transmission. The manufacturer plans to provide information on equipping the cross-coupe with systems, equipment, configuration options and cost as serial production approaches.


The flagship crossover of the Swedish company in the 2019 model year, after the restyling, received a slightly tweaked external image. So, in the front part, lower additional air intakes are installed, the design of the fog lamps has changed. In addition, the chrome trim of a number of elements was added to the bodywork. In general, the design of the updated XC90 has retained the traditional combination of power of elegance.

The cabin still combines large space, even in a seven-seater version, and the highest comfort. Among modern systems, which the car is richly equipped with, one can distinguish:

  • touch screen from a multifunctional complex;
  • 9 airbags and curtains;
  • automatic braking;
  • voice control;
  • seat with electric adjustment, ventilation, massage and heating.

Five power units are designed to equip the crossover: three gasoline (250, 320, 375 hp) and two turbodiesels (190, 225 hp). All motors are aggregated only with an 8-band automatic. The all-wheel drive will become the base for the XC90, but a modification with a 190-horsepower diesel engine can have only front-wheel drive. This version will be the cheapest, and the price will be 3.50 million rubles.


The new Volvo cars scheduled for production in 2019-2020, as well as updated versions of the produced cars will allow the Swedish company to confidently withstand competition with other automakers.

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