OGE schedule in 2020

Finishing Grade 9 and want to rationally plan the preparation schedule for exams and rest days for spring and early summer in 2020 - focus on the official OGE schedule, which traditionally FIPI makes in advance for all regions of the country.

The draft exam schedule for grades 9 will be presented in late October or early November 2019. But, today it is already possible with a high degree of probability to predict when the interview will take place and at what dates the preliminary, main and September sessions of the OGE 2020 will take place.

Final interview

Speaking (the oral part of the OGE 2020 in Russian), as in the previous year, will take place much earlier than the surrender of the remaining subjects.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the final interview will be held on Wednesday 12/02/20.

Since speaking is an admission to the main session of the OGE, the ninth graders will receive two additional attempts on March 11 or 12 and at the very beginning of May.

Taking an oral exam is an important step for every graduate. Although the speaking tasks are quite simple, and the final interview is assessed on the basis of the "offset" / "non-offset" principle, for many ninth-graders this is an exciting event, because it starts the most difficult period of the year, the main dates of which are collected in the OGE 2020 schedule.

By analogy with the USE, the Compulsory State Exam, which is to be passed to ninth graders, is divided into three sessions:

  • preliminary (April 20 - May 8);
  • main (May 25 - July 3);
  • Autumn broadcasts (September 1 - September 25).

Preliminary Session

Graduates of 2019 who have shown an unsatisfactory result in one or more subjects and want to retake the exam, as well as graduates of the 2019-2020 school year who will not be able to come to the exam in the tribute, which sets official schedule of the main session.

Important! A valid reason must be confirmed by an official document that must be attached to the application addressed to the director of the institution. These include: participation in away competitions or contests, planned treatment, etc.

We will inform you about the exact dates for the exam for each of the OGE subjects when the official GIA schedule from FIPI for 2020 will be officially presented. Today with confidence it is possible to predict only the start and end dates of the preliminary period - from 04/20/20 to 05/08/20.

An approximate understanding of how the distribution of days by subject can be in the 2019 schedule. But, keep in mind that the sequence of disciplines and dates from year to year may not coincide.

As can be seen from last year’s schedule, separate days were allocated only for compulsory subjects (Russian language and mathematics). How to distribute the days for the remaining items in 2020 is difficult to say. But, it is highly likely that the organizers will have to allocate more days, because in the 2019-2020 academic year, graduates of 9th grades will have to take not 4, but 6 subjects.

Main session

For most graduates of schools graduating from grade 9, the main guideline will be the official schedule of the main period of the OGE 2020, which FIPI will announce at the end of 2019.

In all schools of Russia, exams of the 2019-2020 academic year will be held from 02.25.10 to 07.07.20.

Unlike the preliminary period, most items will receive their individual day. If it turns out that the student chooses to pass the subjects that appear on the same day in the OGE calendar for 2020, then any of the disciplines can be passed on the reserve day officially established by the FIPI calendar.

In anticipation of the draft OGE schedule for 2020, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the dates of the exams last year. They will help to understand the principle of the distribution of days and determine the approximate periods of the main and reserve block.

Please note that for most graduates, exams end before June 15th. But, in case of unsatisfactory result, the ninth graders will receive 3 more attempts:

  • on the reserve day of the main session;
  • on the main day of the autumn retake;
  • on reserve day of September.

September session

Autumn session of the United State Examination 2020 is the last chance to get a certificate. Students are allowed to retake. Received unsatisfactory marks in one or 2 subjects (all subjects are taken into account). Unlike GIA-11, OGE (GIA-9) provides an opportunity to correct the situation in any discipline, and this reflects the schedule of autumn retakes compiled by FIPI for 2020.

The main period will begin on September 1, 2020 and will last 2 weeks until Friday, September 11. The reserve dates for the September session will extend the retake period to 09/20/20.

In the case of at least one unsatisfactory result, according to the results of the last retake, the ninth grader will be able to try to overcome the subject again at the preliminary session of the OGE 2021 academic year.

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Also watch the video of the FIPI press conference on the reform of the OGE in 2020:

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