New Audi 2018-2020

Audi planned during 2019-2020 to carry out a change in its lineup and present to customers a significant number of not only new products, but updated versions of its popular cars.


One of the most stylish passenger cars of the 2019 model year company received small changes in the body design and began to be characterized by the following elements in appearance:

  • three-dimensional radiator grill with a large pattern;
  • large side air intakes;
  • a narrow section of the central lower air intake.

Interior decoration TT has not changed.

The line of power units was made up of new two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engines with a capacity of 180 and 245 liters. from.

The standard front-wheel drive transmission of the car will continue to be equipped with a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed automatic.


The company’s most compact passenger car in 2019 received a new platform under the index MQB-A0. This allowed to increase the size of a small car. In addition, the second generation A1 has a brighter and more dynamic design, is equipped with modern equipment and systems, and the number of premium materials has increased in the interior design.

Power units are represented exclusively by gasoline engines with power from 95 to 200 forces. In Europe, the price of a car starts from 17,000 euros, and in our country, sales of A1 are not planned.


The next fifth generation of the company's most popular model has an interesting and rapid design. The new external image of the 2020 Audi A4 model was created using the following basic solutions:

  • narrow head optics with integrated LED elements;
  • increased tilt of the hood with a powerful stamping;
  • large grille;
  • powerful side air intakes;
  • smooth roof line;
  • stepped aft with LED taillights.

In the cabin, the color monitor from the multimedia system has changed, as well as the multi-function steering wheel.

The set of power units for the car will become more diverse and will be represented by gasoline and diesel engines with a capacity of 135 to 245 liters. from.

A4 dealers will go to Russian dealers in early 2020. The price of the basic version of the sedan will be 2.30 million rubles.

A6 Allroad

The 2020 off-road station wagon in appearance differs from the basic version of the A6 in the presence of a protective body kit made of plastic, a radiator grill with powerful vertical inserts and large roof rails. Also, the engine compartment of the station wagon is protected by a special bottom panel, and off-road properties can improve the air suspension with a variable (up to 185 mm) ground clearance.

The interior of the novelty is identical to the interior design on the base model. For picking, a turbocharged V-shaped diesel is designed in those power options: 230, 285 and 350 liters. from. The proprietary quattro all-wheel drive system employs a self-locking center differential and an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The initial price of the cross-wagon will be 61,500 euros, and sales will begin in the second half of 2019.

A7 sportback

The five-door fastback of 2019 stands out with its striking design, beautiful interior and the highest technical parameters. In the exterior, the car’s sporting qualities are highlighted by an elongated hood, a wide radiator grill, narrow headlights and embossed wheel arches. Salon A7 Sportback has high-quality comfort, which is achieved through the use of luxury finishing materials and the use of special systems and equipment.

The car is equipped with a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine. and with a capacity of 340 forces. All-wheel drive transmission is equipped with a seven-band robotic gearbox (S-tronic) with two clutch discs.

The cost of A7 at domestic dealers starts from 4.07 million rubles.


For the most compact crossover of the company in 2019, a planned restyling will be carried out. The updated car will differ from the previous performance:

  • powerful front and rear bumpers;
  • enlarged air intakes;
  • large grille;
  • narrowed design of the head optics;
  • extended upper spoiler;
  • new lines of side and stern stamping.

The salon will retain high ergonomics and comfort, and new systems and equipment will be added to the vehicle equipment. The range of power units is represented by engines from 115 to 190 forces. The drive will still remain only front.

Sales of the restyled modification will begin in Europe at an initial cost of 25,000 euros. In our country, the implementation of Q2 is not planned.


The new crossover is a sports version of the Q2 model. Differences in the appearance of both cars are minimal, but the interior of the SQ2 is sporty, which is emphasized by the special design of the multi-function steering wheel, seats, center console and a number of other interior elements.

The sports crossover is equipped with a 300-horsepower gasoline engine, four-wheel drive transmission and a running gearbox. Other features of the SQ2 include the understated sports C-suspension and powerful brakes.

The cost of the initial performance of the car will be 45,000 euros.

Q3 Sportback

The new coupe-shaped crossover is based on the usual compact Q3 model. Therefore, differences in appearance are reduced to a lowered height domed roof at the cross-coupe. In addition, dynamic features in the design are formed by a large tilt of the rear pillars and a stepped aft device. The Sportback interior is almost identical to the basic version, but the size of the luggage compartment has decreased by 125 l (full volume 530 l).

The range of power units consists of three gasoline and two diesel modifications with a capacity of 150 to 230 forces. In a front-wheel drive transmission with all motors, a 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-band S-tronic robot can be aggregated.

European car sales will begin in the fall of 2019 at a cost of 40,200 euros for the initial configuration.


For 2020, Audi has planned to begin selling the updated crossover. The restyled Q7 got a more modern design, which stands out from the huge Singleframe radiator grille. The shape of the LED optics has also been changed and a new front bumper with large air intakes has been installed. Significant changes have been made in the interior, and now the interior in its architecture is very similar to the design of the Q8, which is also spacious, ergonomic and comfortable.

Three engines are designed to equip the crossover: two gasoline engines of 230 and 285 forces, as well as a turbodiesel of 340 liters. from. All-wheel drive transmission is equipped with a seven-band robot S-tronic.

The initial performance of the Q7 will cost 3.99 million rubles in Russia.


The updated charged version of the 2019 sedan looks harmonious and attractive as well as the base model of the Audi A4. The sports character of the car is emphasized by:

  • aerodynamic body kit;
  • twin exhaust diffusers;
  • chrome inserts in the air intakes and mirrors;
  • large 18 or 19-inch wheels with individual design.

The passenger compartment is made in a sporty style, and premium materials are used in the interior decoration.

The main feature of the 2019 S4 will be the installation of a 350-horsepower turbodiesel with a starter-generator and a combined boost.

According to preliminary data from the manufacturer, the price for a restyled modification of a sports sedan will start from 60,000 euros. The car will be sold exclusively in Europe.


Audi introduced the new sports sedan in the summer of 2019. The model is based on the executive car A8. The body of the charged eight is almost identical to a conventional sedan, but a number of differences exist. Among the main ones are:

  • front bumper with decorative inserts;
  • silver side mirrors;
  • 21-inch wheels with a design pattern;
  • rear bumper with four tailpipes.

The interior of the S8 is based on the interior of the standard A8 sedan, but there are distinctive S-nameplates on the steering wheel and seatbacks.

The novelty is equipped with a gasoline V-shaped, eight-cylinder engine with a thrust of 570 forces. The branded quattro all-wheel drive transmission is equipped with an 8-band automatic transmission and an active differential.

Car sales will start in Germany at the end of 2019 at an initial cost of 120 thousand euros.


The 2019 E-tron is an all-wheel drive premium crossover with an all-electric powertrain. In size, it occupies a niche between the Q5 and Q7 models.

The electric crossover is equipped with a pair of asynchronous three-phase electric motors (one for each), with a total capacity of 265 kW. It is supplied with energy from a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 95 kW / h and has a power reserve with one charge of 400 km. Providing 80% of electricity with the help of an accelerated charging station takes 30 minutes.

Tentatively, the Audi e-tron will go on sale at the end of 2019, and the price of the electric crossover will start at 60,000 euros.


The implementation of Audi's plans to update its lineup will allow the company to maintain a leading position in the premium crossover and passenger car segment.

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