Cyberslav - 2020 film

  • World premiere: 2020
  • Premiere in Russia: 2020
  • Country of Origin: Russia
  • Genre: cartoon, fantasy

An independent Russian animation studio Evil Pirate Studio decided to conduct a rather bold experiment, setting about creating a cartoon that combines elements of a cozy Slavic life and aggressive cyberpunk. The animated film "Cyberslav" is due out in 2020, and critics so far disagree about its success.

It is understood that the cartoon "Cyberslav" will cover a large audience, because among the audience there should be lovers of the Russian folk epic, and fans of anime, as well as cyberpunk. But in reality, everything can turn out much sadder: the picture is completely different from the good old Russian feature films about three heroes with a funny horse and charming princesses. Although Kinopoisk cartoon has an amazing rating of expectations - 98%.

The producer of Cyberslava about his project: video


The studio staff describe their project something like this: this is an old Russian story with modern characters. To help a peaceful city, which was attacked by alien freaks, comes not a great heroic squad, but individual heroes whose strength is improved by cybernetic mechanisms. But they fail to protect the inhabitants on their own, and then under the heroic ancient Slavic music on the battlefield he appears - Cyberslav. This is a huge man who looks like a hero. But he is distinguished from the classic character by a helmet mask, almost like Robocop's. The equipment also has a lot of metal elements, which makes Cyberslav even more epic.

As for the time period of the plot, the action takes place somewhere in the future, and not in the past, as it might seem due to the Slavic orientation. Yes, now there are no such primordially Russian cities, but cybernetics has not yet reached such a level that people would make cyber prostheses and ear-flaps. The theory of the audience that the plot is about 2300 or even later is confirmed by the direction of the musical group OLIGARKH, which wrote the main soundtrack (ethnofuturism), as well as the inscription on the wall of the house in the trailer: "Zadornov was right." Does this mean that the Americans are the killers of the city? This is an intrigue that will continue until the premiere.

Main characters

Cyberslav’s assistants also have very original characters. One of them is a priest, somewhat reminiscent of the neuromonk Theophanes, who sings about the fact that "It is cold in the forest" and that "It is necessary to trample the field." The main strength of this hero is a huge metal cross that emits destructive laser light.

The second assistant of Cyberslaw is an archer in a rather piquant outfit. She accurately shoots from a bow and deftly launches bombs at enemies, like the Green Goblin from the second part of Spider-Man (2004). By the way, the bombs are not round, but in the form of nesting dolls. And it would be even more epic if several small ones flew out of one bomb. Although it may be planned by the creators of the cartoon, it’s just not shown in the trailer.

Cyberslav himself owns a huge powerful cyber sword, with which he defeats the enemy and cuts him into 2 parts. Also among his superpowers is the ability to fly (or just to climb very high, and then attack enemies from there. The strength of Cyberslav is so great that after his confrontation with the enemy, an entire forest is erased from the face of the earth, and a pillar of fire rises above the plain.

Animation Features

Although the Evil Pirate Studio reports on their page on social networks that they are fighting to “raise their own cartoon industry from their knees,” but the trailer shows that the animation is far from domestic. The battle scenes are more reminiscent of the anime series "Evangelion" (1995-1998): the archer takes too peppy acceleration, which is shown from different angles. And Cyberslav epic appears against the backdrop of a huge full moon. All this is quite spectacular, but not at all like the same cartoons about the heroes. The faces of people are also copied from the characters of Japanese cartoons. The clothes of the inhabitants of the Slavic cybercity also have metal bracelets and something like cyber earphones with earflaps.

Original and contrast cartoon. This is also noticeable in the trailer: episodes with the demonstration of domes of churches with Slavic motives are replaced by cool action shots with burning houses and cyber creatures slowly emerging from the fire.

The release date for Cyberslav is still unknown, but it is expected that the cartoon will be released in 2020. Given the fact that the trailer is already there, perhaps this will happen earlier. It’s curious what rating animation will assign. The kill scenes are clearly present there, so at least 16+. But a half-naked archer in an armored bra can cause teenagers under the age of 18 to go to the cinema.

The audience favors the creators with some flaws and shortcomings of the trailer, because this is a project based on enthusiasm alone. It is not clear where the guys get the sponsorship from, but this is definitely not the Cinema Foundation. Most likely, this is just a group of friends who enjoy their work.

Watch the video: CyberSlav 2077 official gameplay trailer (January 2020).

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