2020 BMW 2-series Gran Coupe

The second series of compact compact cars of the German company is considered one of the youngest in the BMW car line.

It was first introduced in 2013 and is located in accordance with its number between passenger cars 1 and 3 of the series.

The release of a modification of this class in the coupe started in 2014. The novelty managed to quickly gain stable demand from customers due to the following main advantages:

  • sports design;
  • comfortable lounge;
  • the presence of a variety of powerful power units;
  • significant dynamic characteristics;
  • high reliability;
  • security.

Among the classmates with whom the BMW 2-series coupe competes, the following models should be distinguished:

  1. Mercedes CLA;
  2. Audi TT;
  3. Mini John Cooper Works;
  4. Subaru BRZ;
  5. Peugeot RCZ;
  6. Toyota GT86;

Given the growing interest in compact cars in the coupe and updates made by similar small cars by other automakers, BMW decided to develop the next generation Gran Coupe 2-Series 2020 model year.


Currently, a German company is conducting road testing of the 2020 BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe, which indicates the final development period of the car.

In the photos from the test data published by some automotive publications, the following main features of the appearance of the updated Gran Coupe can be noted:

  • long hood with large stamping ribs;
  • branded grille;
  • massive side air intakes;
  • round and protruding wheel arches;
  • front glass with a strong tilt;
  • exterior mirrors on special aerodynamic mounts;
  • rapid front stamping lines;
  • sloping roof topline;
  • wide rear window;
  • stamping on the trunk lid in the form of a spoiler;
  • narrow taillights;
  • round exhaust vents partially located in the rear bumper.

Already, despite a few information about the new car, it should be noted that the updated Gran Coupe will receive a bright and graceful sports design that will emphasize its dynamics, power and personality.


The interior of the new 2018-2019 BMW Gran Coupe 2-Series model is designed in a sporty style and is characterized by thoughtful ergonomics and high comfort. To achieve such parameters, the following solutions were applied:

  • multi-function steering wheel in a three-spoke version;
  • anatomical chairs;
  • digital dashboard with a high antiglare peak;
  • direct center console with a built-in touch monitor multimedia complex;
  • large glove box;
  • rectangular vents for HVAC equipment;
  • wide front tunnel with transmission controls.

The highest quality materials will be used in the interior decoration: soft plastic, genuine leather, anti-wear fabric, pile flooring, as well as decorative inserts and light metal edging lines.

Technical parameters and equipment

In size, the BMW 2-series Grand Coupe 2020 will be slightly larger than the sedan of the same series, but will be inferior to the cars of the third line. The design of the car uses the UKL front-wheel drive platform, which is also used on the new BMW 1-series models. In addition to the basic modification, an all-wheel drive version with an X-drive system will also be presented.

The new model will receive a wide range of power units, but at the initial stage of production, the engines with the following technical characteristics will become the main ones:

Type ofVolumePower
Petrol1,5 l135 l from.
Petrol2.0 l190 l from.
Petrol3.0 L325 l. from.
Diesel2.0 l184 l from.

In the future, other engines will become available for the car. It is also planned to release a hybrid version with an electric motor of 87.0 forces in conjunction with a gasoline engine with a capacity of 250 liters. from. In addition, in the future it is planned to produce the most charged version of the car under the designation M-Sport with an engine of 390 forces.

For aggregation with the indicated power units (regardless of the type of drive), a 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-band robot is designed.

When equipping a car, a large number of modern and innovative systems and equipment will be used. Among the most interesting solutions are:

  • a driving assistance system that tracks markings, road signs, warning about lane changes and possible hitting an obstacle, as well as with the possibility of automatic braking;
  • active cruise control;
  • corporate projection display;
  • Separate dashboard speed limit indicator
  • telephony package with wireless charging function;
  • parking controller;
  • LED optics and interior lighting, capable of changing the brightness and color inside the car;
  • Sport steering with servotronic;
  • rear view camera;
  • automatic climate control;
  • remote control;
  • concierge service;
  • audio system with 12 speakers;
  • 12 volt outlet;
  • high pressure headlight washers;
  • navigation complex;
  • tire pressure indicators;
  • electric adjustment of all seats;
  • folding side mirrors during parking;
  • sun glazing;
  • 18-inch alloy wheels with an original design.

The company will present a complete list of equipment, as well as the ability to install additional options, as the production of a new compartment approaches.

Price and start of sales

The German concern plans to start mass production of the new model in early 2020, with initial sales starting in Germany. In the same year, the car will go to domestic BMW dealers, and the price of the new Gran Coupe 2-Series 2020 in the basic version will start from 2.0 million rubles.

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