Planting pepper for seedlings and in the greenhouse in 2020

Experienced gardeners know how important it is to adhere to the lunar calendar when working on the ground. The gravitational field of the natural satellite of our planet affects the processes taking place on Earth. Farmers have long noticed that, depending on the stage of the lunar month, the biopotential of plants changes. Usually pepper planting for seedlings is carried out in late February. Fortunately, in 2020 this month there will be just favorable lunar days.

Gardener Calendar

The lunar calendar, which is held by farmers, consists of 12 months lasting 29 or 30 days. For convenience, it is adjusted to the ordinary, secular, so in one month you can observe a complete change in the phases of the satellite. The most difficult days in the lunar calendar are the full moon, the new moon and two days before and after them. The growing moon favors the growth of the terrestrial part of plants. At this time, it is good to plant seedlings, dive shoots. The waning moon is loved by roots, this phase is well suited for tuber crops or cabbage; at this time, it is recommended to plant trees. Fertilize better in the third and fourth stages of the satellite.

Important! If you sow pepper for seedlings on a waning moon, you can get strong plants, but there will be no big harvest from them.

In addition to the Earth's satellite, zodiac signs have a great influence on plants. It is recommended to plant pepper for seedlings when Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio rule in the sky. If planted in Virgo, Sagittarius or Aries, the seeds will not fully emerge. Adverse signs - Gemini, Leo, Aquarius and Libra, which will give zero germination. In addition to planting days, there are favorable periods for watering, diving, transplanting and fertilizing. Peppers are watered when the moon in watermarks is in Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

Jobs in February

The end of the last month of winter is the hottest time for gardeners, because if you miss the timing of sowing seeds, you can be left without a crop in the summer.

date ofPhaseConstellationRecommendedNot recommended
19-20WaningCapricornSoil preparationPlanting seeds
26-27GrowingAriesSoil preparation, sowing seedsWatering, fertilizer

February 26-27 is a young month. Seeds sown these days will quickly grow. February 28-29 - days suitable for undersized varieties. This is facilitated not only by the phase, but also by the patron sign.

Works in March

Only the first half of the first month of spring is considered suitable for sowing seeds for seedlings. At this time, pepper is planted in early and mid-season varieties. In 2020, in early March, the moon favors nightshade.

date ofPhaseConstellationRecommendedNot recommended
1GrowingcalfSowing, cultivationWatering
4-6GrowingCancerSowing, picking, wateringFertilizing, thinning, transplanting
25-26GrowingAriesPick, fertilizerWatering

April work calendar

In early April, grown seedlings begin to prepare for transplanting into the greenhouse. For open ground, this is still not the right time, since frosts still occur on the soil in most of our country. If the seedlings have reached a height of 25 cm, at least 12 leaves on the stem and buds have already appeared, then it is time to transfer the seedlings to the greenhouse.

date ofPhaseConstellationRecommendedNot recommended
1-2GrowingCancerLoosening, top dressing, wateringPick
15Third quarterAquariusWatering, top dressingTransfer
18-19WaningFishTransplant, wateringPick, fertilizer
23-24GrowingcalfTransferWatering, top dressing

May work

In May, pepper seedlings continue to be cared for, and seedlings grown for open ground are actively prepared for moving to a new place.

date ofPhaseConstellationRecommendedNot recommended
2-3GrowingVirgoFertilizer, looseningWatering
11-12WaningCapricornLooseningTransplant, pick, watering
13-14WaningAquariusWateringTransplant, pick
18-19WaningAriesLoosening, top dressingWatering, transplanting
25-26GrowingCancerWatering, hardeningDressing, transplantation
30-31GrowingVirgoTransplant, pickWatering, top dressing

Pepper planting rules

Peppers, like tomatoes, belong to the nightshade family. These crops can be planted with seeds in open ground or grown with seedlings. For most territories of our country, the preferred method of cultivation is seedlings in a greenhouse. Pepper planting usually begins in February, in order to transfer the grown bushes to the ground in 50-70 days. The average transplant period is mid-April - early June, depending on the variety and climatic conditions.

Before planting, it is necessary to prepare the soil and calibrate the seeds. Be sure to consider the expiration dates of planting material. The older the seeds, the less powerful the plants will be. To calculate the approximate time it takes to grow a crop, you need to look at the manufacturer's recommendations. If you got the seeds from your neighbor in the country, then you can be guided by the average time:

  • Germination - 10 days;
  • Adaptation after thinning and picking - 12 days;
  • The onset of technical ripeness is 90 days for early varieties, 125 for mid-ripening and 140 for late-ripening.

How to prepare for sowing seeds

The first stage is soil preparation. The ideal option is a ready-made mixture, but you can prepare the soil yourself. To do this, take a bucket of land from the garden, add a bucket of compost and black peat to it, as well as a glass of ash. Seedling containers are filled by ¾ and crushed by hand.

Separately prepare the seeds. Discard shriveled and dry seeds, leaving only those that have a healthy appearance. Processing is an important stage, because by etching the seeds, you can kill pests and in the future get a strong plant. The easiest way is to wrap the seeds in gauze and moisten with a solution of manganese. The next stage is soaking the seeds first for 20 minutes in water, and then in moist gauze until the sprouts appear. Seeds are sown in prepared cups with the earth, deepening them by 1.5 cm. Then they follow the recommendations of the lunar calendar and wait for seedlings in about 10-14 days.

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